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    my first work in editin :) https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202515_1-jpg https://uploaddeimagens.com.br/imagens/20180307202245_1-jpg DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq97j7x59362kqe/CASTLEai.sqf?dl=0 AI M2 NEED WAI: https://pastebin.com/GJMnPvZP ON THE MAP: https://pastebin.com/cyqH9rNV https://www.dropbox.com/s/oq97j7x59362kqe/CASTLEai.sqf?dl=0
  2. I am looking for a friend or group that can be on from 7-10 am GMT. I want to build a base. My email is [email protected], Skype is Forrest Perkins, steam is forrestmikeperkinskirk. I may be on from 10- 16 am GMT on the 18th of July, 2017 but I'm always looking for friends I can trust.
  3. Base maintain bug?

    Hi! plotpole bug. Base maintanied ,The base has disappeared. Why? He was paid in vain Thanks!
  4. Legally Binded is a brand new community running a Arma 2 : DayZ Mod Overpoch server in the UK with admins always on and some amazing new mods with the help of oldmatechoc IP: WEBSITE: http://legallybinded.co.uk Blow up doors (Base raid) Set view distance (Right click binoculars/rangefinders) Suicide + Suicide bomb (Right click dog tags or press Home) Plot 4 Life (Build a base) Plot Management (Maintain it every 7 days) Door Management Gold Coins & Banks Advanced Fast Trading Nomad Roaming Trader Enhanced Spawn Select Spawn Classes Fast Build Snap Pro Vector Angle Building Fast Crafting & Building (1 step construction) Group Manager (F5) Walking Zombies Service Points (Refuel and repair from fuel pumps) Missions & Supply Drops Vehicle Locator (Right click GPS) Safezones Deploy Bike & LittleBird from Toolbox Tow & Lift Custom Areas Teabag corpse Campfire dance
  5. Base despawn bug?

    Hello guys, I have a big problem. All Bases on my Server despawn after some time. Im really confused - anyone with the same problem? Maybe already a fix. Hope someone has a answer. Blackout
  6. Hey everyone! Recently, I have been making some new map additions for my community and I decided that I would release this military base. It features: 6 Barracks 1 Aircraft Control Tower 3 Medical Tents I like a simplistic look so if you are like me, you will love this addon! The base is located near Mogilevka, hence the name Mogilevka Military Base. Pics: Mogilevka Base File: Marker (make sure you change the class item # to the appropriate # for your mission.sqm): class Item15 { position[]={7769.396,0,4485.5698}; name="MogilivikaBase"; text="Mogilevka Base"; type="Depot"; colorName="ColorBlack"; };
  7. Base Register

    Hello Epochmod community :) i got a question.. is it possible to get ingame a plot pole after registered Base on Forum? so just register base like 056040 and after relog the player have a plotpole in inventory..
  8. Behavior of NPCs

    We are new to ArmA3 Epoch, playing since several days, several hours a day, coop/pve, no pvp, on a rented server, password secured. Is it usual that Zappers, for example, spawn right behind your back and explode instantly? This happened very often to us, nothing to hear, nothing to see, the next second - Booom In the whole time we just were able to shoot drones and some of those skinny zappers, never managed to kill such a fat one, even if we blew everything we had(never that much) in it´s head, it´s body, nothing seems to stop them before killing us. We never found a toolbox or toolkit, once in the whole time a sledgehammer, till ten minutes later the next suicidal bomber spawned right behind us, leaving us no chance again. We never saw a helicopter and the traders only sell almost useless stuff. But the worst thing, it seems that bases are completely useless. At the same second a drone spawned and a fat zapper spawned. The Zapper right in our base(doors locked), killed two of us. I got out to shoot the drone which spawned soldiers instantly after it´s spawning, so i had to go back in our base, locked the door, wanted to use a medikit, i turn around and in our base are those soldiers, killing me. Doors were locked and base intact. My buddies decided then to go back to arma2 epoch, because they said there you can have some fun while playing, because they say it´s kind of fair and balanced. But i never tried it and to be honest, i´m really tired of that zombiestuff, and i like the graphics from arma3, don´t feel the need to do a step backwards with graphics. So my question is: Do we have to change the server files for a better gameplay in coop/pve(which didn´t work for us yet, wouldn´t let us upload to the server, but we will manage that)? If yes, what exactly do we have to change? Because as it is now, we have no chance, we find a lot of weapons, but almost never the ammo for these guns and if, way to less. We can´t buy guns, tools, ammo or vehicles at none of the traders, NPCs need a huge amount of hits, most time more than we have ammo, they spawn or glitch into our base, Zappers spawn in your "trouserpockets" and explode. One of us alone can´t play on the server, because he will die in any case, and than there is nobody to save our truck or the stuff from the player. What do we have to do, we are tired to play those alpha-crafting-gathering-building-"survival" games with their "wonderfull" graphics and minimum content, just waiting for another update that let´s you play another hour before getting bored from it again. ArmA3 Epoch has mature graphics, huge maps and enough content, and i/we don´t want to play any other game atm, but it would be fun if it would be a little more fair and playerfriendly. So that at least we have a little chance and not everything we do is useless. I/We want to play Epoch so hard, but as it is now... Help please... xD
  9. epoch admin tools base export

