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Found 18 results

  1. Many years ago, I made a Humanity Loadout script for 1.0.5.x. The script is basic, it checks your players' humanity and grants a pre-set loadout when they spawn depending on their humanity level. I've now updated and optimized this script for 1.0.6.x: https://github.com/OlofTheBald/DayZ-Humanity-Loadout-Granter
  2. Hi! Hero can not give money to a bandit And bandit not give money hero (Permssion?) On the other hand it is true ZSC version (fresh)
  3. BanditTrader Overhaul So you always wanted a pretty nice custom bandit trader well download this then it is the most cusomized bandit trader with vehicle spawn points inside of it Here is the download link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yihc7pp76eg3jch/BanditTrader.rar?dl=0 If you guys like this i will release the Biedi file and if you want any custom made cities whatever then pm me i will do it for free Pictures:
  4. this was my original post on my website: We have had it running for a few weeks and it seems to be working well. Heals is a WIP and is reliant on finding code for healing by a multigun. Otherwise its in good working order and successfully tracks Kills / Deaths / Revives as well as a Hero/Bandit Rank Tracker There are many different things you can do with this system. My server already is running: Custom Hero / Bandit AI missions that rank change accordingly Custom Bandit AI roaming around in towns. Custom Bandit / Hero ONLY Traders with separate pricing file Hope all that use it enjoy it while we wait for a possible system like this integrated into Epoch. Since this thread on July 16th I have optimized it a lot, removing all the different variables to handle the rank change down to one variable and one handler. I do have to tweak the rank change system a little bit. https://github.com/donkeypunchepoch/DonkeyPunchQuickNDirtyStats
  5. I named this shit "Quick and Dirty Stats" for a reason. Remember all of this shit is a learning experience for me and I like to overcome hurdles as fast as possible. Sometimes with working as the admin/owner it takes away from my time to finish stuff but it definitely kills the train of thought when you are deep into something.... However, on a better note. WHO HAS BEEN WAITING ON A HERO/BANDIT STATUS TYPE STAT? Well so far, Ive got Rank, Kills and Deaths working fine and tracking. Ive incorporated a quick and dirty GUI to go with it, but its attached to the statusbar currently. Well here we go, the stats at the bottom are true to player stats(was done for testing purposes) and now im into the GUI creation. Here is a screen shot to go with all this lovely news.
  6. Hi Guys, Are there any plans to work on some role play in the game like in arma 2 epoch (hero, bandit, neutral)? suggestions *remove military clothes from loot table (only civilian clothes in the loot table) *neutral players can only buy civilian clothes at the current tranders *hero trader where only hero's can buy clothes (military look) *bandit trader where only bandits can buy clothes (military look) Really hope to see some work on this since everybody just kill eachother atm.
  7. Ok, I play Epoch on the BMRF servers, and so far from what I have seen, it can be a lot of fun and we at BMRF are trying to keep it a RP PVP style server. One of the drawbacks some groups on our servers are seeing, is that there is still a lot of the standard KOS that happens in regular DayZ or other similar mods. Part of the problem is the risk reward factor for a bandit. When someone has a gun and i want to rob them, what incentives do I have to not just kill them? None really. There are no stats for robbing, I am guaranteed to get ALL the loot when I kill, and I don't have to worry about them turning around and shooting at me if I got the drop on them. So why bother? Well my suggestion for a change to the offical Epoch mod would be to add a new stat called "robberies" which in order to get I would have to rob someone, then walk up to them and "tag" them, just like I tag a person when friendly, and the person I robbed would have to tag back. I would even get the negative humanity from it. If the person I rob refuses to tag me back, just get hostile and kill them, and since i tagged them, it can come up as a different sort of murder like a "killed during a robbery" or something. I am sure the idea can be fleshed out more, but it give people who want to be bad guys, but not douches another way of playing the game in an interesting fashion, and get rewarded for it in a meaningful way.
  8. Hi guys! Does anyone have a decent lingor bandit trader they would like to share? Ive lost the files for mine so i currently dont have any good locations for it. Would be awesome if anyone would share! Kimz!
  9. 2 Bandit WAI customized missions --- Denny's Farm --- Troop's Supply Mission Plot: --- Denny is giving out some supplies at his farm. --- The local troop just received their supply. Screenshots: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/k9txqxw6q4qx71t/AADTvplz45CXdSrW8Pyo5W8Fa?dl=0 Requirement: -PBO to pack mission file -WAI Installation: ---Download and install WAI to your server.pbo Link : ---Create farmer_give.sqf and troop_supply.sqf files in dayz_server\WAI\missions\bandits In farmer_give.sqf Copy and paste In troop_supply.sqf, copy and paste: ---Edit the config.sqf : find wai_bandit_missions = [ ["armed_vehicle",10], ["black_hawk_crash",10], ["captured_mv22",10], ["broken_down_ural",10], ["hero_base",10], ["ikea_convoy",10], ["medi_camp",10], ["presidents_mansion",10], ["sniper_extraction",10], ["weapon_cache",10], ]; the missions you have may be different from me, and the number after the mission name is the chance of the mission will happen Example: ["mission_name",chance in %] ---Add in farmer_give and troop_supply so it would look like this wai_bandit_missions = [ ["armed_vehicle",10], ["black_hawk_crash",10], ["captured_mv22",10], ["broken_down_ural",10], ["hero_base",10], ["ikea_convoy",10], ["medi_camp",4], ["presidents_mansion",10], ["sniper_extraction",10], ["weapon_cache",4], ["farmer_give",6], ["troop_supply",6] ]; Make sure the number add up to 100. You can change the chance of the mission happen by change the number in % to whatever you want. Now you are done! Repack your server.pbo to try out the missions :D Let me know if there is any problem with the mission.
