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  1. lwbuk

    double the death

    Update your infistar if you use it.
  2. What’s your cleanupplacedafter days set to in the hiveext.ini?
  3. I think he probably figured that out after 4 years.
  4. lwbuk

    Identical files

    You need to combine the duplicated files manually one by one. I use notepad ++ with the compare plugin and merge all the differences. If the files inside the folders are different, just copy them into your existing folders Youll find a lot of mods use the same files, so you’ll need to do this multiple times.
  5. lwbuk


    Need to remove or comment out any reference to FTG in the infistar files.
  6. Put in your init.sqf after // EPOCH CONFIG VARIABLES START // #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" // Don't remove this line // See the above file for a full list including descriptions and default values DZE_ZombieSpeed = [2,2]; //Default agro speed is 6 per zombie config, set array elements 0 and 1 the same for non-variable speed, set to 0 to disable. array format = [min, max]; Ex: [2, 6]; results in a range of speed between 2 and 6 (2 is the old DZE_slowZombies hard-coded speed)
  7. I would say you have either not uploaded the required .dll file for the extdb database or you haven’t updated your database with the new VG table. If you are using a host, quite a few do not allow the upload of .dll files, so if you transferred files through ftp or through their uploader, it may not have actually uploaded. You usually have to send it to them to scan and then they will upload it for you.
  8. You don’t spawn a garage , but you set a right click action on something to spawn a Heli-H pad for the vehicle to spawn onto.
  9. Class names are wrong on some items too. 30m_plot_kit should be plot_pole_kit Possibly more in there too, but I havent checked them all
  10. You need to amend a couple of lines in ah.sqf. Find Change the two instances of server_deleteObj to server_deleteObjDirect. There are a few other instances of server_deleteObj in that file that I havent changed as Ive not discovered any problems with them yet.
  11. Just update your existing database to use the new VG naming structure. https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/blob/master/SQL/virtualGarageUpdate.sql
  12. Yeah it takes a bit of tweaking to get it right, they often walk outside through walls and stuff too.
  13. No. I posted the correct format In spawns, remove the _ from _NWAFMC in markers, remove the _this setMarkerText "NWAF MILLITARY COMPLEX"; and change _this = createMarker ["NWAF_MILLITARY_COMPLEX", [4430.0229, 10610.783, 0]]; to _this = createMarker ["NWAFMC", [4430.0229, 10610.783, 0]];
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