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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, does anyone have Sector C files for the Napf map? On the island where is the Sürenfeld Observatory.
  2. Voltan

    Maps available?

    Hi, Can anyone give me a list of all maps that work with the current version of Arma 2 Epoch? DayZ Launcher shows a much smaller list than the original lists out there that had Fallujah, Zargabad, Utes, Trinity etc. thanks.
  3. Hello, I have been hitting my head against a brick wall trying to get this to work and ive searched now for a day or two for the solution and haven't found it yet so here goes. I have a little pet project of mine atm where i am trying to "merge" epochs features with I44 stuff, like adding spawning tanks and changing the loot tables to spawn I44 weaponry. So far I have managed to get everything working except changing the skins of the military zombies, seeing as how im going for a 1940s vibe having modern Russian soldier zombies doesn't fit so i want to change them to be I44 Wermacht zombies. Though i still haven't managed to find what files i need to edit and in what manner i need to edit them so please if anyone can point me to a previous post or give me helpful advice that'd be awesome! Thanks for your time guys.
  4. Looking to hire someone, or make donations for someone to add plot pole for life snap pro and ai missions on my gtx gaming daysz epoch server.
  5. Okay so I am currently adding tabs to some of my traders for the most part it all makes sense, but I have ran into one problem, but first here is what i have done: First I went into C:\ArmaServers\A2EpochServer\MPMissions\DayZ_Epoch_24.Napf\server_traders.sqf I have added two tabs to the hero vender ["Sniper Rifles"] and ["Sniper Rifle Ammunition"] Here is the code: // Hero Vendor menu_Tanny_PMC = [ [["Ammunition",478],["Clothes",476],["Helicopter Armed",493],["Military Armed",562],["Trucks Armed",479],["Weapons",477],["Sniper Rifles",800],["Sniper Rifle Ammunition",801]], [], "hero" I have add two TID' 800 & 801 Next I went into my database and added two TID's to trader_tids I assigned them to trader 143 which is the hero vender. All good so far. Next i added some items to those tabs. The tabs show up just fine, but nothing in them appears. Did i forget a step? Can anyone help me
  6. Okay so I have created an Epoch server on NAPF. I have a few good scripts installed like SNap Build Pro, Walking zombies, Etc, but when I walk to install an addon that requires me to modify the Dayz Server PBO, all hell brakes loose. I was just attempting to install the Build vectors for snap build pro 1.4. I modifed and add all the files I needed to and as soon as I launch the server and join it. During the load in process i get stuck at "Waiting Server To Start Authentication". For some reason whenever I have to modoify the Server PBO i always get that error when I loan in. I have tried multipal different addons like: AI missions, Snap Build Pro Vectors, group management, etc. I have searched around on the forums for a simular problem, but I have not been successful. Could someone please help me on what I am doing wrong. I will be most thankful. :)
  7. Ach DayZ... wer kennt es nicht :/ Da ich mich bei DayZ nicht ganz so auskenne, muss ich mich an euch wenden. Gemeint ist DayZ Epoch mit DayZ Commander: Also: Gestern hat das Spiel noch prima funktioniert. Doch beim letzten Einloggen habe ich den OK Button oder so verfehlt und bin anscheinend in die Admin Console oder so gekommen :D. Nun ja dort habe ich versucht herauszukommen, was ich jedoch nicht geschafft habe. -> Spiel neugestartet. Jedoch, wenn ich jetzt auf einen Server joine sieht die Lobby nicht so aus wie immer. Der Hintergrund ist schwarz (statt dem Meer), das Layout ist anders,... [schaut euch einfach den Screenhot an] Wenn ich dann auf disconnect drücke fliege ich vom Server Wenn ich nichts klicke, werde ich nach ein paar Sekunden automatisch verbunden. Wenn ich auf Beitreten drücke, komm ich in einen endlos Ladescreen. Das heißt, dass dort steht (Lade Characterdaten. Bitte warten...) und die zeit rechts unten ständig steigt. [screenshot] Ich habe schon probiert: Epoch neuinstallieren, Arma II auf Fehler überprüfen, Arma II OA auf Fehler überprüfen Wie kann ich dieses Problem lösen? Mit dem Admin bin ich leider auf keinen grünen Zweig gekommen :/
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