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Found 49 results

  1. First off I'm sure this question would be more appropriate on the DayZ Launcher Forums, but their email servers are screwed and i cant login, so im hoping someone here might be able to help me. I used this youtube video to set up my bare bones epoch server. Everything went well, and the server runs with no errors in the .RPT file. I can join it through the LAN server browser within Arma 2 OA just fine. What I am trying to do now is make my server joinable in public server lists like dayz launcher. I have port forwarded the arma ports and steam client ports as well. I have also allowed arma 2, arma 2 OA, arma2oaserver, and steam client through my firewall. My server does show up on dayz launcher but as "Offline" with 0/0 players and 9999 ping. ( I dont know if I can only see it because its on my own network maybe? ) *Linksys Router* but that is my issue. This server is running on my dedi box at home with high speed download and upload (should be plenty) . I also made my dedi box's ip static. ( i did this after i created the server so maybe thats a no no?) Like I said I can join in just fine but only through the LAN browser in game. I used a port checker to ensure my ports were in fact open, and used the dayz launcher server checker to ensure it can be found, and it did find it and said it would be added to the server list within 30 minutes. ( it did! but it shows up as offline! and unjoinable) *I have no idea if this means anything but i used mySQL with HeidiSQL when setting up my server* (I also ensure that the mysql service is running when i start my server up). At this point I have no idea what to do, so any thoughts would mean the world to me, thanks! Server IP = (steam query = 2303) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. Here is my "11_chenarus.cfg" and "basic.cfg" (again, im not sure if these are helpful but ill include them anyway)
  2. Hey I just need some files for this server, any and all you guys can come up with and think it deserve post that shit in chat rn. I want to see some crazy ideas and additions if you got em :) Lets see what you guys can come up with
  3. Hello all, We are pleased to announce the release of ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch, [will shortly be] available for download at: http://epochmod.com/a2dayzepoch.php or use the direct links. Client Package Server Package We've further refined Epoch 1.0.6/, fixing and expanding many of the features that were added. Please see the change-log below for a list of new features, fixes, and changes. Throughout the update process we have kept up to date with changes from DayZ mod 1.9.0 Server admins should read the README.TXT included in the server package. BE and server profile/config directories should be placed outside of the A2/OA folder, i.e. in a folder C:\DayZ_Epoch_Server_Config to prevent hackers from obtaining RCON/admin passwords! Addons from and older are not guaranteed to be compatible with 1.0.6 releases and greater. Please see the updated resources forum for mods which are guaranteed to be compatible, otherwise please be thorough when testing older mods on your 1.0.6 server. A list of variables that have change is available as part of the 1.0.6 changelog txt file included in the client package. https://epochmod.com/forum/forum/122-resources/ Single currency has been updated for 1.0.6 and newer, please see the following thread for DL and info:
  4. So I've tried many many times already to update my Battleye and nothing happens. I've uninstalled it and deleted the files and then gone to steam and verified the integrity of game files and still nothing! Whenever I try to join a game its starts downloading the mission files then I get kicked and in the bottom left side of my screen it says Server requiring Battleye version 1.239 up-to-date. I don't know what to do. This is not the first time that this has happened. In the past I used to to just be able to download it from the Battleye website but they no longer have the downloads. I'm trying to play Overwatch and Epoch. Those two mods are up to date. I've verified them like 10 times already. Maybe someone could share with me their battleye folders? Anyways please help and thanks in advanced!
  5. I've been creating a Dayz (arma 2 OA) epoch server. I have an issue where when I used the .bat file to launch epoch chernarus BattlEye won't initialize. When I just launch the arma2oaserver.exe it works fine. Can someone help me?
