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Found 43 results

  1. Help me! arma 3 epoch napf

    Greetings! I need some help in running arma 3 epoch mod server on a napf map. I found out that I need a file with the coordinates of map buildings for spawn loot like this one used in altis map (if I understood correctly). altis.h I found it in the file "epoch_server_settings.pbo" in the folder "epoch_server_settings\configs\maps", there is also a file for napf, but the problem is it is almost empty. napf.h I do not know what to do.
  2. Hi! How to add napf map dzms mission System?
  3. How to add Dzai Custom ai Or Wai? Napf map

    Hi! How to add custom ai spawn Dzai or Wai? Napf map Explanation of DZAI_spawn_units (For spawning infantry AI) [ "1489.94,3657.41,0.002", //This is the marker name to be used as the patrol and spawning area. 2, //This trigger will spawn a group of 2 AI units. 1, //Weapon grade setting. 1 = weapon chosen from Military loot table (see below for explanation of Weapon Grade) true //(OPTIONAL)* Respawn setting. True: AI spawned will respawn (Default). False: AI will not respawn. Spawn area will be deleted when all units have been killed. ] call DZAI_spawn_units; Not worked.
  4. Hi! How to install sector C or Z overpoch server? Is there no newer? https://github.com/JediChris816/DayZ---Overwatch---Sector-C/tree/a0507cbefaa846b9b8130e57414bf40accb87823
  5. HI All SERVER INFO =========================================================================================================================== Just do a search for Dayz of the Dead or use the IP master.hngamers.com:2302 MODS =========================================================================================================================== EPOCH Napf Class/Spawn selection Custom GUI DZAI AI that are in Towns, Helies and ground units Check points (My own little creation using DZAI) Soon to be installed DZMS DZ mission System Automated Crashes Plot Pole for life and Snap build Pro Safe Zones at trader cities and admin base and a few other areas (custom areas to be installed soon) JAEM Evac Heli to pick you up when you die ;) MF-Tow
  6. [UKGZ] running Napf Pure Survival AI Missions (RMS, VEMF) & Ground Patrols, 1st Person AI Combat Land, Supply drops, Heli Crashsites, Spawn selection. No Spawn Gear, No Blackmarket, No Safezones, Rare Loot, Rare Vehicles ... Just pure survival as it's meant to be! Needed Mods: Epochmod 0.3.8 0 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=421839251 CUP Core Terrain http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=635780806 NAPF Island http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=583496184 Visit us: http://www.UKGZ.EU Server: Port: 2344
  7. Hello, Instead of creating a whole List of Mods that you've seen a thousand Times, let me just give you a quick and short briefing into the Server. The main goal of the Server is to bring some Survival feeling, make you work for your house, but also make you have fun and don't miss out all that cool stuff that's around. There is literally thousands of Zombies around, you have side specific features and you can use them to make life more easy for you. As Example, why not command your Dog to search a house or distract the enemies, while you flank them? Yeah, because that would be simply to OP, or would it? So I won't bring you any Pictures or Videos, I want you to pop in and see for yourself at PS: A Small Tipp for Survival: Allways burn your Bodies! ;)
  8. This Server is Concentrated on Hardcore survival, build anywhere, do anything. This server is NOT easy and not for people who are easily frustrated. It Will test your patience and most of all, your skill. Stay alert. IP: Our only rule is: No sky/ floating bases and no ridiculous tower bases. Other than that, BUILD ANYWHERE, DO ANYTHING. ( hackers/ dupers will be banned obviously ) IP: Server Additions: -100 Meter Plot Pole - Roaming AI heli and ground patrols -Dayz Mission system -Wicked AI mission System -Disabled Player play as zombie. -Basic Starter gear -Upped vehicle ammo crate spawns -Decreased roadblock spawns -over 500 vehicles -Lootable Rocket Launchers (rpgs) -Repair(costsgold)/refuel/Rearm(costs gold) at gas stations & fuel pumps Additions to come: Vehicle Additions like m113, t-34(maybe), BMP HQ, BTR 60. IP:
