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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, me again. For some reason when i spawn in and collect coins or loadout the next time i disconnect and come back it puts me back into spawn and money is all disappeared. There's no hive errors. The only error in the Server RPT is : And I have 2 errors in my client RPT. Looks like they relate to zsc but I have reinstalled it from scratch and still the same. and Sorry to be such a noob with this one!!
  2. I'm playing on a server which runs Bornholm map and for some reason the tree cutting doesn't work probably. Only about 1 on 5 trees cuts down sometimes not even that. One of the servers admin said to me that I'm not only one with the problem and that there are players playing on the server which have and don't have the problem. I don't know, but maybe it does this because my character is female.
  3. My new mod may change the way you play DayZ, simply put this mod enables all players on the server to get the choice of using multiple characters (without having to buy multiple copies of ArmA2:CO :P). I've set up a prototype on my test server with a 3 character selection dialog (see picture below), this may be improved but the base mechanics itself are working great so far. So when you join a server after the loading screen you see a dialog like this: you have to chose one of 3 character slots every time you log into the server, each character slot is completely independent (different humanity and other stats, like different players). the slot count isn't static but I though 3 is a good start, admins can change the character selection dialog to a different number of slots, if you want you can have 100 slots for each player. :D This mod can't be archived with a little script, but I've tried to made the installation as easy as possible. For an overview this is what I've done to get this mod working: Database schema: added one extra column "Slot" to the "character_data" table (the database stays fully compatible to the default HiveExt.dll) Custom HiveExt.dll to add a new method for loading all character data of a player (CHILD:100), also a small change to the current load player method to support multiple characters (CHILD:101). I could have made completely new methods for the login process, but this way only a very few modifications are necessary in the Hive code and the script files, but this also means my modified HiveExt.dll is not compatible with servers who don't have the "Slot" column in the "character_data" table one new script for the server and a small change in the server_playerLogin.sqf (to send the slot id to the hive) for the client files I've changed the player monitor to inject the character selection before the login process (see player_monitor.fsm changes below) To visualize the changes made to the login process, take a look at this state machine diagram of the player_monitor.fsm (changes are highlighted in green): Download latest version for Epoch 1.0.5 and http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/multichar1.3.3.zip Older versions are available here (for other Epoch version since Installation instructions I've tried to make the installation as easy as possible and still do it the proper way and change the files like the Epoch devs would do it. Some steps could be changed and the code simply be put in the init.sqf instead of changing the Epoch files, if you have some experience with ArmA script you can do that but if you follow my instructions it is the best way to do it like this in my opinion. Pre-requirements: a PBO manager and basic knowledge of ArmA script editing. Note: I've added all changed files to the download package, so you can see how they should look like with the changes applied. If you didn't make any custom changes to those files you can also just use them instead of following my instructions to change the files below. run the SQL query to add the "Slot" column to the "Character_DATA" table in your Epoch database: ALTER TABLE `Character_DATA` ADD COLUMN `Slot` TINYINT UNSIGNED NOT NULL DEFAULT 1 AFTER `PlayerUID`; copy the file HiveExt.dll to the @DayZ_Epoch_Server folder (overwrite the Epoch file) Note: the source code of the HiveExt with my changes can be found here. unpack your dayz_server.pbo and copy the file server_playerCharacters.sqf to the compile sub-folder open the file compile\server_playerLogin.sqf, around line 47 replace _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName]; with _key = format["CHILD:101:%1:%2:%3:%4:",_playerID,dayZ_instance,_playerName,_this select 2]; open the file init\server_functions.sqf and add the line server_playerCharacters = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\server_playerCharacters.sqf"; after the line 9 BIS_Effects_Burn = {}; repack your dayz_server.pbo unpack your mission.pbo (e.g. DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus.pbo) if necessary and copy the file RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp into the mission folder, open the file description.ext and add this line at the very bottom: #include "RscDisplayCharacterSelect.hpp" unpack your dayz_code.pbo (on your PC @DayZ_Epoch\addons\dayz_code.pbo) and copy the files init\publicEH.sqf and system\player_monitor.sqf to a "custom" folder in your mission folder (if you don't already have custom versions of those files), change the references to those files in your init.sqf to something like "custom\publicEH.sqf" and "custom\player_monitor.sqf" copy my custom file player_monitor.fsm to your "custom" folder (the changes in this file are not easy to reproduce, so it may be best you use my custom file instead of adding the changes yourself) open the file publicEH.sqf and add this line above the line starting with "PVDZE_plr_Login" (around line 54): "PVDZE_plr_Characters" addPublicVariableEventHandler {_id = (_this select 1) spawn server_playerCharacters}; open the file player_monitor.sqf and change the path to my custom player_monitor.fsm so that the line looks something like this: _id = [] execFSM "custom\player_monitor.fsm"; repack your mission.pbo if necessary That's it! Yeah I know not the easiest mod to install, but that is DayZ/Epoch.. I Hope I didn't forget anything, but I think that is all. :P Restrictions (since version 1.1) I've added two restrictions to minimize the possibilities for players to abuse quick character switching: character switch timeout - how often a player can switch to another living character (in minutes), the last used slot is always available and the player can also spawn fresh if he has a dead character or never used slot minimum distance to dead bodies of the same player - calculates the distance to previously died characters of the player (in meters), this will prevent the player from "stacking" two or more characters at the same place (like a base) and switch to another character if one dies There are global config variables for changing the default settings for the restrictions: DZE_CharacterSwitchTimeout = 30; // default 30 minutes timeout (0 to disable) DZE_CharacterMinDistance = 1000; // default 1000 meters min distance (0 to disable) You can add those variables to the config section in the init.sqf. Here a screenshot how it may look like with active restrictions: Disabled character slots are displayed with a red disabled button (cannot be pressed) with info text on the button. If one or more restrictions apply there is also be an info text displayed at the bottom of the screen. Note: at the moment there is no automatic timer or anything to count the timeout down, you have to manually press the refresh button to refresh the character data and last login time. Suggestions and ideas welcome. Also for the character selection dialog what do you like to see on there?
  4. I used the Mission.pbo and Server.pbo from the SingleCurrency4.0. I added WAI Missions, Walking Zombies, and the Ess Spawn Selection V2. The players don't save after logging or restart. If someone logs with gear when they log back on they will have default gear and sometimes be moved back. I am also having trouble with my coins not saving. The coin display shows up but stays at zero no matter what you sell and coins wont save in the bank. Here is the Error I get from the .Rpt file. My server host is SurvivalServers. Error in expression <ght' image='Img\Gui\Bank.paa'/><br/>", [Money] call BIS_fnc_numberText, [bank_Ba> Error position: <Money] call BIS_fnc_numberText, [bank_Ba> Error Undefined variable in expression: money File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.chernarus\DAYZ_CODE\COMPILE\playerHud.sqf, line 14 Any help would be much appreciated!
  5. Better Load Messages Only recommended for more advanced server owners/scripters. FIRST TEST THIS ON A TEST SERVER. If you dont like my name in there, look for "Zupa Info" in compiles.sqf And change that to whatever you want ( Server Info for example) Bored of the loading messages which are simple plain "Authenticating" and " Character data". Now i made some simmple additions which allows servers ( defenatly handy for when the server is starting up) to have more messages showing, to actually show you whats going on with the server. It will also disable to timeout until the person actually starts pinging to login. Messages coming from server: Getting Objects from Hive Spawning 5683 objects and vehicles Spawned 250 of 5683 objects Loading trader data Spawning 25 new vehicles Finishing up the server Server running These messages will be completed with "& " + whatever the normal messages are ( Mostly "Authenticated user"). Players will know if they login takes longer because of server of because of himself. I'm planning to even make this better in the future. Instructions In your compiles.sqf ( The client is ging to catch the publicVariable from the server, and after that he is going to show you the message) THIS ALSO FIXES YOUR SERVER HANING ON BLACK SCREEN BUT HEARING SOUND. Change the following code block: //This is still needed but the fsm should terminate if any errors pop up. [] spawn { private["_timeOut","_display","_control1","_control2"]; disableSerialization; _timeOut = 0; dayz_loadScreenMsg = ""; diag_log "DEBUG: loadscreen guard started."; _display = uiNameSpace getVariable "BIS_loadingScreen"; if (!isNil "_display") then { _control1 = _display displayctrl 8400; _control2 = _display displayctrl 102; }; if (!isNil "dayz_DisplayGenderSelect") then { waitUntil {!dayz_DisplayGenderSelect}; }; // 120 sec timeout (12000 * 0.01) while { _timeOut < 12000 } do { if (dayz_clientPreload && dayz_authed) exitWith { diag_log "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!"; }; if (!isNil "_display") then { if ( isNull _display ) then { waitUntil { !dialog; }; startLoadingScreen ["","RscDisplayLoadCustom"]; _display = uiNameSpace getVariable "BIS_loadingScreen"; _control1 = _display displayctrl 8400; _control2 = _display