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  1. Checked that out. Read it a couple times already. Good info. Though it brings up another issue. As I stated somethings do not show up in the editor. I did however find this little gem: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=22169 According to this in order to get this island to work and the junk to show up around the island you need: (see below images) Which to me seems to imply that while you do not need those mods running in order to run this map addon you do need them for the stuff to show up. This tells me that there is a way to include all items from all maps in order to make a map that contains desert. temperate and urban areas all on the same map using all items from different maps as long as you have the files needed for those items to show up in hte editor. Correct me if that is wrong.
  2. I will check into that thread. There is only 6 of us. We do not do PVP anymore. Well I don't play MP games anymore either.
  3. Running a server (private, locked only for 6 people) with Taviana 2.0 Overpochins I am finding more and more that the mods available for install or the scripting available is sort of lacking. Also I am finding that while using the editor some objects (namely some wrecks or static type vehicles) are not available. I find this even after entering the game and looking at the item (vehicle) the name simply does not show up, where looking at others it will. It could be that Taviana 2.0 is a perfect map. It could be my inability to find proper documentation or working mods and scripts is directly related to my limited understanding of altering mods and scripts to work on maps other than what said mod or script was created for. It could also be that where I read about the mod or script the author gave instructions for setting it up on say Chernarus and all the comments and questions of why it is not working are geared toward that map and not helping someone set it up on a different map. So out of curiosity other than Chernarus what map has the most addon content available for it. One that not only has the mods but also a moderate to large bit of support for installing them. IE people use it a lot so it is more popular thus gets more input on how to do things when they go wrong. I was actually thinking Sauerland or Napf. The bigger the better. I also would not be opposed to adding terrain/land mass to an existing map and building it up. BTW which is bigger Sauerland or Napf? Thanks in advance. And thanks to the people who have helped with my questions in the past. EDIT: I just realized I may run into the exact type of problems trying to run Napf and Sauerland as I am with Taviana 2.0. I am just hoping the support will be there.
  4. Would server keys matter if I have verification turned off? Also this is a case of I think I could figure this out and upload the correct files however I am not sure what exactly to include. Are you saying that I copy the @ACR folder I have on my client and paste it in the server root? Also the game spawns everything BAF and PMC that I ask it to. But for some reason the ACR content has always given problems. It will always say I need to install it if I right click on the STEAM OA launch link it will also state it if I double click the launch link as one of the options. Install ACR, play in window, Launch without battle eye... I took several screenshots of what it says when I enable certain items and when I do not. But every time no matter what it will say somewhere either on the front load screen in the upper right, the front load screen down on the left with a graphic or in the expansions screen that army of the Czech republic is running. I can upload the screen shots if that helps. Appreciate it.
  5. Okay, Yeah I tried it both ways. [email protected]; and -mod=ACR; I am pretty sure it is not se3rver side either.
  6. so something strange. If I play Arma2 the ACR missions or whatever it is I can get in and drive a dingo. Shows up in my game and everything. If I try to spawn a dingo in our Dayz server it says it spawned it but it is invisible and does not show in the game. Any clues ast to why this would be? I have also set an @ACR folder in my start parameter however this does not seem to help. I really want the dingo to be available in our server. Coolest piece of gear yet. Any and all help is appreciated beyond scope. cheers
  7. Thanks for doing what you do. I am hoping that I am not coming into this too far past the games born on date. I feel a lot of people have given up on DayZ Mod for Arma2 and have moved on to Arma3 modding. Sad though because regardless of all the funky things that go on in this game and how difficult it is for some of us to mod it really still has a lot of potential in my eyes.
  8. Yeah once I was shown how the file system works it made sense. We got everything working and then some. The zombies are now ZOMBIES. So the last thing is to add wrecked and stalled abandoned vehicles to the server without causing a huge FPS hit. Can you link me to this 70 plus step thing you speak of? Thanks.
