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  1. Slow/Walking zombies

    Then your host has some stupid extra config file overwriting the init.
  2. Slow/Walking zombies

    Should just be in your init.sqf DZE_slowZombies = true; // Force zombies to always walk
  3. I had mine set up for 2 hour restarts, but the timer on both the scheduler and the debug started when the server did, so it didn't matter if I manually restarted an hour into the scheduled 2 hours. As soon as the server restarted, the clocks were reset back to two hours. If you have it so your bec closes and launches alongside your server, it will always be in sync as long as you don't specify an actual time in the shceduler, but have it as a period of time.
  4. I wouldn't host on a vps at all tbh. The absolute minimum you want is the OVH mc32 if you intend on having a vaguely populated server and all the usual scripts like missions and such. https://www.ovh.co.uk/dedicated_servers/game/ Even that runs like a bag of shite with 40+ people on most of the time. You want a 4ghz processor at minimum ideally , arma only runs on one core, so that core has to be powerful. ssd's for the database and game files. Amount of RAM isn't so important, but it needs to be fast. This ain't a cheap pastime.
  5. As a server? Not a chance in hell. As a player, yes but it will be horrendous.
  6. Death messages script?

    That only usualy happens when the server is lagging or a bug, or when someone is killed in debug. Could also be infistar screwing it up. Most of the time it works fine. You cant adjust anything, it takes the distance from each player's postion at the time of death.
  7. The debug monitor is by @oldmatechoc The dog tags is probably by him to, a variation on the gui menu by TheDuke possibly . It looks identical to the legally Binded server which I know oldmatechoc helped out on, so maybe ask him.
  8. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    I've installed this on two servers in the last two weeks with it running on the main database with no issues. Doesn't need to be a separate database. Have you added @extdb to your launch parameters.
  9. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Can you confirm you added the details in the extdb config without the <> so you changed this Name = <DATABASE_NAME_CHANGE_HERE> To Name = Mydatabasename
  10. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    Have you added the correct database details in the extdb-conf.ini Have you successfully uploaded the extdb.dll file to you server (if on a game host, most do not allow you to upload dll files, you need to ask them to do it) If you aren't getting the connected to database message, I would presume you've Inputted the details wrong in the config
  11. configurable vehicle mod?

    Original post is here.
  12. The map won't show until the mission loads (i.e. Someone joins the server) as above, join, wait and it will show.
  13. Stuck on setting up character

    That's the Andre convoy doing the wrong class name. You can change it to the correct one in the Andre convoy config should be Mk48_DZ. It crops up in both the loot in vehicle and ai and weapons sections.
  14. view distnace

    Ok fine, yes I installed Juans hemp files as I posted, using his install steps. I used the deploy anything way of getting the right click action rather than the extra_rc version. Do it how you like, if you already have the extra_rc set up from earlier then do it that way. You will also need to re add hemp to the traders, I believe we covered that in a different post. I can't add the code right now as I'm on my iPad and about to head to the hospital. I did the mission loot yes, but the DZMS ones didn't work I later found out from one of the rpt logs you posted. WAI works buy adding stuff to the high value loot array in the config. You can then change the percentage chance of high loot spawning to make missions give out better stuff. You can also make a custom box type with whatever you want in it for certain missions, but that's getting to complicated to type up here.