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[Release] 2.1 Plot Management - UPDATED Object Counter

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Just now, looter809 said:

@BigEgg It worked. Thank you so much. So many players forget to add themselves to the plot pole and Plot 4 Life never worked when I tried to install it. And with Epoch 1.0.6 coming around the corner, I don't really want to try again any time soon.


Good to hear :) I might make a tutorial thread for this.

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Just a headsup.

Epoch will update today to 1.0.6 

[NEW] A much improved version of Zupa's Advanced Trading 2.1+ is now the default config trader menu, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DATABASE TRADERS @icomrade @Windmolders 
[NEW] A Plot For Life v2.5+ by RimBlock is now included and enabled by default, see configVariables.sqf @RimBlock @icomrade
[NEW] Build Vectors v4+ by Striker is now included, only enabled with Snap building. Note there is no option to turn off Vector Building with Snap Building enabled @strikerforce @icomrade
[NEW] Door Management v3.0+ by Zupa is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_doorManagement, see configVariables.sqf @DevZupa @Bruce-LXXVI @ebayShopper 
[NEW] Plot Management v2.1+ by Zupa is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_permanentPlot, see configVariables.sqf @DevZupa @Bruce-LXXVI @icomrade


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I mean the acroll menu (in red)  comes with maintain but when I click it I get  0 parts to maintain. The blue and black menu works but when I click on the dome or manage or maintain buttons nothing happens........... AAAANNNDDDD now that I have edited files to try and make this work my safes have stopped saving items in them :-) Happy days. By the way I'm totally thick when it comes to this stuff !!!

Sorry to be a pain

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On 23/01/2017 at 0:52 AM, oldmatechoc said:

Im pretty sure that how it works, if there nothing needing to be maintained it will say 0 parts in range.

to see the items in the plot range you use the plot management menu. top right corner.

Yeah sounds like you messed something up in the server_updateObject.sqf

I am currently doing a total fresh rebuild from scratch so lets see what happens. Thank you for your advice.

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Me again.

I done a fresh install of the server I got plot friends to save. Installed custom kill messages and ECC v2 and now plot friends wont save. I'm guessing a file has been overwritten or adjusted. Could anyone give me a rough clue where to look??

...and it would appear banking has stopped working too :-(

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for taking the time to reply but it would seem my problem is a lot bigger than this :-)

After a lot of digging around it would appear my database is not updating with neither plot friends being saved into the gear slot of the plot pole and global banking not accepting new players. The players who have been saved in the banksaldo thingy do not update but the figures saved remain there.  Trouble is I cannot remember which "fixes" I applied to the DB to attempt to fix other issues

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I can definitely put this issue down to plot management. I have done an install from ground up. Saved every new additional mod i installed. After adding Plot management any new players who joined the server could not bank anything. The option comes up iin the menu the money is deducted from the character but the database does not seem to write an entry. Players saving prior to plot management being installed are not affected.

Any ideas please??

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