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  1. cau you reaplod Images ?
  2. #22 "CUR_MP.Altis\addons\messages\init.sqf" if(isServer)then{ [] execVM (_folder + "halv_killed_loop.sqf"); diag_log "[KillFeed]: S"
  3. I have corrected all czech strings not only new ;) pls check him
  4. can you try integrate payment for spawn items ? Edit: Updated Czech String http://pastebin.com/DKiynQ2b
  5. Hi, i correct Czech stringable for your mod here is it : http://pastebin.com/DKiynQ2b
  6. Nice, exactly what I was looking recently. I look forward to until you release it.
  7. Hallo, I have problem with run server with Infistar antihack. When i activate antihack server crash with this log: http://pastebin.com/YsWnaRLw Solved: My mistake
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