  6. Welcome to Elite SLK Gaming Community We are a PVE Community. Currently 2 Arma 2 servers We aim to find like minded players to join our community. Respect while playing on our servers is a must. Admins are active. Not always in-game. But always in the Rcon tool We also have a third private server, for admins and long term members. Where most of us can be found. (explained at the bottom of this post) www.eliteslk.com We Have a dedicated box. i7 - 4790k 32GB Ram 240GB SSD Automatic Backups every restart and uploaded to dropbox. Teamspeak 3 - ts3.eliteslk.com or use the IP Cherno server: for this server you will need Epoch and Overwatch Lingor server: For this server you will need Lingor 1.5, epoch and overwatch Sahrani Server: For this server you will need Sahrani 1.5.0, epoch and overwatch You can always search for "Elite SLK" in the dayz launcher also. Our servers have many mods made by modders from this community and other communities. Our servers would not of been possible if it wasn't for all the great people here. Many thanks to all, you know who you are. Too many to name and I know I would forget some lol not looking to offend anyone. List of mods on our servers Antihack and Admin tools by Infistar Intro Tune Spawn/class select With 3 levels of Humanity load outs Welcome Credits with rules Single Currency Plot 4 life Snap Building Pro Vector Building Fast Building Plot/door/group management Trader safezones with anti theft Epic Hero Dynamic trader - Different spot each restart Advanced Crafting with Gems NPC Bankers Tow/lift Careers No overburdened Locate your vehicle with GPS, works with masterkey also Sanford and Son Trader - Does not discriminate against humanity levels, buy everything at a discount! Custom Menu with deployables, change view distance, rules and tips n tricks about the server << Hit TAB Deployables - Bike, ATV and Little Bird Little surprise with the deploy bike ;) - Suicide - Little surprise with this :) - Earplugs (can also hit the letter "Y") Self Blood Base Jumping at the proper altitude Fast rope from helis Service Points Refuel/Rearm/Repair - able to rearm each gun individually, doesn't remove other weapons ammo Custom SUV Skins - Custom USA, Canada, UK and ESLK skins - All DZE4 versions Walking Dead zombies - Harder to kill with body shots - Head shots one shot kill Gain money from killing zombies dependant on humanity levels Zombie free within plot pole area Vehicle masterkey blood regen DDOS Heli Guard Locked vehicles are in god mode Crash Loot - Your loot appears on the ground near your blown up vehicle Animated SUV Folding MV22/AH1Z/UH1H Automatically receive coins from killing AIs, no more Check Wallet Mystery Briefcase for events and in the loot Thermal Weapons Bury Body +25 Humanity Virtual Garage - Able to transfer vehicle from server to server Plant, grow and smoke weed. Smoke from your inventory or from the hookas. with custom sounds. Inventory will heal you. Hooka makes a funny animation. Beware of the dizziness :) WAI mission system, 4 bandit missions at once. Along with 13 new missions, 17 in total 3 Static AI missions - AI Prison - about 20 ais with a few M2s - AI construction Site - about 20 ais with a few M2s - Sector C - about 75 Ais, 20 M2s and one Anti-Air. 3 Loot crates, 2 are random over the Island (must activate this static mission) DZMS missions - Checkered missions DZAI - Roaming AIs with custom SUV textures and Chem suits for AI foot patrol. Also 2 Helis roaming 6 Side missions (no AIs) And many fixes and surprises :) I know the server is heavily moded. But with a clean database (no bases and vehicles), the server runs at 60+ FPS. Very busy times, servers runs about 30 FPS. We Also have a Third Server. I call it the "Special Server". It is a private whitelisted server for long term members of the community. The mature members. This server is not meant to be taken seriously, it is a place for long term members to play a funny and relaxing gameplay with friends. Its basically a server that i've been working on for more than a year. I found tons of addons from the armaholic website and created my own mod pack. The mod pack includes, Alien stuff, star wars stuff, the rmod, the bw mod, sigma vehicle pack (with the general lee), Monster truck, batmans tumbler f-18, f-14, f22, a custom radio, the namalsk gaus rifle and the list goes on. the mod pack is 4.5GB LOL All missions are custom, and each mission gives you bluebrints to craft "special items". This is a custom crafting system i've created for this server. Here is a little video of our special server https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a42D9bwBkks&feature=youtu.be Hope to see you guys on our servers :)
  7. The Final Hour is back bigger and better ever we happy are happy to announce that we got a dayz epoch server up and running. We have custom event's missions ect server owners and admins owner cuntfish, bloodraven and mox head admin Ab Antiqo normal admin commandokid mod frankie server addions ~ coin system ~ enhanced spawn system ~ take clothes from players and AI ~ bury and butcher players and ai ~ lift and tow ~ deploy bike / mozzie / motorcycle /ATV ~ 300+ vehicles on the map now ~ set view distance ~ grass on / off ~ 1k item build limit with 120m plot radius ~ Base raiding and take overs ~ hot wire safes ~ raid bank coming soon!! ~ 50mill bank limit ~ gem and hemp trader ~ militarized server ~ added weapons to vehicles ~ custom events ~ custom battle filed made by co owner cuntfish ~Weed farm on misty peak ~ much more on the way!!! our teamspeak 3----
  8. Hi I have just started a new server called [OJ]Epoch 1061 Semi-Militarized/Coins/Banks/Classes/Active Admins. This server has many addons such as semi-militarization, advanced trading, groups, build vectors, snap build, lift and tow and many more. Also many more to come such as a custom high loot map and virtual garages. The IP is:, and the port is 2302. The first 5 people that join will get 250,000 coins and a vehicle of their choosing, Thank you!
