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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, me again. For some reason when i spawn in and collect coins or loadout the next time i disconnect and come back it puts me back into spawn and money is all disappeared. There's no hive errors. The only error in the Server RPT is : And I have 2 errors in my client RPT. Looks like they relate to zsc but I have reinstalled it from scratch and still the same. and Sorry to be such a noob with this one!!
  2. Usually it would state "You cannot gut this animal without a knife" but now the scroll action is dead and I don't get an error. Please help!
  3. CCG IS BACK(KIND OF) SERVER IP --- Search into DayZ Lancher or CCG Reborn Introduction So we have decided to bring CCG back to life, this time with an improved host, improved admins. We're back better then ever under a new host. The server is hosted in Florida and DOES NOT have a ping restriction meaning everyone from anywhere can join. The server has officially launched today, although there is a few players already. Insentives •When you join, if you bring a buddy you will be rewarded in game. •You will get a huge headstart before everyone starts flooding back in. •We are looking for more staff, so being one of the first players will give you a huge advantage over others. •You get to play on the most successful DayZ Overpoch server of all time. Make DayZ Great Again Sick of all this militrilized bullshit, wish there was a good server without fucking tanks. Welcome back CCG, the perfect DayZ server. WE ARE NOT CCG We are not CCG and i do admit we are using the name to gain more traction but ccg isnt in the name, its in the atmosphere, we will try to recreate CCG to the fullest. I have been playing on ccg every day since early 2015, it was devastating when ccg closed down a2 servers and we would really like to recreate the feeling of playing on CCG
  4. Howdy, Where is it defined what items in the database are vehicles and what items are buildables? Because my server only has 200 vehicles while the max limit is 600. Though in my RPT log it says I have that x10 0:03:30 "HIVE: got 3886 Epoch Objects and 2063 Vehicles" but that's bull ... Anyone out there who could help me out? :) (And no I won't change my max vehicle limit to 2500 XD) Help would be appreciated :D
  5. So download epoch like 8 days ago, loving it. But I don't have a side chat or radio chat or see kill feeds or sever restarts time warnings. So am I dumb and missing a setting or just a bug, my friends have to tell me when server restarting and stuff. My chat worked on anything but epoch if you even call the chat. I checked GUI and it not off screen it right where it is on any other server or mod on arma III, and I even resized it to see if it helps. It didn't Also I know I need a radio for radio chat, I have one. :) Hope this is not a normal bug with a fix already, just didn't see it asked and it a problem for me so.
  6. Hey Guys, the new helicopter from isnt spawning- Either with my Admin Tool when spawning it or at the trader.. my RPT says: 14:27:50 Cannot create non-ai vehicle CH53_DZE, 14:27:50 Cannot create non-ai vehicle USEC_ch53_E, What can that be ? I got the same problem with the vodnik
  7. Hey, setting up a server and I get this in my rpt logs and when in the server i can't get past server authentication My Rpt Logs My init.sqf My Description.ext
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