  9. Haha. No worries mate. Thank you for checking and updating.
  10. Ah. Right then. I saw the video tile and assumed it was for Arma 3. I have used something called JonC5 editor. But I think that was just an easy way to launch the Arma editor, is that correct. I am new to this so those might be ignorant questions and observations. Oh and by used I mean tried it for 3 minutes. Cheers
  11. Thanks mate. I will check that out. Same concept for Arma2 or is it the same editor?
  12. Thanks to all of those who responded in the thread and via PM. It was very helpful on your part and, it was just my lack of how the files organize on any given server that was the missing link. I could understand what you all were describing as to how the coding and scripting should look, however I did not know where the pieces went. After My friend explained to me how the whole things works, in detail through video and phone... I got it, well for the most part. I was able to do the following to the server. 1.Get ElDubyas huge incredibly awesome server package running flawlessly. (props to you sir for creating such a beautiful amalgam of mods and addons)2. Make Zombies slower.3. Make Zombies HS kill only.4. Spawn more Zombies.5. Make Zombies more dangerous.The last four items have taken DayZ from being a game where you did not have to worry about zombies and could take a lackadaisical approach to your server wanderings to a panic fest. The days of being surrounded by Zombies meaning nothing, looking at your gear or changing a tire with the attitude of "I got time" because I can bandage up... Yeah those days are over for me. It really brought back the survival fear the game when new and areas where not known had. Now when you have gear you love, and things that took you forever to gather riding on the fact that you stay alive, those risks you used to take do not seem so frivolous anymore. The realism of really having to weigh the benefits of going into an area and most likely dyeing VS what you will gain are real again. Every bullet counts. And even though they are slower you still have to choose the best course of action in weapons and tactics. You could go in guns a blazing as they are slow. But what if you fall? What if you are pinned down by AI? Being surrounded by 70 zombies that are most often 1 hit kill to you and only die if taken down by a head shot... Well the odds are no longer in your favor. And probably one of the major pluses of all of this is that the Zombies are back to being the number one threat on our server. The AI are dangerous and used to be what I worried about and died form the most. Now however the Zombies are at the top of the food chain again. The AI are still dangerous but their threat pales in comparison. I will put it this way. I would rather engage the AI than deal with a horde of zombies. Being able to do all that on such a well polished server package as ElDubya has provided has made it an incredible experience. There are a few little tweaks that need to be administered to the Zombies but they are minor polishing effects at best. Now my big thing is to try and create an even greater feel of the Zombie apocalypse by making the streets a little more crowded with vehicles. Like the photos below. A mix of about 20 - 1 (non-salvageable to salvageable) vehicles. But do it in a way as to not cause server lag. Not sure if this can be done through the use of dynamic loaded vehicle spawns or static. Still a little unclear on what effects overall frame rate for the client. Also want to make it so that the stuff we build is persistent and never goes away. I know how to increase the amount of junk you can build and I can see where you can change the plot pole build radius and protection however I am unaware if there is an upper limit to those that by surpassing it you run the risk of destabilizing your server. I would also like to add a vehicle to the game but have never seen it done and it is actually a nice little truck and cannot understand why it has not been added. The Dingo is an awesome vehicle. Every time I try to add it through the spawn menu it says it is there but it is invisible to me. Been like that since I started playing this game. Anyways Cheers. And if anyone who is super new to this stuff has questions I can try to answer them as best I can. Not because I am an expert now but because I finally understand how the system works and it is super easy once you are shown the proper way for your learning style. And that might be what someone needs. They would understand it if they could understand it. If that makes sense. Not everyone learns by rote.
  13. I ran into issues. It is an 8 gig pbo file does that sound right? There is no way I can up load that to the server, my internet sucks.
  14. Gotcha. Yeah the server is an Origins Overpoch Taviana server which is why I thought it would going to have all the goodies straight out of the box. I will do as you suggested and will also do a lot more reading. Thanks for your help.
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