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Found 29 results

  1. Hello, does anyone have Sector C files for the Napf map? On the island where is the Sürenfeld Observatory.

    NAPF environment mod

    If you are running a post apocalyptic Napf map I think you may want to use this. I made a small mod with permission for Napf. It can be found in the Arma 3 Steam Workshop. Here is a link to a 1 minute video. I don't know if this is the correct place to post. Feel free to move it. Enjoy. https://youtu.be/sP8Z_nMUMXo
  3. Greetings! I need some help in running arma 3 epoch mod server on a napf map. I found out that I need a file with the coordinates of map buildings for spawn loot like this one used in altis map (if I understood correctly). altis.h I found it in the file "epoch_server_settings.pbo" in the folder "epoch_server_settings\configs\maps", there is also a file for napf, but the problem is it is almost empty. napf.h I do not know what to do.
  4. Hi! How to add custom ai spawn Dzai or Wai? Napf map Explanation of DZAI_spawn_units (For spawning infantry AI) [ "1489.94,3657.41,0.002", //This is the marker name to be used as the patrol and spawning area. 2, //This trigger will spawn a group of 2 AI units. 1, //Weapon grade setting. 1 = weapon chosen from Military loot table (see below for explanation of Weapon Grade) true //(OPTIONAL)* Respawn setting. True: AI spawned will respawn (Default). False: AI will not respawn. Spawn area will be deleted when all units have been killed. ] call DZAI_spawn_units; Not worked.
  5. Hi! How to add napf map dzms mission System?
  6. Hi! How to install sector C or Z overpoch server? Is there no newer? https://github.com/JediChris816/DayZ---Overwatch---Sector-C/tree/a0507cbefaa846b9b8130e57414bf40accb87823
  7. We spawn "swimming in the ground" very consistently. Only occasionally spawning above ground. If we are admin, and have admin tools, we can teleport out of it, but otherwise, we just swim around in the dirt for ever. What could be causing this? Scripts we are using: R3F Tow Snap Build Elevator Trade From Vehicle Thanks in advance. :unsure:
  8. [UKGZ] running Napf Pure Survival AI Missions (RMS, VEMF) & Ground Patrols, 1st Person AI Combat Land, Supply drops, Heli Crashsites, Spawn selection. No Spawn Gear, No Blackmarket, No Safezones, Rare Loot, Rare Vehicles ... Just pure survival as it's meant to be! Needed Mods: Epochmod 0.3.8 0 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251 CUP Core Terrain http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635780806 NAPF Island http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184 Visit us: http://www.UKGZ.EU Server: Port: 2344
  9. Hello Forum. After i switched my map from Chernarus to Napf. I havn't been able to see AI's from DZAI or WAI on the map, when using ESP/Map icons. I could see them on chernarus as small red circles with a line, that indicated their looking direction. (picture of it here: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15671-release-wicked-ai-220/&do=findComment&comment=138625) Can anyone help me with that? It will be appreciated :) Cheers
  10. I have an idea to make the military island on the northeast section of the map with permanent AI and lots of excellent loot drops. Any idea how to do this? Im going to start editing the bridge but I would like that island to be kind of an uber zone. Thanks so much.
  11. Here is an Edit Version of the island Feldmoos. The city can you use as a trader city or NPC zone. At the moment only the shell, in the next few days I will there still NPC's add Including loot boxes. Hope you have fun with it :) Pictures: feldmoos.zip
  12. Hi guys, First post here. I've got my server up and running with a bunch of addons (scripts) and all this fancy loot table stuff, very happy with it! But I'm sick of Sauerland, and I couldn't seem to get the server to change the Mission it loads... When I changed all the .sqm's and used DayZ_Epoch_24.Napf it still loads in as Sauerland!!! My server_log says "19:59:42 Mission DayZ Epoch Napf read from directory." but in Arma 2 Multiplayer it says "Mission: Sauerland" at the bottom... So confused! :angry: Any help? Thanks! *FIXED* by trial and error
  13. Hey guys, does any of you have the banks configuration for Napf instead of Chernarus? If anyone has those I would be really grateful! Thanks!
  14. UPDATE: NEW AND FINAL URL!!! http://www.kassquatch.com/napfmap Hey all, just thought I would share a zoomable map I made for Napf made with leaflet. This was the first time I used leaflet so the writing of the code is quite...less than desired. But it works great. http://www.kassquatch.com/napfmap Since I am/was new to the map and I hate bringing up in game map as I can get shot, I decided to create an online map so I could view on my 2nd monitor or tablet or phone. Features: It has all the major cities plus most of the little ones. It has in game coordinates 6 zoom levels works on android (so I guess it works on others) it's super awesome! (Best feature right there) Coming soon features: will be updating when next version (or final version) comes out. adding more smaller cities and making the larger cities name bigger than the smaller ones. The link again. http://www.kassquatch.com/napfmap Hope you find it useful. And I hope that I didn't all this work to find that someone else did it also. Because I searched, and couldn't find anything.
  15. drsubo