  9. Hi I have just started a new server called [OJ]Epoch 1061 Semi-Militarized/Coins/Banks/Classes/Active Admins. This server has many addons such as semi-militarization, advanced trading, groups, build vectors, snap build, lift and tow and many more. Also many more to come such as a custom high loot map and virtual garages. The IP is:, and the port is 2302. The first 5 people that join will get 250,000 coins and a vehicle of their choosing, Thank you!
  10. so am looking for a arma 2 dedicated server wheres the best place togo for this
  11. I setup a new EPOCH ARMA 2 server using this guide: Arguably the best guide I have seen to date explaining pretty much everything to get it actually operational. Mine is actually running, but I have (so far) 2 issues: 1. How do I get to 1.0.6? 2. The server is having trouble consistently writing to the DB and I cant find any real issues stemming from an issue with the DB... I setup a new EPOCH 1.0.4 ARMA 3 server using this guide: and "out of the box" it runs, but thats about it. I fresh spawn everytime and Im not sure where to modify the profiles so that you can be 3rd person and have a weapon crosshair. When I fresh spawn it looks like you are spawned beneath the world and you cannot see anyone else who spawns. I dont see any zombies, loot drops or vehicles. So with ARMA 3 EPOCH, I need a few more pointers on what I need to do to get this playable. I think it may be due to the fact that theres no DB. Still working on this as well. Id like to add that the linux game server manager web site is pretty decent at insatlling an arma3 server. My problem with that is trying to get Exile or Epoch running on it. Any ideas there would be GREAT! I would appreciate ANY help and I have a Teamspeak server if you would like to talk voice to help me in real time. Please PM me for details. Thanks! DEATH
  12. Every time I try to join a server It crashes my game and says include z\addons\dayz_code-configs\rscdisplay\zscdefine.hpp and im really not the brightest with this stuff so please someone help
  13. Rehab Gaming is looking for an additional scripter/coder for the following games : Arma 2, Arma 2 Dayz mod, Arma 3, Arma 3 Exile/Epoch, Ark, 7 days to die, Rust. If you have experience In Arma 2 and 3 Then you meet our requirements, you need to be willing to learn the rest, and able to train staff to perform a few simple task on the box, Like bans and rollbacks. We have 1 scripter but he needs help. We need someone that can script our servers how we want them to be built. Someone that can work good with a team and be part of the family. We aren't in it for profit, hosting servers is something we do because we enjoy it and want to provide players with a fair and balanced gaming experience. If interested come visit us in out TS3 : RehabGaming.Teamspeak3.com , Look for the Interview channel.
  14. Rehab Gaming is looking for Scripters for our community to help aid in maintaining and building new servers. Must be able to follow direction and work as a team. If interested in being a part of a team dedicated to Hosting Fair and high performance game servers for our players, you can reach us at RehabGaming.Teamspeak3.com , Please come see us for further details. Main requirements: Be proficient in scripting Arma 2/dayz mod and Arma 3. Be willing to learn other games such as 7 days to die and rust. If you don't know arma 3 please be willing to learn.
