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Found 13 results

  1. Please bear with me if this spawn dialog is not perfect, as it is my first time creating one ... The Short intro: This is an easy 2 line install, "complete" Spawn system with everything described in the headline and more ... The Long Intro: This is an easy 2 line install, "complete" spawn system (3lines if you want dead body check, 4 if you do not have my killfeed installed already) you can: Select gear screen (can be switched off) Add random gear (if above is switched off or not all items are selected) 2 levels of Custom gear for donors setup custom spawns setup 2 levels of donor spawns set a custom name to any custom location (if none is added it will just use nearest city name if one is avalible) add pictures to your spawn room (one for each wall, no pictures included) replace default teleporters with custom ones (to disable the default teleport option) or just add an extra scroll option to the default teleporters spawn near group leader (can be switched off) spawn near jammer (can be switched off completly now so nobody gets any errors) disable spawns near players dead body, with configurable distance (requires my killfeed installed) run credits or other script on spawn (simple credits file is included) User can select to spawn with halo jump or ground spawn (or can be set to forced in any way you want) will work on any map that spawns a "Debug_static_F" (even unsupported maps, alltho you might need to add spawn locations) i have already added spawn locations for altis, stratis, bornholm and chernarus any other map will ned custom locations added. NOTE: a player that has already spawned or did not spawn in near the clone room, will NOT have the option to spawn, if you teleport there to test it, pls relog before clicking the scroll action on the console, or it will NOT show anything. to install this you will need to download the attached files and add them to your mission, then add this line in your init.sqf (outside any if statements): [] execVM "addons\halv_spawn\init.sqf"; now in description.ext add the very top: if you already have a Halv_defines.hpp, then you can skip the step below, as you do not need another, infact your server will fail to load if you have more than one in description.ext!. (but perhaps check when it was last edited and see if you perhaps need to update it). if you do not have a Halv_defines.hpp, then you need to add this line: #include "addons\halv_spawn\Halv_defines.hpp" once you have the above line, add directly below it: #include "addons\halv_spawn\spawndialog.hpp" VERY IMPORTANT: most text is translated to multiple languges, so put this file in the root folder of your mission.pbo along side with your init.sqf, mission.sqm and description.ext or NO text will be shown in ANY dialog EVEN ENGLISH!!! http://pastebin.com/t3gYneqE <<== Stringtable.xml you are now done, the rest is extra ... if you want dead body check to work, you will need to install (or update) this: if/when you have installed that, open up halv_fnc_playerdied.sqf and right after this: if you want donor spawns to work, you will have to add your or whoever you want on the lists uid in spawn_settings.sqf like this: //UID's for lvl 1 spawn's _level1UIDs = ["12312453","12312453","12312453"]; //UID's for lvl 2 spawn's _level2UIDs = ["12312453","12312453","12312453"]; //this is to allow any lvl 2 to spawn on lvl 1, comment out to seperate the two _level1UIDs = _level1UIDs + _level2UIDs; same goes for spawn_gear_settings.sqf, you will need to add your uid in both or only the one where you added yours will work. besides that, please check ALL the settings files or for more info you can ask me here ... (but please refrain from stupid questins already answered in the settings files) if you have infistar antihack, you will need to in run.sqf add this number here, like this: _allowedDialogs = [-1,602]; to this: _allowedDialogs = [-1,602,7777]; i do not currently have a good picture of the dialog, so if someone could share could pls one i can use? I will not support changing this so players cannot get all items (including donor items) or locations on random spawns. If you have problems with players killing themself to get better weapons/spawns, it means you have too good options for donors or only shit options for non donors, level it out instead of giving donors OP spawns! have fun regards Halv Link: https://github.com/Halvhjearne/halv_spawn
  2. Restiphani

    Revive Player

    Our server is running however when someone gets killed it looks like it's using the standard revive with the defibrillator and you can only revive once per spawn. How do you change that to unlimited revives or to use the multigun with the heal player attachment?
