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  1. Hi all, doing up a server for myself and a few friends but am having one issue which I am clueless as to why it is happening. It doesn't really affect game play but does make it difficult navigating through certain tasks. The issue arises with ZSC and Virtual Garage dialogs only as far as I have tested. Certain buttons within dialogs do not show, such as the deposit and withdraw buttons for the bankers and the store vehicle button in the Virtual Garage dialog. I am running InfiSTAR admin tools and antihack and as far as I know, that could be the culprit with these problems but I have checked the servers .RPT and checked for errors with ZSC and the Virtual Garage with nothing coming up. There are InfiSTAR logs showing though and one refers to a dialog. In-game screens And my .RPT from the last restart to when I tested the dialogs to gather screenshots All help is appreciated as I can't find anything to do with infiSTAR in the script installs. Thanks all!
  2. Ugh, cant get this to work... Is there a line asking the minimum players to be online before any AI apawn? Also, RPT log shows no errors... Spawn time has been set to 1 second just to see if I can get it to work... :/
  3. @juandayz Your help is much appreciated mate! I can finally get back to kitting out my server with all these scripts :D Your help is much appreciated!
  4. I will be comparing the code, not using the raw code you have linked. And which dayz_code.pbo? would it be in @dayzEpoch1051 or the vanilla @DayZ?? because yeah, the files i have are missing lines for Epoch :/
  5. @juandayz Thanks mate, I had the compiles file but not the other two. Either way, I thank you heaps for the helping and and you sure are a respected member of the administrative community! Thanks Juandayz, you truly are a helpful person!
  6. @juandayz, I dont think i have any issues within my server files, it's just I cannot find the fn_selfactions.sqf, compiles.sqf and variables.sqf files. I have unpacked multiple .pbo files and can only find the file in the vanilla dayz .pbo, which lacks the scripts for everything to do with epoch... I'm wondering if someone was able to pastebin the code from the 3 files and link them here?? :(
  7. Hi all, New user here. Just letting you know that I have had servers before this but I'm a little rusty when it comes to some things. I've been trying to set up plotmanagement on my server now for a few days, as it is one of the most important scripts when it comes to dayz. I've been searching for the fn_selfactions file for a bit now and have had no luck. I have the variables and compiles files as well but do not think they work with as when i have the files with all the epoch code in them but when i start the server, i get to the end of the loading screen but am unable to spawn in properly. I though this had something to do with the calling of the custom/fn_selfactions.sqf so i took the call line out, but still had the issue. I had the same issue with both the variables.sqf and compiles.sqf files so i took the calling out for the variables but left the compiles in for snap build but still have the server call the \z\addons\.........\compiles.sqf with only if (!isDedicated) then { player_build = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\snap_pro\player_build.sqf"; snap_build = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\snap_pro\snap_build.sqf"; dayz_spaceInterrupt = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\snap_pro\dayz_spaceInterrupt.sqf"; }; in there so i wouldn't run into any issues. any chance someone could upload the text for the epoch variables.sqf, complies.sqf and fn_selfactions.sqf so I can get this plotmanagement working? Would be greatly appreciated. All because i cant find this line if (s_player_maintain_area < 0) then { Thanks to anyone who is able to help. I will leave the code to the variables, compiles and fn_selfactions i have now down below for you to be able to compare if you need. :) fn_selfactions.sqf compiles.sqf variables.sqf Thanks again. - Matt
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