displayctrl 102; }; if ( dayz_loadScreenMsg != "" ) then { _control1 ctrlSetText dayz_loadScreenMsg; dayz_loadScreenMsg = ""; }; _control2 ctrlSetText format["%1",round(_timeOut*0.01)]; }; _timeOut = _timeOut + 1; if (_timeOut >= 12000) then { 1 cutText [localize "str_player_login_timeout", "PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 10; endLoadingScreen; endMission "END1"; }; sleep 0.01; }; }; Into: Zupa_LoadingMessage = ["Loading up server."]; // innitial message before the server ever sends a message to the client. "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage" addPublicVariableEventHandler {Zupa_LoadingMessage = _this select 1;}; //This is still needed but the fsm should terminate if any errors pop up. [] spawn { private["_timeOut","_display","_control1","_control2"]; disableSerialization; _timeOut = 0; dayz_loadScreenMsg = ""; diag_log "DEBUG: loadscreen guard started."; _display = uiNameSpace getVariable "BIS_loadingScreen"; if (!isNil "_display") then { _control1 = _display displayctrl 8400; _control2 = _display displayctrl 102; }; if (!isNil "dayz_DisplayGenderSelect") then { waitUntil {!dayz_DisplayGenderSelect}; }; // 120 sec timeout (12000 * 0.01) while { _timeOut < 12000 } do { if (dayz_clientPreload && dayz_authed) exitWith { diag_log "PLOGIN: Login loop completed!"; endLoadingScreen; }; if (!isNil "_display") then { if ( isNull _display ) then { waitUntil { !dialog; }; startLoadingScreen ["","RscDisplayLoadCustom"]; _display = uiNameSpace getVariable "BIS_loadingScreen"; _control1 = _display displayctrl 8400; _control2 = _display displayctrl 102; }; _control1 ctrlSetText format["Zupa Info: %1 & %2.",Zupa_LoadingMessage select 0 ,dayz_loadScreenMsg]; _control2 ctrlSetText format["%1",round(_timeOut*0.01)]; }; if( Zupa_LoadingMessage select 0 != "Server running")then{ _timeOut = 0; }else{ _timeOut = _timeOut + 1; }; if (_timeOut >= 12000) then { 1 cutText [localize "str_player_login_timeout", "PLAIN DOWN"]; sleep 10; endLoadingScreen; endMission "END1"; }; sleep 0.01; }; }; Now we going to the server_monitor.sqf ( server sided) 1) Add PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = ["Getting Objects from Hive"]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; Above serverVehicleCounter = []; _hiveResponse = []; 2) add _ammountOfObject = count (_BuildingQueue + _objectQueue); _theMessage = format ["Spawning %1 objects and vehicles", _ammountOfObject]; PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = [_theMessage]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; _currentCount = 0; _newMileStone = 50; above _totalvehicles = 0; { _idKey = _x select 1; _type = _x select 2; _ownerID = _x select 3; 3) add if( _currentCount == _newMileStone)then{ // to reduce bandwith _newMileStone = _newMileStone + 50; // every 50 items loaded refresh message _theMessage = format ["Spawned %1 of %2 objects",_currentCount, _ammountOfObject]; PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = [_theMessage]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; }; _currentCount = _currentCount + 1; above } count (_BuildingQueue + _objectQueue); // # END SPAWN OBJECTS # 4) add _theMessage = "Loading trader data"; PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = [_theMessage]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; AFTER if !(DZE_ConfigTrader) then { 5) add _theMessage = format["Spawning %1 new vehicles", _vehLimit]; PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = [_theMessage]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; AFTER // spawn_vehicles _vehLimit = MaxVehicleLimit - _totalvehicles; 6) add _theMessage = "Finishing up the server"; PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = [_theMessage]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; BEFORE // spawn_roadblocks diag_log ("HIVE: Spawning # of Debris: " + str(MaxDynamicDebris)); for "_x" from 1 to MaxDynamicDebris do { [] spawn spawn_roadblocks; }; 7 LAST) add _theMessage = format["Server running", _vehLimit]; PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage = [_theMessage]; publicVariable "PVDZE_Z_LoadMessage"; AFTER diag_log format["Total Number of spawn locations %1", actualSpawnMarkerCount];
  6. After many, many attempts, I've finally got an almost working server; the only issue is that no one can actually play on it. This is due to the following error: 4:07:23 Server error: Player without identity Doomlord52 (id XYZ) On trying to re-join the server, you get this slightly different error: 14:12:42 "ERROR: Cannot Sync Character Doomlord52 as no characterID" When you check the SQL data, you find that there is in fact no entries made - there are no characters. So, what's going on? It's obvious that the server can connect to the SQL database/hive, since the object table loads fine; it just can't create a character. Any ideas? RPT is attached as .txt. arma2oaserver.txt
  7. Ive been playing since whitelisting, and at the beginning, my character was not getting older than a few hours. After gaining a little experience I managed to survive a little bit longer. I realized that there is an invisible "wall" at 10 hours, the time when you start to think: "Well, lets just YOLO it!" Thats the time I usually die. My current character managed to reach the ancient age of 17 hours and still being alive (really feels like an old man)! So how old did your oldest character become? How old is you current one? You also got a time when u usually die?