  9. Infistar and AI's not showing...

    Hello Forum. After i switched my map from Chernarus to Napf. I havn't been able to see AI's from DZAI or WAI on the map, when using ESP/Map icons. I could see them on chernarus as small red circles with a line, that indicated their looking direction. (picture of it here: http://epochmod.com/forum/index.php?/topic/15671-release-wicked-ai-220/&do=findComment&comment=138625) Can anyone help me with that? It will be appreciated :) Cheers
  10. Pretty much every Asset from Arma2OA is inside, but NO: tanks, TWS, or other gamebraking shit! Well balanced, team-based PVP made from Epoch Veterans for Epoch Veterans! A bit harder than the rest, a bit more to explore and alot more to build! Build your own Aircraft-Carrier if you want to! Welcome to DNG Epoch Napf! Server IP : Port: 3333 Join our Forum: DNG.wtf Join our Teamspeak: ts.DNG.wtf The Best Hardware! Right now we are on a 8 Core Xeon Dell Blade, 3,8Ghz on turbo, Database is in a RAMDISK, 10Gbit Connection from UK. Powered by Redrawinternet.com - thank you guys to make this possible again! The Best Software! Pretty much every script has been tested in the last 3 years, from random Nukes over AI-sectors on Aircraftcarriers - we had them all. Besides some own coding, only the best stuff is inside now, everything is well BALANCED to get the best epoch-moments you can imagine with this stoneold game. The Focus in Development was always PERFORMANCE, so you will get the best FPS here, trust us. Even Serverside; up to 10.000 objects with no problem (we would never waste a database this much) ,expect arround 6.000 objects in a few months - - we try to never let it getting higher than this to always have a LAGFREE and performant gameplay for everyone! Expect continued work over the whole phase - balancing will be always watched and corrected if we need to. Automated DB-backups every 5 Minutes, always the last antihack and also support over teamspeak or website nearly 24 hours a day. The Best Community! We had Youtubers, streamers, coders, big-clans and lone wolfs. 3000 Players a month on the old hardware. May you remember our old name... We are about to build that up again! Expect more Games, Mods and other content soon on DNG.wtf The most Admins are from Germany but we also have some from Sweden/Czech Republic/Russia, at least 20 years old and we all have 1000+ hours on our Arma2. Server language is usaly english, but you are free to speak whatever you want (we autotranslate everything anyway). NO DONATION CRAP! Yes, youve heared right; NO LOADOUTS, NO PERKS, NO BASEKITS, NO NOTHING but Epoch for Veterans! (fixed max viewdistance for EVERYONE, grass for EVERYONE (still much fps, try us), no "starterkits" - cmon its epoch) And now a boring list of the features, but you may will read it anyway: Radiation Zone: One Zone on the map is is fucked up due a nuclear fallout! There is also AI which have a chance to get the rare item for blow up safes! Day/Night: We have around 3h day and 1h night. Deploy Anything: Deploy Bike/Gyro/Jetski/StaticM2 Surprisecrate: Can be anything from building material to gold. Spawnselect: ESSV3 by Ebay, well selected points and no parachute to keep the DayZ-feeling. Groupmanagement: Persistent over restart. Advanced Trading: Faster, lighter, better! Missions: WAI/DZAI in good random locations and in Cities. Plus: they also have 12000 Blood, like you! Rockets against Vehicles included. They wont drop the LMGs they have, without them its to easy and dropping them would ruin the balancing. ClassSystem: Diffrent loadouts based on humanity. Lift/Tow: Balanced lift/tow! Plot4Life: Plot only removeable by Owner/Friends. Virtual Garage: To keep the map fresh and the server fast; store your vehicles safe! Thanks GZA David! Service Points: Autorefuel and Repair (costs Gold) on every fuelstation. Alchemical: Its called "CRAFT MORE" here to keep the confusing down, nearly every buildable item has been added! 