    NAPF building loot

    I am running a overpoch server on the napf map and I noticed the theres certain buildings that never spawn loot. Like the pubs, there is a section of lenzburg that the pubs there don't ever have any loot in them but other pubs on the map have loot. Is there a reason why some of the same buildings will spawn loot while other ones wont. And they are all Land_ buildings not Map_. They are all buildings that are part of the map too not custom ones I added. Thanks for your help
  16. Hello everyone since today i randomly got this when joining napf overpoch servers, You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.napf........... http://prntscr.com/4g3b4o Anyone can help me? Really tried EVERYTHING!
  17. cring0

    Edit Napf offline?

    I'm trying to load up Napf and Epoch items in the Arma editor without first logging on to an Epoch server. I wanted to simply add launch parameters to a OA executable shortcut that I have on my desktop, but nothing I've tried seems to work. I'm sure most people that edit here don't go through the process of logging in to a server and backing out to get to the editor.. Any help would be appreciated since my ISP is a POS and I'm only able to connect to the internet about 25% of the time. :_: The closest thing I've found is where someone suggested launching the beta.. but that didn't work.
  18. I recently updated my server to run the Napf map, the problem me and my other admins are facing is that we can only spawn one vehicle in from the admin menu, if we try and spawn any more than one it simply doesn't work. the only way to get around this is to log in and out of the server which is a pain! does anyone know what could be causing this problem? thanks in advance!
  19. In the rolling changelog for v. 1.0.5, line 2 states: [ADDED] Latest version of Napf 1.0.1 by Momo Is there any concern that updating the map will re-position/alter/ruin/bug player-added persistent objects like bases and (to a lesser extent) purchased vehicles?
  20. (TLS)

    Infistar Tools

    Hey, Could someone tell me what type of tools lower and normal admins get with Infistar anti hack?
  21. Hey guys, I Tried my hand at installing this really spiffy admin tool for my server, And failed horribly. I Was wondering if anybody could do me a solid and put this into a pack for me to DL. https://github.com/noxsicarius/Epoch-Admin-Tools If anybody could they would receive my eternal love and a cheap steam game, like 5-10 bucks idk.
  22. So for whatever reason the various buildings on the Array island in the north aren't spawning any loot? The same with AWOL airfield. A] What is going on? B] How do I edit my loot tables and choose what spawns where? Aren't there different classes I can set up?
  23. hello, Objects like portal, table, wheelbarrow... are increasing (multiply) in trade zone on my DayZ Epoch Napf server. Do you have any idea of the cause ? I made a video :)
  24. I have recently started a private server on my lan. I havent edited it besides removing plot pole requirement. I tried to install DZAI but to no avail. I am fairly new to this. I was wondering if there is a comprehensive up to date list of ai and mission systems and what maps they work with. I am looking for one i believe called side missions and would like some sort of ai that is not dependent on a mission. bandits as well as survivors would be preferable. what are ai and missions systems features and characteristics? e.g. the side missions i am looking for drops 4 different colored circles on the map; red, green, blue and yellow for military, construction, supply, and treasure. Thanks in advance!
  25. Hi, I'm not a coder, I only have some knowledge of javascript asp php and mysql ... I took this script to Taviana https://github.com/Gezzunder/Spawn-select and I've converted to Napf .... works fine, only when the image Napf.paa appears, in the right corner i see written about another spawn, though selecting a location all work ... wanted to know if it is possible to make sure that the writing does not see... now active in my server: Attach files modded for Napf Sorry for bad english ... Tnx /applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=423">addons.zip addons.zip
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