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  1. Origins is its own entity. They dont really associate with DayZ. So they encrypt their stuff a lot and find ways to make it annoying to deal with their content unfortunately. You want to load the origins map into the editor ? Isnt it basically just taviana ? Coordinates wise it should be about the same I think. Just use taviana instead.
  2. First thing, you want to check out the Bohemia Interactive Wiki website for script questions. Random wiki page: community (dot) bistudio.com/wiki/forEach What you are asking about are SetVariable, and GetVariable. Some of these values you can manipulate, others you cant. You will not be able to "query" the database ingame the way you are thinking, at least not in an easy way... From my experience (500 some hours scripting in A2). Secondarily, you should really ask this question in the Dayz Epoch Discord. People like bombardierz has helped me out a lot in the past. Lots of oldies are still around for fun and will most of the time answer your questions if you ask nice. Ask yourself if you really need to query the database for the information you are requesting. Perhaps some of the things can be defined client side without such heavy operations , like player user ID ,etc. Thats really easy and nothing you'll need an external query for. For example : local _playerPUID = getPlayerUID player;' This one line of code defines the variable and gets the information in one go,s o you dont need to declare it. Its pretty cool. Best of luck to you.
  3. Im not sure about your elevator question, I assume it wont be much different than the "old" system. I dont mean to toot my own horn but if you dont have the elevator script, maybe youd be interested in the teleporter script I made. Limited to two portals (point A to point B) currently though.
  4. I didn't find any script for teleportation that I could implement for my players on my server, so I made this script. I made a short demonstration : Install: https://github.com/Marcusmoldev/Arma2_Dayz_Teleporter In its current state it is limited to two portals as I don't want my players to have portals everywhere, but this functionality is absolutely something one can implement in the future .. I don't plan on doing that for the moment though .. Also if you do end up installing the script, let me know if there are any typos in the readme and I'll try to correct them. Thanks and enjoy
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