800+ Buildables! Snap/Vectorbuild: You should know the script. Simply awesome what you can build now. 1StepBuild: You dont have to wait when you wanne build something. Better be patient on setting up an anbush! Colors: Dont like the high-colored default colorfilter? Choose another one from rightclick the mapitem. Selection will be SAVED! (and dont copy my script from the missionfile, copycat - this is really fishy) Drops: Different Suppy-drops, type, ammount and loot is choosen automaticly by playercount to get it balanced every time. All markers do respawn after death. FastZeds: They belong to epoch and should be in! Blow Up Safe: With a Safebomb you are able to crack a safe! Bicycle Break: No more "accidents" due some hill driving; use the space key to break. Indestructible: Is only CINDER, METAL, and of course all indestructible-category items in the CRAFT MORE Rearmed: Armed Mv22 (yes, armed), rearmed Ka52 (just pkm), An2 with M134, F35 PKM and more! NoAmmoOnSpawn: No vehicle will spawn with ammo, you have to find or buy it if you wanne have fun with the big toys. Earplugs: on F1 key Coins: No bank on our server, thats to easy. You can store coins at your safe or lockbox! Heli Crashes: Windschelm, the Arma3 Propilot, is flying arround... gg Windschelm Custom Cleanup: Wrecks and deployed bikes will despawn when nobody is near to get more fps. Nitro: DZE_4 Vehicles (tuned ones can be bought at every trader city) can use Nitro to drive faster. (no Redbull needed) NoRadar: Armed vehicles, lets say the KA52, are rearmed to PKM only and have and overlay over the radar, so no armed radar vehicles at all. There are still radar vehicles available, there is the Pchela1T and the An2 Civ. Both unarmed ofc. +++ Expect very well made balancing, made from epoch-vets for epoch-vets, to keep you busy for 1000 hours - if you really want to!
  11. **not a pay to win / no donation perks server** REAL SURVIVAL DAYZ OVERPOCH NAPF HIGH FPS MILITARIZED IP: (RDS in launcher)TS: ts.realsurvivaldayz.com4 hour restarts Hello dayz community I decided to start a server because most of the ones i (and friends) have been on have donation / pay to win perks .. and some have alot of admin abuse (friends of admins get special treatment) and some friends and i were fedup of wasting time. So i started an Overwatch Napf server that have No pay to win/donation perks and no admin abuse (special treatment) PVP-Base raiding encouraged Main addonsHigh FPSCoin system 3.0 money storage Advance trader (with custom traders for highgrade military vehicles/weapons)ConfigTradersEarplugsSpawn selectGroup Management Trader safezonesRefuel Repair & Rearm StationsSelf Blood BagTow & LiftVehicle SalvageVector & Building SnapDeploy bike AI island (with Air strike and nuke controller)Hemp/Gem traderTake skinWIA/DZMS missions with new missions (thanks to caveman)Roaming AI (only in cars)Vote day/nightSurvival loadoutIndestructible Metal/cinder - Extended plot pole - door management door management (eye scan)and more All new players get a Building kit to get started (ask an admin when you find a place to build)its a mature server, there will be no admin abuse, no admin bases or special treatment (admins friends) So hop on check it out, like said still more to do but the main things are up and ready Any and all suggestions comments are very welcome, this is for players to have fun
  12. The Sunday Roast OverPoch Napf Slow zombies | plenty of loot | snap build (not the pro version) | multiple ai missions running PvP welcome
  13. ip: query: (for launcher) [HG]Epoch[NAPF]militarized[COIN]PvP ts: HeroeZGaming.Teamspeak3.com HeroeZ Gaming would like to invite you to our new Epoch Napf server. This is a survival militarized server. Loot has been increased only slightly. You will not find weapons laying around everywhere. There are, however, many different ways to gear up and enjoy all the server has to offer. Besides the standard loot locations, we also have random weed farms you can harvest, fishing, many different AI missions, weekly Admin run Storyline missions, Dynamic convoys, and everyone's favorite, banditry. The storyline missions are all player directed, meaning the story changes based on the outcomes of each weekly event. There are also smaller admin run events throughout the week. This complements the dozens of different AI missions that pop up. Don't take this to mean this is a strictly PvE server. This is a militarized server for a reason. PvP is more than welcome. We do have rules posted as to griefing, but we generally let the players do as players do. Light armor, medium armor, tanks, combat helicopters, and fighter jets are all here. For the new players, don't fret, AT and AA are available at the standard trader for you to attack and defend against the more well equipped players. Our player base is small at the moment, but growing, with a steady group of active regulars. Our Admin team is professional and dedicated, with at least 1 admin on nearly 24/7. Come join the fun in game and join the fun on TS as well, it's almost as fun as the gameplay. Current scripts ZUPA SINGLE CURRENCY 3.0 SNAP BUILD PRO/VECTOR BUILDING/PRECISE BASE BUILDING PLOT MANAGEMENT INDESTRUCTIBLE CINDER/METAL FLOORS (Doors and wood still destructible) GROUP MANAGEMENT ADVANCED TRADING TOW/LIFT REFUEL/REPAIR/REARM ESS SPAWN SELECTOR VEHICLE LOCATOR ANDRE'S CONVOY SYSTEM WAI2.2.0/DZMS (With Custom designed missions) ACTION MENU (Suicide/View Distance/Flip Vehicle) LOCKED VEHICLE GOD MODE RANDOM WEED FARMS I will be updating this thread with the storyline as it evolves. Keep an eye on it for updates.
