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  1. Thanks very much guys. Got it working. My sig is not there for a laugh it's pretty serious. I really do need some braincells to function. I have one and it's currently on holiday.
  2. Hi when i installed as per message i couldn't connnect to my server. I had a look in the .rpt and found this line at the bottom... 0:23:50 Warning Message: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\scarCODE\VGS\rsc_VGS.hpp, line 0: /SC_vgsDiag/controls.bgMainLeft: Undefined base class 'IGUIBack' Could someone please advise on how i rectify this issue. Thanks in advance
  3. Dean Darth posted the annswer a few comments up. That's due to the offset of -1 I placed in the code to account for headless clients. Check the files for this code: _players = (count playableUnits -1);and remove the -1 to have an actual player count. You will have to do that for the playerbar.sqf, adminbar.sqf and adminbar_WS.sqf so that all bar types appear as you want them to Hope this helps
  4. I would be up for testing it out for you.
  5. Thanks Face. Will leave that line in the init.
  6. Downloaded the new files and looked on the wiki for install instructions. With the old one i used to put #include "A3EAI_Client\A3EAI_initclient.sqf"; inn the init.sqf. Noticed on the wiki it doens't mention this. Is it not needed anymore?
  7. Thanks happydayz I did think that i could but beinng a complete idiot i wanted to check first.
  8. Hi Dirty. Loving the idea of this script. However i already have an onPlayerRespawn.sqf for my earplug script. So my question is can i add your code to the bottom of the existing one and will it work? Thanks in advance.
  9. Can't get it working with Infistar either. Have also set EHF to false without any results.
  10. Should this [] ExecVM"\ScarCode\SC_PVE.sqf"; be [] ExecVM "ScarCode\SC_PVE.sqf"; ?
  11. Playing on there just now and have to say this update is just awesome. Great work
  12. Works great. However i see there are donator spawns. I don't accept donations so is there a way to enable those spawn locations for everyone? Sorry i did look at the script and couldn't see where i would adjust it. Edit: Would it be in spawn_locations.sqf for example [[21358.5,16361],2], // 'Kalochori'" //donor would become [[21358.5,16361]], // 'Kalochori'"
  13. Thanks Richie that seems to have worked.
  14. 13:07:42 Warning Message: Script helicrash\init\fn_init.sqf not found thats what i get
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