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  1. Icomrade - the idea was that once the zombie is "born", it should remain either a walker always or a runner, always. When I first started messing with this years ago (Before I moved on to other games / platforms), I had everything in the FSM file... What was interesting was that each agent was a walker AND a runner, depending on random chance, every time they spotted somebody (Because I was setting their runspeed in the target found area based on a random roll. Seems I didn't fully re-think it, as I could have gotten around all this by not passing this variable from the zombie agent at all, and just defining the runner in the Init stage, then testing for that flag being set in the subsequent stages. (All FSM work, no adjustment needed to zombie files.)
  2. Interesting question, right? Anyway, I've been trying to add an additional parameter to zombies, called "isRunner". I've modified the bottom of the zombie_generate.sqf file to include this line. (this will replace the global "DZE_slowZombies" logic). _rnd = random(1); if (_rnd > .985) then { _isrunner = 1; } else { _isrunner = 0; }; _agent setVariable ["isRunner", _isrunner]; The idea is to be able to pass the agent into the zombie_agent.fsm file with the potential to be a runner, where all other zombies would be walkers. The issue i'm having is that in the FSM file, in the INIT box, I can't get my getVariable call to actually grab the agent's "isRunner" variable. This is how I'm attempting to do it. _isrunner = _agent getVariable["isRunner",false]; if (_isrunner = true) then {diag_log "A Zombie is a Runner";}; For the most part, from what I can see, it's not pulling the variable correctly because the RPT file keeps erroring. Fortunately, it's defaulting to "false", so none of them are running. The RPT error is also saying something around my diag_log missing a ")", but I can't figure out exactly why it's not working either. (I'm a bit tired and been messing with this most of the day). Anyway - any incites would be greatly appreciated.
  3. How hard would it be to utilize the advanced trading menu system, but rig it to talk to the Database?  My current side project in Epoch requires an active economy... a real one, not just random numbers generated to change the prices @ every server restart.  The economy SQL script is quite smart...  But my testing user base prefers the look of the advanced trading window over the other original window that "talks" to the database. I have a few procedures lined up that could make talking to the database not lag the servers as bad as they used to get lagged, while actually refreshing their inventory every so often (on a schedule) to push the "new" prices to the vendors without requiring a server restart.

    But of course - all the cool under the hood stuff to make that happen will be for naught if nobody wants to use the older "ugly" menu system.

  4. So, I can see the variable in "server_publishVehicle2.sqf" that is called "_donotusekey" - but I can't see for the life of me where to go to affect that variable. Basically, I want to shut off the using of vehicle keys. Still able to buy and sell vehicles on the server, just you can't get a keyed vehicle anymore (is the idea). Short of re-writing that SQF, is there a variable or an easier way to do that??
  5. Does anyone have a solid working version of this they can share? My current attempts have all not exactly worked correctly. Best I got was to mimic the player_build function, but then it requires a plot pole (no surprise), and once deployed immediately is deleted.
  6. Hey - sorry been working on a diff project for a while now. se7en = that's mostly right. The zombies ARE chasing you, they're just doing it at a walking pace. When you hear them shout, they have targeted something, and are walking toward it stupidly slow. They do have a tendancy to mill around aimlessly when they don't have agro. ALKINDA - That's because those variables aren't defined somewhere - but it looks like you figured that out. My R value starts as _r = 20. That might help keep them milling around some as well and not so stationary.
  7. Thanks oSoDirty for covering that.
  8. Most likely, it's not able to determine how to set the variable for _zv in that SQF. You could try initializing the variable, near the top of the SQF, add a line like _zv = 0;
  9. that error isn't necessarily an issue with the array itself. it usually kicks out when your allowed vehicles limit is way more then the amount of vehicles on your list. (IE - you say allow 900 vehicles, your allowed vehicle list only allows 500 (for arguement sake)), so it starts pitching errors). That is not ALWAYS the actual problem that gives this error, just a common enough scenario.
  10. Fred... u are a genius. It's the one friggin thing I overlooked on our test bed.
  11. easiest way to find these issues is run this SQL on your db. SELECT * FROM traders_data where item not like '["%'; This picks up any item that doesn't start with a " at the front of the item name. (IE ["itemScrap",3] = the " after the starting '[' ) and SELECT * FROM traders_data where item not like '%",%'; This picks up any item that doesn't end with a " before the comma and the type. (IE ["itemScrap",3] = the " before the ,3)
  12. how are you opening your zombie_agent.fsm file? While it can be edited with text, what I said would make WAY more sense if you opened it with FSMeditor (version 1.2.1). You can get that from bohemia's site.
  13. yes you are correct - you want to keep the disable simulation stuff insert those new updated lines after the publicVariableServer "PVDZE_Server_Simulation" and then update your //start behavior with the call to the custom place you're storing your zombie_agent.fsm (it should look roughly like this when you're done) Our random Chance is currently @ .925 for slow zombies. Adjust that up and down. @.8 - we were getting about 8 fast zombies per pack of 50, which seemed a bit much. (they also hit really hard on my server, so it was getting overwhelming for under-equipped players.) //Disable simulation PVDZE_Server_Simulation = [_agent, false]; publicVariableServer "PVDZE_Server_Simulation"; // Make AI Companions fire at zeds _agent addRating -1000000; // Set zombie initial walkspeed - McK 11/18/14 _agent forceSpeed 2; // Create random runners - McK 11/18/14 _rnd = random(1); if (_rnd > .925) then { _isrunner = true; } else { _isrunner = false; }; //Start behavior _id = [_position,_agent,_isrunner] execFSM "custom\dayz_code\system\zombie_agent.fsm"; }; };
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