  8. I play on an epoch server which I am an admin on. However, I killed myself and whenever I try to respawn it gets stuck on the message "requesting character data from server." On the other hand, I can still connect to other epoch servers with no fuss. Thanks in advance, Quentin
  9. Hey guys, I started developing my own DayZ admin tools a few days ago, because I think there are not many good tools for DayZ around and I could not find anything close to what I did so far. So here it goes, I came up with a "simple" logger tool, which connects to your DayZ database and essentially writes all character changes of all active players to log files. It is easily customizable what character fields to log and how often the tool should check for changes (default every minute) among many other config options. But the big question is: why is logging character data useful? Well you can do many things with the logged data, e.g. detecting hackers, make a nice map with player position history because you now have the data to see who was where at what time. Also player heat maps are possible for each day, week, whatever. I might develop a companion app to read the log files and display player position on a map and humanity changes as a graph over time or something like that, maybe later. I think you guys might have some other (even better?) uses for log files like this. Anyway it is of course possible to log other things like vehicles/objects as well, but for now only character data is implemented. Every player will get his own log file with the name being the PlayerUID, and each day the logs will automatically rotate which means you have small log files which you can open with a text editor and possibly archive the logs from last week or whatever. The default file structure is something like this: - log\ (base log directory) + 2013-10-27\ (folder) + 12345678.log (file) + 87654321.log (file) + ... for every player this day + 2013-10-28\ (folder) + 12345678.log (file) + ... + ... for every day The logger supports data pruning (disabled by default, see config file) what means it will omit duplicate values in subsequent log entries to safe storage space. So if you would for example log the character inventory and position (Worldspace) and run around the map alot without picking up stuff or changing your inventory (which might happen in DayZ :P), the logger will only log the position and keep the inventory value empty until it changes again. As an example I have uploaded a log file from my server: http://pastebin.com/NHXTQ0D5 The logged columns in that file are: CharacterID, Inventory, Backpack, Worldspace, KillsZ, KillsH, KillsB, Humanity It might look weird at first, but this is how log files look always look like haha. E.g. around time 02:29:53 you see only position changes for some time. Keep in mind this is a beta release, but it should run pretty stable unless you lose the connection to the database server (no recovery build in yet), the programm is running on my own server for some days now without any problems and we have on average 30-50+ players around the day. Download link: http://dl.bintray.com/vos/dayz/DayZLogger1.0b.zip The DayZ Logger is a console application only, all configuration is done in the config.cfg file before start-up. It should be enough to fill in your MySQL database connection settings at first, but take a look at the other config options. Attention: you might need to add an additional column to your character data table in the database, for more details see the linked README below. You can then start the tool with the provided BAT files on Windows (assuming you have a working Java Runtime installed). For more information about the DayZ Logger please take a look at the README file I put up on GitHub: https://github.com/vos/dayzlogger/blob/master/README.md (I don't like to repeat everything here, please understand). My tool is completely open source and written in plain Java, you can find the source here: https://github.com/vos/dayzlogger For any questions, ideas or suggestions please feel free to use this thread, I'm sure I forgot to mention the one or other thing... :)
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