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  1. For WAI. In your Dayz_server.pbo. In the WAI folder find the file Config.sqf Find crate_items_high_value = ["ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemVault","plot_pole_kit","ItemHotwireKit"]; Add onto the end "ItemRuby", "ItemEmerald", "ItemObsidian", "ItemTopaz" so it looks like. crate_items_high_value = ["ItemBriefcase100oz","ItemVault","plot_pole_kit","ItemHotwireKit","ItemRuby","ItemEmerald","ItemObsidian","ItemTopaz"]; For DZMS (havent tested as dont use it, but should work.) In your Dayz_server.pbo in DZMS folder, in Scripts folder find DZMSbox.sqf Find _money = ["ItemSilverBar","ItemSilverBar10oz","ItemGoldBar","ItemGoldBar10oz"]; add the same as like WAI _money = ["ItemSilverBar","ItemSilverBar10oz","ItemGoldBar","ItemGoldBar10oz","ItemRuby","ItemEmerald","ItemObsidian","ItemTopaz"]; Save the files, repack your PBO and you should have gems in missions. Of course you dont have to add the the gems, just add the ones you want to each.
  2. I asked on the first link what mission system he uses as I couldn't help without knowing that info he never replied. I answered both his other questions fully. Im not phsycic and I cant help without getting the relevent info. How is that not welcoming new people?
  3. Really? Seems to be replies on both of these, but ok...
  4. You could move the entire chernarus11 file mission side and edit it, and edit the call to it, or you could add the H via an external script like you've done and load it through server_functions.sqf in dayz_server.pbo.
  5. Bear in mind if you edit anything in dayz_code, you need to move it to your mission file and change any calls to it, otherwise it won't work.
  6. In dayz_code.pbo
  7. You must have those files. Other wise traders wouldnt work at all.
  8. What mission system? Wai or dzms? im sure I answered this question twice already though.
  9. Entirely possible. I've never used static weapons for anything so not a clue on that.
  10. Again you haven't actually asked a question, but I presume you are looking for a menu script, which can be found very easily by using the search function.
  11. You need to add it to your server_traders.sqf. If you don't know here it is, follow the path that's in your init.sqf.
  12. Create your hpp file, make sure the category has a unique number and name it where ever you like newtrader.hpp class Category_666 Add the #include line in cfgservertrader.hpp #include "category\newtrader.hpp" Add the class category to your chosen trader in server_traders.sqf: example. // Black market menu_GUE_Woodlander2 = [ [["Attachments",693],["Currency and gems",1100],["Black Market Ammo",527],["Black Market Weapons",526],["Explosives",529],["Static Weapons",666], [], "neutral" If you have created a brand new trader, make sure the skin name is also listed in server_trader at the top. serverTraders = [ "NEWSKINNAME","RU_Citizen3","Rocker4","Profiteer4","Rita_Ensler_EP1","CIV_EuroMan01_EP1","CIV_EuroMan02_EP1","TK_GUE_Soldier_5_EP1","GUE_Soldier_MG","Worker2","Worker3","Woodlander1","UN_CDF_Soldier_Pilot_EP1","RU_WorkWoman1","Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1","RU_Citizen4","RU_WorkWoman5","RU_Citizen1","RU_Villager3","TK_CIV_Takistani04_EP1","Pilot_EP1","RU_Profiteer4","Woodlander3","Dr_Hladik_EP1","Doctor","HouseWife1","GUE_Woodlander2", "RU_Functionary1", // hero "GUE_Soldier_MG" // bandit ]; Then make sure the corresponding skin name has its own entry // Static Weapons menu_NEWSKINMAME = [ ["Static Weapons",666]], [], "neutral" ]; Also beware, any skins you use for traders, will also make anyone else using that skin a trader. AI, or player. It seems you are using popular skins, so be careful that no player can use that skin, or they will act as a trader.
  13. If you just want to test out your coding knowledge, then you can make a server on your normal pc. I have one on my laptop to test scripts out etc. Doing it this way means it's only a LAN server, so you won't get other players joining. Depend what you want out of it. For hosts, most people use GTX or Gaming deluxe gtx is ok, never used their support but the control panel is alright. Gaming deluxe is who I used when I first started. Support is ok,but as theduke said, the minute you change anything from their defaults, they don't want to know. I Had many issues with random memory crashes and long periods of downtime when I was with them. They periodically update windows and when they do it resets all the firewalls so your server doesn't show up in any listings . Four or five times I had to contact them to ask why my server wasn't showing up. Sometimes it would go down in the early morning and I wouldn't notice until I got home from work at five or six in the evening and the server was down the entire time not great when you have 40 players wanting to play it. What I have done in the past is bought a game host, but then fully wiped the game/mission files it and ftp'd all my own in the file structure I want , not what they give you. I briefly used survivalservers when 106 first came out just to try it, as I didn't want to install it on my Dedi box at the time. They were absolutely useless and they couldn't even set it up right to run via their one click install. Again, I had to fully wipe it and ftp my own files, plus completely reinstall the database via navicat to even get the server to load. Their support was the worst I've come across. Dedi is they way to go, I used OVH and webtopia.
  14. Safezones.. Starter Packs Dont know what mission system your are using, or if you have coins so cant help with those.
  15. Are you using the battleye filters that came with the infistar files?