  14. Gamers Roost is a startup gaming community that seeks to create a more relaxed environment. A place to game in a carefree manner where whining, and drama, is highly discouraged. www.GamersRoost.com Gamers Roost is not you average DayZ experience. Our Cherno Server is fully militarized and PVP heavy. Our NapF is OverPoch without the military crap to discourage players who want the "real Dayz Experience" but with a base. We build our servers around the community, We take all suggestions (even if briefly) into consideration and discuss them among the leaders of Gamers Roost. So read Below and see what we have to offer. BIG NOTE:: We DO NOT SUPPORT Abusive Admins, Grieving players and or general Douchebaggery. REPORT ALL ISSUES TO [email protected] Here is what all of out servers have: Details: Fully optimized Mission files Dual Processor dedicated enterprise level datacenter blade. Custom Server 2008 R2 configuration by Enterprise level IT Tech Multiple SSD's for database and game OS. Platter drives for storage. 1 GB data stream 32 GB of RAM High FPS no regular Desync / broken chains Day/Night cycle EST USA (-5 UTC) God mode bases (all materials) Indestructible locked vehicles Low ping to our datacenter in Kansas City Mo. (USA) Average ping to UK 85ms Regular server events with awesome rewards Custom Shoot house to train in. 50 player slots All New Players Recieve a Starter Building Box which Contains enough resources to build a small base, Clans Still get 1 Box per person, Wicked AI 2.2.0 (BETA) with modified loot tables Insane loot in all buildings - OverPoch weapons and items Plot Pole For Life with Plot management Eye-scan Doors Deploy Old Moto from Toolbox (No Repack) DZGM Right Click Radio Enhanced Spawns HALO from Aircraft Pick your spawn Pick your Spawn Class 100 Meter Plot poles 800 item build limit 1 Step Building Snap Pro with Vectors and precise placement (saves items exactly where placed) Self Blood Bag with timer Custom Player UI Debug monitor Death messages Walking Zeds Safe zone traders No generator needed for fuel pumps Right click binoculars to change view (up to 10K) Lift Tow selected vehicles (For realism) Refuel and rearm NO DZE vehicles (Vehicles spawn with Ammo and rearm on Restart) Change skins with right click on skin item (Stalker skins included) Active admins Open Team Speak TS3.GamersRoost.com
  15. Hello everyone. We have recently launched a DayZ Epoch server running Napf. It is hosted in Eastern Canada. We have a consistent but low population currently and would love it of people would come give the server a try. Our community is just starting out and we have many different types of servers/games and are looking for more games people would be interested in having hosted. So come join us and be a part of the community. This community is managed by mature people who are professional System Administrators and Programmers. We just enjoy creating a community and having fun. If the community is interested in other maps as well, I would be willing to hive the servers together. Also, I am open to discussion on different mods being installed if wanted. Visit us @ http://www.kaostheory.net(Keep in mind this site is currently temporary as we have a programmer working on a complete website with forum, stats, etc.) This is not a server that will ever come down and you will lose your hard work plus we don't require donations at all to keep this community a float. It is all paid for and maintained by me. Server IP and Port: Server Specifications: Dual CPU Xeon Quad Core @ 3.5GHz 32 GB DDR3 RAM 3x SSD in RAID 0 1 Gbps Connection DDOS Protection Backup's every hour on all game servers to prevent potential data loss. Server Features: 300+ Vehicles AI Missions Coins Advanced Trading Group Management Tow and Lift Refuel, Reload and Rearm at Service Station Self Bloodbag Vehicle God Mode in Safe Zone Select Spawn Location 30 Day Base Maintenance Vector and Modular Building Plot Pole Management Indestructible Bases and more..