  10. Needed: Voice Actors/Models/Photographers/Musicians This project is %100 pro bono. I am filming a web short series; 12 Episodes. We are using an originally composed soundtrack. 1.I am casting international voice actors and actresses. If English is your second language or if you're from the UK, I want to talk to you. I am looking for some incredibly accented folks to be reading a very short English script. You can record these from your home computer. I need less than 60 seconds of script recordings 2. I am also casting female models in the DFW area; East Asian, Middle Eastern, Eastern European, Slavic. This project is a 100% pro bono project. Involvement for models is a simple, single one hour hour still photography shoot. No nudes, nothing sleazy. 3. Comic artists: I need comic artists to draw one color drawing in any medium as a caricature of one of our characters. This can be done electronically. 4. I am also seeking studio musicians who are interested in some exposure, genres: electric blues, metal, hardcore rap, screamo, hardcore, punk, horror punk. This talent can also be fulfilled electronically as well. This is a great opportunity for exposure, you can enroll to be shown in the credits or anonymously just to support creative arts. Please message me if you're interested. [email protected] 469-682-4453 Location of Set: 6900 Sumner Street The Colony, TX 75056
  11. I am trying to work out how to change the bandit trader to a normal one. I'm running a non pvp server so there is no need for a bandit trader. I've searched the database but can't find any reference to the bandit trader. I've looked in the server_traders.sqf and then searched the database by the skin, but still nothing comes up. Anyone got any ideas how I edit it from hostile to neutral? Cheers Andy
  12. Hey guys! I wanted to ask how to create new Groups based on the humanity besides Hero and Bandit (e.g. Saint or Vilain) and link those with special traders. Thanks!
  13. So I had an idea to create some sort of bandit raid area, where you would need a large group of people to take down a giant bandit base. My only problem is, through my searches of AI scripts and missions scripts, I cannot seem to find one that offers the option of spawning a bandit group, in a position, selected by the server admin, preferably when a person gets within say, 2500 metres of said area. Does anyone know if a mod like this exists, from what ive read about Sarge_AI, Wicked_ai, and DZAI, the most found scripts while searching, none of them offer what I seem to want. If anyone has any information, or just something to point me in the right direction, please let me know. I am running a DAY Z EPOCH NAPF Server. Appreciate it.
  14. The single greatest improvement that could be made to the Epoch gameplay is a reputation system which simply makes the bad guys visibly identifiable, such as with a special irremovable colored mask or red nametag. This alone could greatly reduce the kill-on-sight, mindless back-and-forth Call of Duty gameplay because it would bring repercussions for playing a bad guy and cause them to be hunted. If players could visually identify the bad guys then the bad guys would become clear targets which would discourage all but the most skilled bandits (whom may actually welcome the added challenge). A temporary bandit reputation indicator could also be given to any non-bandit player or survivor that harmed a fellow non-bandit player or survivor, which would then allow players to defend themselves against kill-on-sight newbs that still had a reputation above -5000. This temporary reputation would be lost upon death, but would allow anyone to retaliate without loss to their own humanity. Currently the Kill Boards rarely work, probably because players often bleed out at least a little bit after being shot. And, with the ability to change character names in less than a minute there are almost no repercussions or lasting reputations to discourage players from simply killing everyone they see. There's also no way to defend oneself without becoming a bandit inadvertently.
  15. I have been searching high and low. I have recently changed one of our servers to PVE. I want to change the bandit trader to "Super"hero trader? I have tried EVERY post in here and for what ever reason it just wont work. Currently have CfgServerTrader installed and running Epoch Cherno Arma is 112555 and my dayz is, Any help would be great! Thanks in advance TiMMaY[KoS]
  16. Just a quick question.. I'm currently running this: http://opendayz.net/threads/epoch-safe-zone-commander-god-anti-backpack-stealing-no-shooting-no-vehicle-weapons.14877/ and I want to remove protection from the Bandit trader because well, it just doesn't fit in in my eyes. Having god mode and not being able to be pick pocketed where the bad guys hang out is silly. If anyone has any idea please let me know. Thanks.
  17. This is a small base/military outpost I've built on Skalisty Island, with the purpose of being used in conjunction with DZAI's custom spawns. The Mi17 doesn't spawn in as default (it would be wiped by the "kill a hacker" function), so spawn in your own via the database, or if you use InfiSTAR's AH you can spawn and save it manually. Most people will raid the base for basic tent loot and the bandits' weapons anyway, but the Mi17 is what really motivates people to go in usually. Also, Skalisty is only reachable by boat unless you use a custom bridge, I use the Excelsior Bridge (couldn't find the original thread to the author :|) Pics: Download: skalisty.sqf Installation is as usual: Make a custom folder in your missionfile's main folder named "map" (or use your own if you have one).Put "skalisty.sqf" into this folder.Then add the following line at the bottom of your "init.sqf" file:[] execVM "map\skalisty.sqf";
  18. i checked every trader city but i can't find out where to buy the military and bandit/rebel clothes http://dayzepoch.com/wiki/index.php/More_Wearable_Clothing :S
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