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  1. I had that, too but i cant remember the wall i died to resolve it. Try downloading newest version and setup from start. Yes by newest version: BEC is back if you did not notice it
  2. Just wanted to know if there will be some server side patches the next weeks to plan some infrastructure change maybe
  3. You have to install a the filters coming with epoch and THEN adjust to your need. You find them e.g. on their github repository
  4. Combined some filters above. Its caused by extended cfgpricing with arma3 items
  5. Thats my problem but i don't want to go live with the server (second one) without having it tested and you can bring up 80 test persons.
  6. this is an old post dod. all versions are experimental first and then come to stable branche. and since yeterday 0.3.2 is stable....
  7. How did you fix? Always give infos back to the community
  8. Hey buddies, i wonder if there is a soution out for having testload on a server to see how it will run with x players (it has not to be the exect performance like real players but to have an idea of). Does anybody know such a solution? I think spawning 100 bots will not give you any clue. Thanks
  9. flow0815


    it is not a community based thinking about asking a question, get the solution and then do not post your way how you solved it. If any other have that problem, they have no solution. So just write HOW you solved it, please :)
  10. As is said, it will take you about 10 Minutes without the need of doing anything if you use this script: Then you have complete fresh install. copy back your configs, mission file and hive addons and it's done
  11. Just as information: I used the same script to completely install a new 0.3.2 server and as expected it is working ;)
  12. no. scripts start with line 0 and line 1 is in "real" line, line 2 :) and if it is not like that, i did this always and it worked :D
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