  15. ARMA 2 - FP4P Epoch Server - Chernarus Map SERVER HAS BEEN CLOSED :(
  16. The short version When the server restarts vehicles reset back to where they were originally were and back to the original state they were in before the restart. Longer version Example. So I take a car drive it from Cherno to the airfield and put some gear in it and shoot out a tire then restart the server, it will be all the way back in cherno in its original condition and without any gear. If I spawn a vehicle and move it to another location and restart the server it will still be there in what ever state I left it in. But then it starts acting like all the other vehicles, always reverting to that spot. So it must only be saving the vehicles the database once after the first restart that they are on the server for then it doesnt update them again. I thought it might be a problem with the server monitor.sqf and replaced it with a fresh one, which did not help. I also tried using the monitor.sqf from my other server that is working just fine and that didn't do anything either. If anyone else has any idea on what to do the help would be much appreciated. This is the last obstacle in the way of my PvP server but its a rather annoying one. If you want to talk to me directly you can find me on my teampseak GOHgaming.mainvoice.net
  17. Hello my fellow Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Players! I have just opened my new Arma 2 DayZ Epoch Panthera server. I must say we have done very well. We are offering many scripts, some great AI missions, And we have extremely high FPS. Always at least 1 admin on duty. We offer a team speak for anyone gaming on my servers. We have public rooms, group rooms, clan rooms, and admin help rooms. If you have any questions about my servers don't hesitate to ask! :) I hope to see some of you guys there!! You will need Panthera 2.9 in order to join the server successfully. As soon as we are able to be found through the DayZ Launcher I will update my post and let you guys know. Please join through Operation Arrowhead for the time being thank you! Server IP : : 2312
  18. We at WICKED have decided to put a test server running the DayZ Epoch 1.0.6 RC1 Version. Its open to all and is in a stage of testing, anyone is welcome to join the server. All we ask is any bugs you find are reported on the Website. A download link for DayZ Epoch 1.0.6 is also available on the website. So head on over and check it out. Custom Scripts: Roaming Traders Infistar Custom Commands, Eg. /killme & /dance AI Missions Custom Map Addons Build Bikes Enabled Settings from 1.0.6: Snap Building The Dark GUI Selfblood Bagging Perm Plot Poles + Plot Pole Managment Door Managment To Join the server: Download the Rar File, Download Extract the contents of the Rar file into your Arma 2 OA Directory In DZ Launcher go into settings and add the parameter [email protected]_Epoch106 then go into the advanced tab and hit launch. After the game has loaded up go into Direct Connect and put the following information in: IP: Port: 2310 After that spawn in and try to survive. If you have any more questions feel to reply to this thread and I will answer ASAP.
  19. Well hello gamer's. Our community of people have made a new arma 2 Panthera server. High FPS, Good AI missions each one having a different level of difficulty. We aim to always have a admin on the server for any needs you gamer's may have. We also have a public TS with a variety of channels. Some include Private channels for your clan/group. Public channels for if your looking for a accomplice to cause havoc. And also admin channels for if you have any questions you need to ask. We hope to see you soon if there is any questions feels free to ask :). You need Panthera version 2.9 You can get this of Dayz launcher Server IP : Port: 2312
  20. Hello, I am looking for someone to help with script installation on my server. It the server is located in Dallas, Texas. I really need help with scripting as I am very new.
  21. I can't quite believe how inexpensive Arma 2 now is on steam. I just bought my sixth copy (yes I have dayz running on five pc's here with two of my own servers in another two pc's (making seven here in total) on a gigabit lan for just £3.38 on steam. Now everybody can get into dayz for next to nothing.... Oh yes let the good times roll....
  22. Server We feature: Custom Addons/Scripts/Features: - Indestructible bases - Added Advanced Trading - Group Management - See your friends tagged within 2.5km in game and their position on the map anywhere. Communicate using group chat - Set View Distance - Right click on your binocs or rangefinder. Lower settings = higher FPS. Very helpful if you're running an old rig! Higher settings go up to 3km from the Epoch Standard of 1.6km = Great for Sniping! - Build Snap Pro - Toggleable clean, faster building and can attach different objects to each other! - Spawn Selector - Most major towns. 