  16. Hi guys, First post here. I've got my server up and running with a bunch of addons (scripts) and all this fancy loot table stuff, very happy with it! But I'm sick of Sauerland, and I couldn't seem to get the server to change the Mission it loads... When I changed all the .sqm's and used DayZ_Epoch_24.Napf it still loads in as Sauerland!!! My server_log says "19:59:42 Mission DayZ Epoch Napf read from directory." but in Arma 2 Multiplayer it says "Mission: Sauerland" at the bottom... So confused! :angry: Any help? Thanks! *FIXED* by trial and error
  17. Feldmoos City

    Here is an Edit Version of the island Feldmoos. The city can you use as a trader city or NPC zone. At the moment only the shell, in the next few days I will there still NPC's add Including loot boxes. Hope you have fun with it :) Pictures: feldmoos.zip
  18. Hey guys, does any of you have the banks configuration for Napf instead of Chernarus? If anyone has those I would be really grateful! Thanks!
  19. -= DayZ ReVoLution OverPoch =- server adress: website: www.dayz-revolution.enjin.com ts3 adress: revolution-ukbb.pl:1029 ||Features|| Self blodbag Deploy bike/gyro View distance menu Flip vehicle Commit suicide Fun menu Refuel/Repair/Reammo points Red Zone AI Island Ikea Warehouse Ai Base Bandit Outpost AI Base Hero/Bandit Missions Neutral Missions Treasure Hunt Missions Underground Transport System Custom Traders Custom Buildings Admin Quests and Events Friendly Admins 400+ Vehicles (incuding tanks and attack helicopters) Antihack And much more to be seen on server. Visit our fan page! www.facebook.com/Revolution.UKBB
  20. Hello everyone since today i randomly got this when joining napf overpoch servers, You cannot play/edit this mission; it is dependent on downloadable content that has been deleted.napf........... http://prntscr.com/4g3b4o Anyone can help me? Really tried EVERYTHING!
  21. Hey guys/gals i shut down my server a while back before because life issues got in the way but i now Got a new Overpoch server up on napf map Still in production and adding new things but the main goodies are up. Snap pro, roaming ai, DZMS,Wicked AI missions Self BB tow-lift repair reful rearm 4 hour restarts with warning No safe zones at traders for now to make it more fun will be adding heavy arms trader, and some custom missions and you will needto buy evidence money to be able to buy heavy armed vics custom trader menu for epoch and overpoch weapons (still fixing it up) and there is more coming around its a mature server and for now only 1 admin and have my buddy Csus aka CordlAsis playing on it and helping with scrips and so on So hope on check it out likei said still more to do but the main things are up and ready :) IP: (beaver Survival) hehe we do have a TS that we will be fixing soon for now its tscan3.vilayer.com:10009 so feel free to hop on and give suggestions :)
  22. NAPF building loot

    I am running a overpoch server on the napf map and I noticed the theres certain buildings that never spawn loot. Like the pubs, there is a section of lenzburg that the pubs there don't ever have any loot in them but other pubs on the map have loot. Is there a reason why some of the same buildings will spawn loot while other ones wont. And they are all Land_ buildings not Map_. They are all buildings that are part of the map too not custom ones I added. Thanks for your help