  3. The loot spawning on my server will respawn or cycle right infrnt of you if you move more than 5m away or if someone else near you moves 5ft away. I check player_spawncheck.sqf and it looks fine. player_spawncheck.sqf //player_spawncheck.sqf private ["_isWreck","_maxControlledZombies","_looted","_zombied","_doNothing","_spawnZedRadius","_serverTime","_age","_nearbyBuildings","_position","_speed","_radius","_maxlocalspawned","_maxWeaponHolders","_currentWeaponHolders","_maxtoCreate","_inVehicle","_isAir","_isLand","_isSea","_Controlledzeddivided","_totalcrew","_nearby","_type","_config","_canSpawn","_dis","_checkLoot","_islocal","_bPos","_zombiesNum"]; _age = -1; //_nearbyBuildings = []; _position = [player] call fnc_getPos; _speed = speed (vehicle player); _radius = 200; //150*0.707; Pointless Processing (106.5) _spawnZedRadius = 20; /* //Tick Time PVDZ_getTickTime = player; publicVariableServer "PVDZ_getTickTime"; */ //Total Counts _maxlocalspawned = round(dayz_spawnZombies); _maxControlledZombies = round(dayz_maxLocalZombies); _maxWeaponHolders = round(dayz_maxMaxWeaponHolders); _currentWeaponHolders = round(dayz_currentWeaponHolders); //Limits (Land,Sea,Air) _inVehicle = (vehicle player != player); /* _isAir = vehicle player iskindof "Air"; _isLand = vehicle player iskindof "Land"; _isSea = vehicle player iskindof "Sea"; if (_isLand) then { } else { }; if (_isAir) then { } else { }; if (_isSea) then { } else { }; */ _doNothing = false; if (_inVehicle) then { _Controlledzeddivided = 0; //exit if too fast if (_speed > 25) exitwith {_doNothing = true;}; //Crew can spawn zeds. _totalcrew = count (crew (vehicle player)); if (_totalcrew > 1) then { _Controlledzeddivided = 2; //Dont allow driver to spawn if we have other crew members. if (player == driver (vehicle player)) exitwith {_doNothing = true;}; } else { _Controlledzeddivided = 4; }; if (_Controlledzeddivided > 0) then { _maxControlledZombies = round(_maxControlledZombies / _Controlledzeddivided); r_player_divideinvehicle = _Controlledzeddivided; }; }; if (_doNothing) exitwith {}; /*if ("ItemMap_Debug" in items player) then { deleteMarkerLocal "MaxZeds"; deleteMarkerLocal "Counter"; deleteMarkerLocal "Loot30"; deleteMarkerLocal "Loot120"; deleteMarkerLocal "Agro80"; _markerstr = createMarkerLocal ["MaxZeds", _position]; _markerstr setMarkerColorLocal "ColorYellow"; _markerstr setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr setMarkerSizeLocal [_radius, _radius]; _markerstr1 = createMarkerLocal ["Counter", _position]; _markerstr1 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _markerstr1 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr1 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr1 setMarkerSizeLocal [_radius+100, _radius+100]; _markerstr2 = createMarkerLocal ["Agro80", _position]; _markerstr2 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _markerstr2 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr2 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr2 setMarkerSizeLocal [80, 80]; _markerstr2 = createMarkerLocal ["Loot30", _position]; _markerstr2 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorRed"; _markerstr2 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr2 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr2 setMarkerSizeLocal [30, 30]; _markerstr3 = createMarkerLocal ["Loot120", _position]; _markerstr3 setMarkerColorLocal "ColorBlue"; _markerstr3 setMarkerShapeLocal "ELLIPSE"; _markerstr3 setMarkerBrushLocal "Border"; _markerstr3 setMarkerSizeLocal [120, 120]; diag_log ("LocalZombies: " +str(dayz_spawnZombies) + "/" +str(dayz_maxLocalZombies)); //Logging diag_log (format["%1 Local.Agents: %2/%3, NearBy.Agents: %8/%9, Global.Agents: %6/%7, W.holders: %10/%11, (radius:%4m %5fps).","SpawnCheck", _maxlocalspawned, _maxControlledZombies, _radius, round diag_fpsmin,dayz_currentGlobalZombies, dayz_maxGlobalZeds, dayz_CurrentNearByZombies, dayz_maxNearByZombies, _currentWeaponHolders,_maxWeaponHolders]); };*/ // nearObjects is faster than nearestObjects when sorting by distance isn't needed // "Building" includes House and all of its child classes (Crashsite, IC_Fireplace1, IC_Tent, etc.) _nearby = _position nearObjects ["Building",_radius]; _maxlocalspawned = _maxlocalspawned max floor(_maxControlledZombies*.8); if (_maxlocalspawned > 0) then { _spawnZedRadius = _spawnZedRadius * 3; }; //Spawn Zeds & loot in buildings { _type = typeOf _x; _config = missionConfigFile >> "CfgLoot" >> "Buildings" >> _type; _canSpawn = isClass (_config); if (_canSpawn) then { _dis = _x distance player; _checkLoot = (count (getArray (_config >> "lootPos"))) > 0; _islocal = _x getVariable ["", false]; // object created locally via TownGenerator. //Make sure wrecks always spawn Zeds _isWreck = _x isKindOf "CrashSite"; //Loot if (getNumber(_config >> "lootChance") > 0) then { if (_currentWeaponHolders < _maxWeaponHolders) then { //Basic loot check if ((_dis < 125) and (_dis > 30) and !