2km of a player's dead body are blocked - New Armored Vehicles: Tanks, Helis, Jets - Self Bloodbag (Right click on bloodbag in gear) - Deployable Bike - From toolbox, helps get you going if new spawn (Right click on Toolbox in gear). Repack Bike - scroll mouse - No Weight - Vehicle locator and key identifier (This is a script which enables users to identify which vehicles their keys belong to. It also enables users to locate their vehicles on the map through the use of local map markers.) - Lift & Tow - For most vehicles if not locked, (available for vehicle after restart) - Earplugs - Take Clothes - Remove clothes from dead bodies (AI, players and your own dead body) - AI Missions - Hard, Medium & Easy running concurrently. Wicked & Epoch Mission Systems with weapon, medical & building supply crates - Free Refuel - At all fuel stations, pumps, tanks etc (except gas tanks) - Repair & Rearm - At cost, at all fuel stations, pumps, tanks etc. (except gas tanks) (Have to get into gunner position first) - Blood Regeneration (When full on food and drink) - Custom Debug Monitor (HUD) - Player name, FPS, Zombies Killed, Murders, Bandits Killed, Humanity, Blood, Server Up-Time & Web Addres - Earnings from Fishing and Weed farming (check out Help page to find out how to do) - Custom traders - Safe Zones - At trader cities with backpack anti-theft, speed limit & Zombie Free - Suicide - For when it's just too much for you! Think of the people you will be leaving behind first... just type killme in sidechat - Additional Buildings - Extra lootable buildings Balota & Krasnostav - Restart Warnings - 3 (15 mins, 5 mins & 1 minute) TeamSpeak3:
  23. this mite not happen so don't keep your hopes up hello all i been doing a lot of graphics work lately im think making a new map called aldmisk Click here to see what the map will look like
  24. Hey guys! Thyrean here, admin of DayZ Equinox, presenting you our completely new and freshly set up ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch Server! We are currently looking for all sorts of players to get our server populated! Addons, that we currently run, are: Single Currency - Coin System Customized Tradezones with ADVANCED TRADING! Server specific AI Missions! Spawn Selection Craft Bike with toolbox and scrapmetal Group System via Radio Plot4Life and Plot Management Door Management with eye scan Kill Messages with weapon and distance info Snap PRO and Vector Building Smart Tow/Lift System Customized Map Deathmatch and Derby Arena for Weekend Events! Earplugs and muuuuuch more! Our Equinox [EQX] Admin Squad consists of roughly FIVE ArmA 2 Veterans (all above 3000 hours playtime) and one awesome Coder, who is also the owner of the server. We are a German Squad, but we love to see all other nationalities on our server as well, so the Server Language is ENGLISH - no voice in side channel either! We are all really active and hope to get an awesome and big community running to do a lot Events at the weekend! We all LOVE PVP, so a shoutout to good PvP players: Join and show us your skill! - We wanna fight! PvE Players are welcome as well, of course! But be aware of blood thirsty snipers - this is NOT a pure PvE Server! You can find us in DayZ Launcher by simply typing "Equinox" into the search bar or use our IP to join directly: ! We also have an own Teamspeak Server: equinox-dayz.de - Join any time to play with your mates or to get support! Visit our website www.equinox-dayz.com and check out our forum! Following - our loading screen with some rules and the Admins: Updates and additional pictures of the customized map will follow shortly! But check out the Server to see for yourself ;) WE LOVE TO SEE YOU ALL ON OUR NEW SERVER! - TELL YOUR FAMILY AND BRING YOUR FRIENDS -
  25. HI, I have owned ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch servers for 3 years now. I have personally owned and worked on a top 10 ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch server in the world. So you can say I know what people enjoy and don't enjoy on a ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch Server. Here is a list of scripts and modifications we have successfully implemented for your entertainment! 1. Advanced Trading & Coin System 2. Ear Plugs (Push U on your keyboard to activate and deactivate) 3. Custom GUI 4. Custom Debug Monitor 5. 24/7 daytime 6. No Fog 7. Plot Management (Add your friends to your plot pole so they can help you build) 8. Door Management (Add your friends to your door and use a retina scan) (No more need for inputting door codes over and over) 9. Plot For Life 10. Dancing (Type /dance in chat) (Mouse scroll on a fire pit or fire barrel) 11. Deploy Mozzie (Right Click On Tool Box To Deploy) (Look At Mozzie and mouse scroll to re pack) 12. Re Arm/Re Pair/Re Fuel 13. Switch Seat (If your driver dies or looses connection you have the option to swap to the drivers seat so you don't crash or wreck) 14. Suicide (Right click on pistol) 15. Welcome Credits 16. Self Blood Bag (Right click on blood bag) 17. Right click function 18. Group Management (Right click on radio) 19. Custom built load in picture specifically for Strange Abyss 20. Water Mark (S-A located at bottom left corner of your in game screen) 21. Safe Zones (All traders have god mode) (No camping, Killing or Robbing at safe zones) (Will be banned if rule is broken) 22. Anti Steal (Safe Zones) 23. Speed Limit (Safe Zones) (25MPH) 24. No Shooting (Safe Zones) 25. Chernarus Spawn Selection 26. Walking Dead (Zombies will not chase you) 27. Wicked AI Missions (My AI missions range from 10 AI to 25+ AI mission) 28. Locate Vehicle (Right click on your map) 29. Vehicle Sirens (Mouse scroll in police car) 30. Intro Music 31. Skalisty Island Bridge 32. Custom Loot Filters (Superior loot) 33. Custom Anti Duping Scripts 34. Custom Buildings & AI Missions 35. Snap Pro 36. Tow & Lift My team and I have been working very hard to produce a working server with this much to offer! The most effective and simple way to join my server is simply open your ArmA 2 Operation Arrowhead and go to multiplayer we are that easy to join! Admin on duty around the clock and Teamspeak for players to chat with admins or other players! My ArmA 2 DayZ Epoch Server IP: Come Join And Have Fun Hope To See You There!! HKG
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