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  1. UPDATE `object_data` SET `Damage`=0.1 WHERE `ObjectUID` <> 0 AND `CharacterID` <> 0 AND `Datestamp` < DATE_SUB(CURRENT_TIMESTAMP, INTERVAL 1 DAY) AND ( (`Inventory` IS NULL) OR (`Inventory` = '[]') ) AND ( (`Classname` NOT LIKE '%Vault%') AND (`Classname` NOT LIKE '%Lockbox%') )
  2. Doesn't appear to be, but maybe the players are just not telling me!
  3. Yuup. Weird! Only seems to have happened once that I know of, but ultra paranoid now. Ive made the server public and now worried players can hear me talking to my wife and friends on TS slagging them off
  4. Whats in your DZE_restrictRemoval in your config_variables? You might have a custom one in your mission files, or it might be in the init.sqf
  5. Hey guys, back again! Ive made a server for me and some mates to play. All working fine, bar one weird thing. Players can hear me in game through the mic. Only me, none can hear eachother. Doesnt matter where on the map they are or I am. I'm using teamspeak 3 to talk, but they actually hear me even without TS open themselves. Ive disabled all keys in game related to voice in case I had a sticky key or something. Ive turned off the mic in game and VON. Still no change. Im completely flummoxed.
  6. lwbuk

    double the death

    Update your infistar if you use it.
  7. What’s your cleanupplacedafter days set to in the hiveext.ini?
  8. I think he probably figured that out after 4 years.
  9. lwbuk

    Identical files

    You need to combine the duplicated files manually one by one. I use notepad ++ with the compare plugin and merge all the differences. If the files inside the folders are different, just copy them into your existing folders Youll find a lot of mods use the same files, so you’ll need to do this multiple times.
  10. Put in your init.sqf after // EPOCH CONFIG VARIABLES START // #include "\z\addons\dayz_code\configVariables.sqf" // Don't remove this line // See the above file for a full list including descriptions and default values DZE_ZombieSpeed = [2,2]; //Default agro speed is 6 per zombie config, set array elements 0 and 1 the same for non-variable speed, set to 0 to disable. array format = [min, max]; Ex: [2, 6]; results in a range of speed between 2 and 6 (2 is the old DZE_slowZombies hard-coded speed)
  11. I would say you have either not uploaded the required .dll file for the extdb database or you haven’t updated your database with the new VG table. If you are using a host, quite a few do not allow the upload of .dll files, so if you transferred files through ftp or through their uploader, it may not have actually uploaded. You usually have to send it to them to scan and then they will upload it for you.
  12. You don’t spawn a garage , but you set a right click action on something to spawn a Heli-H pad for the vehicle to spawn onto.
  13. Class names are wrong on some items too. 30m_plot_kit should be plot_pole_kit Possibly more in there too, but I havent checked them all
  14. You need to amend a couple of lines in ah.sqf. Find Change the two instances of server_deleteObj to server_deleteObjDirect. There are a few other instances of server_deleteObj in that file that I havent changed as Ive not discovered any problems with them yet.
  15. Just update your existing database to use the new VG naming structure. https://github.com/oiad/virtualGarage/blob/master/SQL/virtualGarageUpdate.sql
  16. Yeah it takes a bit of tweaking to get it right, they often walk outside through walls and stuff too.
  17. No. I posted the correct format In spawns, remove the _ from _NWAFMC in markers, remove the _this setMarkerText "NWAF MILLITARY COMPLEX"; and change _this = createMarker ["NWAF_MILLITARY_COMPLEX", [4430.0229, 10610.783, 0]]; to _this = createMarker ["NWAFMC", [4430.0229, 10610.783, 0]];
  18. The marker and spawns are wrong, should follow this format Spawns The marker name in the spawn much match the _this=createMarker and the bottom _NWAFMC This isnt like markers for labelling stuff like youd have in the mission.sqm. Its simply an invisible area on the map for the ai to patrol.
  19. Just loaded it on my server and it all works fine. Server starts, ai load as they should. Not sure why you are having an issue. Maybe youve missed something when setting up the spawns and markers. Can you post your custom_markers and Custom_spawns files
  20. I’ll set it up on my test server and have a look later on.
  21. I doubt there is a 1062 version. It worked fine on 1061 though, so just try it and see. I have no experience of the editor at all, so can’t answer that really, all my custom bases were made by a friend. All I can say is you must add the markers to dzai, they are invisible to players but are what contain the ai in a certain zone. I simply just inputted the cords of the centre of the base after teleporting there in game and getting them. Then simply add a radius size to make sure it’s all covered.
  22. DZAI is the easiest way to set that up. Set the marker areas and then add the number of ai patrols. I had several ai bases in which a number or ai would spawn and patrol. The patrol areas are written as _this = createMarker ["Threevalley", [12885.6,5609.57,0.00143433]]; _this setMarkerShape "ELLIPSE"; _this setMarkerType "Empty"; _this setMarkerBrush "Solid"; _this setMarkerSize [20, 20]; _this setMarkerAlpha 0; _Threevalley = _this; Then the spawning of the actual ai is [ "Threevalley", //This is the marker name to be used as the patrol and spawning area. 4, //This trigger will spawn a group of 2 AI units. 2, //Weapon grade setting. 1 = weapon chosen from Military loot table (see below for explanation of Weapon Grade) true //(OPTIONAL)* Respawn setting. True: AI spawned will respawn (Default). False: AI will not respawn. Spawn area will be deleted when all units have been killed. ] call DZAI_spawn_units; you can set them to respawn after a certain time after being killed or not..
  23. But if the player is on foot,kills an m2 gunner....
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