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  1. The file structure for your server folder is wrong. I would guess at. If you used the default download from here, for some reason the file structure is wrong on the dayz server folder. Should be @dayz_epoch_server > addons> then the pbo file which should have just dayz_server folder then all the files and other folders like compiles, traders, map, modules etc
  2. Epoch Bugs

    But that’s the answer, like it or not.
  3. Epoch Bugs

    What a charmer you are. @juandayz is one the most active script developers on here. If you’ve played on a server, one of his scripts will be on it. Now you have just inuslted him and the rest of the community. Can’t wait for the next time you need help..
  4. Epoch Bugs

    Useless crap? Right, like I’ve never helped one fix stuff on here, in fact that’s ALL I do. Moron.
  5. Epoch Bugs

    I’m pretty sure the devs are aware considering the zombie thing is already fixed in the next update, and the other crap you are bleating on about aren’t bugs so won’t be fixed anyway. Im sure the devs will love to hear you think all their hard work was a waste of time.
  6. Epoch Bugs

    The devs have spent a hundreds of hours of thier time FOR FREE to make this update, so you can play it FOR FREE and all you do is moan about a couple of stupid little issues that could easily be remedied by changing a few keybinds. If it’s really that awful, either make an alternative yourself, or don’t play.
  7. Epoch Bugs

    Rebind caps lock from push to talk.. solved.
  8. Bec not working

    @killerkiwi I did tell you that would happen...
  9. Epoch 1061 Clean up Scripts

    Download navicat and connect to your database that way. Much better than phpmyadmin and you can set up backups, queries, events etc. Youll probably need to contact gtx and ask them to turn the event scheduler on, as it’s off from default.
  10. Bec not working

    I maybe mistaken in the fact it’s a .txt file, but you must have a hosts file in the location I out. I don’t have a working windows pc here to check what file format it is, but it will be there.
  11. Bec not working

    You do, it’s probably hidden. Make sure hidden files are visible,
  12. Bec not working

    On your server you have a file called hosts.Txt, in the windows directory I posted. Find it, and paste the two lines I put at the bottom of it, and save the file. Whats happening is BEC is trying to update by contacting the update servers that don’t exist anymore, so it just closes itself. By adding the local host ip address lines to the hosts file, BEC will think your computer is the update server and will just fail to update, but continue running. You may need to restart the server to see the change though.
  13. Bec not working

    See my post above. It will fix it.
  14. Bec not working

    I would imagine he has installed it and it crashes out or closes because it can’t update, so he needs to amend his hosts file. C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ add ibattle.org127.0.0.1 www.ibattle.org all conjecture of course until more info is received.
  15. Next Update

    Game tracker is unrelated to the launcher, so not sure on your point.