_inVehicle and _checkLoot) then { _serverTime = serverTime; _looted = (_x getVariable ["looted",_serverTime]); _age = _serverTime - _looted; //Building refresh rate if (_age == 0 or (_age > getNumber(_config >> "lootRefreshTimer"))) then { _x setVariable ["looted",_serverTime,!_islocal]; _x call building_spawnLoot; if (!(_x in dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor)) then { dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor set [count dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor, _x]; }; //diag_log [ diag_tickTime, "new loot at",_x,"age:", _age, "serverTime:", _serverTime]; }/* else { diag_log [ diag_tickTime, "won't spawn loot at",_x,"age:", _age, "serverTime:", _serverTime]; }*/; }; }; }; //Zeds if (getNumber(_config >> "zombieChance") > 0) then { if (_dis > _spawnZedRadius) then { _serverTime = serverTime; _zombied = (_x getVariable ["zombieSpawn",_serverTime]); _age = _serverTime - _zombied; if ((_age == 0) or (_age > 300)) then { if (!_isWreck) then { if ((dayz_spawnZombies < _maxControlledZombies) and (dayz_CurrentNearByZombies < dayz_maxNearByZombies) and (dayz_currentGlobalZombies < dayz_maxGlobalZeds)) then { _bPos = getPosATL _x; _zombiesNum = count (_bPos nearEntities ["zZombie_Base",(((sizeOf _type) * 2) + 10)]); if (_zombiesNum == 0) then { _x setVariable ["zombieSpawn",_serverTime,!_islocal]; if (!(_x in dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor)) then { //add active zed to var dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor set [count dayz_buildingBubbleMonitor, _x]; }; //start spawn [_x] call building_spawnZombies; }; //diag_log (format["%1 building. %2", __FILE__, _x]); }; } else { _bPos = getPosATL _x; _zombiesNum = count (_bPos nearEntities ["zZombie_Base",(((sizeOf _type) * 2) + 30)]); //Should be a wreck if (_zombiesNum == 0) then { [_x,_isWreck] call building_spawnZombies; }; }; }; }; }; }; } forEach _nearby; At first I thought it was a respawn timer issue or something like that but if you don't move the loot will stay, you have to back away from it or someone else has to get within range and its not like you have to run away for this to happen, you can just back up a few steps and watch the loot change right infront of you. I have been playing around with it just trying to see if i can figure it out but if anyone knows what i should do or can at least point me in the right direction it would be a huge help. Thanks
  4. I know a few servers and myself have noticed the time the loot respawn is pretty fast after being looted. Anyway to slow the time down?
  5. Hi! I'm relatively new to this but I know how to edit the various files on my server and pack/unpack PBO's. I've just bought a Epoch-server and I've already set it up with status bar, ATMs and HS-dealers/blackmarkets. I've tried searching through the forums, but there is a couple of things I so far could not find a decent and concrete solution to: - functioning Safe Zone script with both vehicle and player protection (in/out notifications would be nice). - respawn loadout (default respawn gear) - Getting the server to lock itself for 5 minutes after restart (for all scripts to load, I think) I'm humbly hoping someone out there can help me with at least ONE of these :)
  6. Hello, First I would like to take a moment to thank the developer team for an awesome mod that has given me many, many hours of enjoyment. Next, I'd like to thank everyone on these forums. I've referenced them many times and had not yet come to a situation that necessitated me making an account to ask a question. Usually by the time I arrive the subject has been raised, resolved and lowered. Unfortunately, this time, my searches are coming up dry. In the spirit of full disclosure, I've only partly tested this issue as it has been reported to me several times and I have experienced it myself several times. Talking among people I routinely game with has raised the question: Is it a bug or a feature? The issue arises when the player is severely wounded, Vital Signs Critical: The timer counts down from 11-12 seconds rather than from ten minutes for the player to be revived prior to death and respawn. My group of friends are divided, one insists this occurs only when headshot and thus it is a feature and not a bug. Seems logical enough, but if that is the case why are repeated searches on the net coming up dry? When I have experienced this issue, it seemed to be at random and typically when doing AI missions. At the moment, our server is new and so we don't have much of a playerbase thus we have not had much opportunity to test in PVP (I do know that on at least one occasion while PVP'ing it did occur.) We have modified several of the server files but always maintaining backups and being careful not to miss with that which we do not understand so I do not believe the problem is there, though truthfully, I am exasperated with this issue and really hoping someone know what it is I am talking about. Thank you for your time.
