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  1. not really Robio my donation is solely based on willing to help concept and it's only to cover the server cost , i just wanna give some of them something in return as a gift , not that they demand it or anything
  2. thx guys at least i know its only for admin not donator right?
  3. as the topic says , is it possible for epoch? atm? if so how :) ty in advance
  4. so i have found that the old times problem have came back .... player tend to lose magazine when they "relog" anyone else experiencing this? and how to fix?
  5. 1.as the topic says do i need to manually download the epoch server? and place it using FTP ?(or there's other option) 2. what files that i need to change? that is most important? @epochhive ?
  6. its a perfect script dirty :) btw can u guide me a little bit or show me how to intregate this into normal AI script such as A3EAI and how to give player a tag of hero or bandit?
  7. hi dirty i tried implementing this script in my server already and it works great but, what does it do exactly for now , and do u have bandit hero ai mission script and trader to go with this too? and how does the rank system work for now?
  8. so i implemented it and it works fine but what does it do exactly do u have trader or ai script to go with this? too?
  9. WOW i've been waiting for this for so long ! thx a lot dirty!!! will give it a try
  10. ok i know the reason it's solely becuz of EPOCHAH blocking EH ...... now.... any ideas on how to solve it?
  11. Cant seem to get it to work as it work for only admins... am i missing something? btw im using epochAH
  12. WOW looking great , this script will surely change the way epoch is played and add a lot more depth to this mod, cant wait for the release :) i have been waiting for this type of script for so long haha.
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