  23. Edit Napf offline?

    I'm trying to load up Napf and Epoch items in the Arma editor without first logging on to an Epoch server. I wanted to simply add launch parameters to a OA executable shortcut that I have on my desktop, but nothing I've tried seems to work. I'm sure most people that edit here don't go through the process of logging in to a server and backing out to get to the editor.. Any help would be appreciated since my ISP is a POS and I'm only able to connect to the internet about 25% of the time. :_: The closest thing I've found is where someone suggested launching the beta.. but that didn't work.
  24. Welcome to DayZ.... ...and learn, how to survive! Become a Part of a very special Journey through Napf. Find your way to the Zombie Hordes and create your own Hideout. But it will be hard. Friendships are not normal for DayZ - and never will be! Peppermints Epoch Napf EPOCH FOR LIVE! NO MORE OVERWATCH Server IP : Server Version 1.63 - 125548 Join our Steamgroup: Link - Go here also for help! Some have troubles to join Our features.... - - - Tons of working and fine balanced Scripts (e.g. Lift / Tow , Safezones , Service Points, "Fast Sale out of Cars" and more.) - - - indestructible Cinder and Metal. - - - Spawnselect. - - - Sector Z and U.S.S Nassau as Special with awesome Loot. - - - Active Admins with a huge Knowledge about Scripting. - - - Fresh Database since 10.07.2014. Many good spaces for Bases. - - - A "New Player Friendly" Community. Most of the People are playing for Months now at Peppermints. Get part of it! Our very own Specials... A totaly self scripted "SectorZ" and the "U.S.S Nassau" where people can fight for rare and special Loot. It will be very hard. The Goverment left Napf to settle the last "Hideout" close to Pfeffikon to get rid of the Infected. They dont trust anyone and fight for their lifes. Covered by high equipped Guards, Helicopters and more. You and your group need special Tactics and Equipment to clear the "Peppermint Special" Sector Z or the U.S.S Nassau. Leveling System.... - - - Choose. Want to be a Bandit? Think about it. You can gain five Levels of each Class (Bandit / Hero). Every Level gives you a little Advantage. Better starting Gear, Health reg. and other stuff is waiting for you! - - - Custom Skin while spawning for the different Levels of each Class. Now you see, who you can trust or even not trust! Special Missions... The Admin Team is working Day by Day to create new - fantastic - Missions. You want to get rid of the standard? Join Peppermint! Special Achievements / Cars / Weapons will spawn in some really special Missions. Important Note : Crafting at Roads and in Cities isnt allowed. This was made, to prevent the well known Camper Towers. Most of the Epoch Servers are tooo easy. Peppermint isnt. It is fair but well balanced. You wont get a Huge Cinder Base until 2 Hours. But in a Team, you can achieve everything. Peppermints is against any kind of Hacks. Duper / Glitcher / Hacker will get banned. Special: Their whole Team will get banned also. The safes and the inventory form everyone will get checked Day by Day. This is an Advantage for every normal gamer! Ruleboards are in every Traderzone. Rules need to be accepted. Just to keep up the fun for everyone. Breaking will cause a 30 min Ban. Special Performance!!!! Peppermints Epoch is running on a well organised root. Working with the newest Hard- and Software and some Awesome Admins. Due to the Headless clients, the Server is running like a "Beast". Want to enjoy the enhanced Version of DayZ Epoch? Then Join us today. The Server: Peppermints Epoch Napf Server IP : Join our Teamspeak: Teamspeak IP: Epoch-gaming.de See you soon... ...against the "Z"s
  25. We spawn "swimming in the ground" very consistently. Only occasionally spawning above ground. If we are admin, and have admin tools, we can teleport out of it, but otherwise, we just swim around in the dirt for ever. What could be causing this? Scripts we are using: R3F Tow Snap Build Elevator Trade From Vehicle Thanks in advance. :unsure: