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Found 2 results

  1. Plot Management 2.1 With Object Counter By Zupa & rosska85 Explanation This scripts adds a dialog to the plotpole where you can add people form the surroundings to your plotpole. They will be able to build for ALWAYS in the radius of that plotpole untill he gets removed from the plotpole. Everyone on the plot can "Manage" the plot. Owner will always be the highest power on the plote. If you dont use plotForLife mod and you add yourself to the plot, you will alwyas be able to build even after you die. Add yourself in admin list (fn selfactions section), so admin can manage all plots. Technical The people on the plotpole gets saved to the DB in the gear variable of the plotpole. The friends are in the plotfriends variable. [["46446465","Zupa],["456749879","MyLonelyFriend"] Maintain Version: You can use the maintain version with Default of SingleCurrency version of Epoch. This will allow you to maintain the area in your plot management menu! Show the plot area with a fancy dome made by Zero Remorse's Scripter! Preview any cost before it gets spent! Credits rosska85 : His people saving on the plotpole gear field!Maca: The idea and code inspiration for this public modZero Remorse: Great Dome to show plot area. Screenshot Default Version: NEW Maintain version: Installation Files needed: https://github.com/DevZupa/PlotManagement Download it with the zip button on right side. Installation Instructions are on the github readme's MAINTAIN VERSION 2.1 !: Which files are updated: plotObjects.sqf (new)initPlotManagement.sqf (udpated)plotManagement.hppadd extra line in compiles.sqfchange 1 number in player_build.sqf Same as the default but also add MaintainPlot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\maintain_area.sqf"; PlotPreview = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\plotToggleMarkers.sqf"; PlotObjects = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\plotObjects.sqf"; // NEW to your compiles.sqf after if (!isDedicated) then { Now default max range is 30m to check if there are too many objects in one spot. Lets change that to the plotRadius, so my plot menu can show u how many objects ( that can be maintain) are still able to be build. in player_build.sqf look in a IF for: nearObjects ["All",30]change that to nearObjects ["All",DZE_PlotPole select 0]To change maintani price ( for default very obvious in maintain_area.sqf). for single currency change the 1 to any price you want per object. _theCost = _count * 1;For example _theCost = _count * 150; // 150 coins per object.INFINISTAR: Add the following number to the dialogs array: 711194AND Add "PlotManagement"to _cMenu =You've succesfull have plotManagement NEW Update 1.1: Github updated with file: plotNearbyHumans - ALLPLAYERS.sqf Rename to: plotNearbyHumans.sqf (overwrite default) IF YOU WANT ALL PLAYERS LISTED ON THE LEFT New Update 2.0: Fixed all players showing in listAdded maintain area/ preview area cost/ preview area (in a dome) IF you have single currency user the maintain_areaSC as maintain_area ( rename it and delete the other one). Important info:
  2. Warcoder

    need testers to test my server.

    Hello Everyone i need +- 50 people to test my server i want to see if anyone is going to lag or not its just a few things i want to try befor i buy the server. If you are will to help please inbox me your number and i will send you an sms what date we will test it (Will sms you no matter where in the world you are)