  7. Hello! Im trying to add a custom death screen to my server as shown here: http://opendayz.net/threads/death-screen-and-sound.18718/ However. When i die i get this error in the console: In my custom compile.sqf: player_death = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\player_death.sqf"; This gives the error, allthough i do not edit server_playerdied.sqf player_death = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_death.sqf"; This works, however no death screen now :( Custom player_death.sqf copied directly from dayz epoch github: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/SQF/dayz_code/compile/player_death.sqf Soo this is the code i have (copied from my file) http://pastebin.com/iQn43hYY My server_playerDied.sqf: http://pastebin.com/fCzSkYJv Directly from the denizio linux epoch installer: https://github.com/denisio/Dayz-Epoch-Linux-Server/blob/master/%40dayz_epoch_server/addons/dayz_server/compile/server_playerDied.sqf Soooo as far as i know, all my files are normal and the _playerID should exist. Im not really sure how the death event works, as in what is called first. I tried logging the id in the server_playerDied.sqf, which just brought the error to that line. I tried logging the playerid in player_death.sqf file, but the log never showed up (presumably because of the error cancellign it. HOWEVER, the deathscreen shows up when i add it. Its jsut that i dont respawn fresh. Instead i respawn with my gear at my body... If you need any more files shown, just ask! I really want this death screen :3
  8. Talib


    Hi, I want to 1 ATM on the three spawn point ALTIS. Do this and this and it posible so how ??? :unsure: big thank you
  9. Hey! For some reason my server has went onto it's head :/ It was running fine a while back but yesterday my friend and I had trouble spawning in after a restart :| We were in the game normally, but after the server restarted, we joined back, we got back the verification and downloading player data, but we get stuck on the "DayZ Overpoch" Screen, we can hear sounds around us (I was getting mauled by zombies) and we could hear our selves walk? Any idea what it could be? :c
  10. Hi all, I have just set up an Epoch server on my computer to play with mates, it's working great, except for two things: I don't know how to make the server automatically reset (I would be happy to manually reset it if it's easier to do/explain) I would also like to know the spawn mechanics of loot, does loot automatically respawn after a certain amount of time has passed? If i cannot get server restarts working, will loot ever respawn? If anyone could answer either of these questions it would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance. EDIT: I am doing this to the ARMA 2 DayZ Epoch mod.
  11. So I use Vilayer as a host running Overwatch, and Ive had a ticket in with them for a few days now with no response (typical). In the mean time I was hoping to take matters into my own hands and fix my problem.. The Problem is, vehicles are not respawning on my server. Previously, all vehicles were set to have a 100% chance of respawn. Now a little backstory... Vilayer recently made a ton of changes to their ACPlayer control panel, and didnt' really explain what changes they were making etc. They used to have a lovely little drop down menu wherein you could schedule all sorts of lovely little tasks. Now it seems, they have deleted a fair amount of these tasks from this drop down, and even though my old ones say they are running and completed, they are obviously not working. Vilayer has another icon which they recently added which allows you to manage vehicles and objects. I select all of the things I want to do in the drop down and select ok, and it brings up several errors. Mainly, the errors involve the object_DATA table. The problem is, running Overwatch on reality, there is no object_DATA table, thats epoch, not overwatch. So, can anyone help me to possibly get all of the vehicles that have been destroyed to respawn? I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks.
  12. Hi, was the loot respawn system changed so a single person cannot loot cycle? or is it bugged currently?
  13. Hello, I have the following problem: Everytime I abort and then get to the lobby an then click on 'Ok' (or whatever the button says) and then I get "Arma2OA.exe stopped working." - I reinstalled Arma2+Arma2OA+DayZ+DayZ Epoch - Thanks for Help :)
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