    i created a building on the server and used base management to export it no problems. My problem is because this does not come with a beidi file i couldnt drag it in to the editor, so hunted for a sqf. to beidi converter, found one still doesnt work as the converter requires veh numbers as seen in standard sqf. that im used to this doesnt contain these veh numbers so instead of this: _vehicle_23 = objNull; if (true) then { _this = createVehicle ["MAP_nav_pier_c_t20", [11770.883, 2644.2349, -4.3661213], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _vehicle_23 = _this; _this setDir -102.39177; _this setPos [11770.883, 2644.2349, -4.3661213]; }; i have this: ["MetalFloor_DZ",[4.6521,-3.0332,-0.283356],16.5208], ["MetalFloor_DZ",[4.65332,-3.03564,3.08607],16.5208], ["MetalFloor_DZ",[-1.90784,-6.59326,-0.283096],16.5208], ["MetalFloor_DZ",[-1.90991,-6.59668,3.08607],16.5208], ["CinderWallHalf_DZ",[-7.9978,0.726563,-0.533936],106.516], How do i get this into the editor? would i have to manually create the veh numbers then convert to beidi? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks
  10. New Airfield Almyra Salt Flats

    New airfield salt flats Almyra Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/Almyra-Airfield You got two options to add this area to your server: 1. Pack the folder "a3_epoch_custom" into a .pbo file and throw in your @epochhive\addons. PLEASE NOTE: I wasn`t able to test the .pbo as the file was crashing my arma every time i tried to join my testserver so i can`t guarantee that the objects will spawn if you are using option 1. The server was running fine tho and the .rpt log file showed a running pbo. I can`t seem to say what is causing mentioned crashes unfortunately. Hopefully it`s just on my machine so that you can use the easy install version. Just try out if it`s working for you and if you encounter the same then you still have option 2. 2. Unpack your a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo(being located in @epochhive\addons) and replace your "altis.h" (being located in a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps) with mine. If you already have an edited altis.h file then just add the content of "almyra.txt" to it. Make it a .pbo again and throw back into @epochhive\addons. Regards
  11. This area i used for the Sector B script (by Suppe). You can just put it on your server or you can use it for the Sector B as well. If you didn`t do any changes to your altis.h then just replace yours with mine. If you already got your file edited then just copy/paste the lines from my sector.txt (and don`t forget to place commas if needed). I`ve to mention that all the areas i built are not finished. I still add content whenever i got some time to do it. Within the next couple days i will add my mission.sqm to github so that you only have to put the Sector B files from Suppe into your epochhive folder. Download: https://github.com/BoleParty/MilitaryAreaFeresSelakano This is what it looks like: Regards
  12. Military Base Terminal Altis Airfield

    I would like to share a military base i built in front of the terminal at altis airfield. Feel free to use it for your server. Download from github: https://github.com/BoleParty/Military-Base-Terminal-Altis-Airfield
  13. A quick conversion from Ceto Forts, I took the guns away & vehicles. I use this area for my blackmarket traders. Remember to add a blacklist for building - or make it a admin base. No credit taken for this, although i didn't convert it. I used Editor to replace a part then deleted the other so i could export. Digitalpurge previously caboose69 (unitl my account got locked out)
  14. How to protect a helicopter?

    Hi there! A few days ago I logged in just to see my GhostHawk and Little Bird gone. Yet, I can't see any method of stealing them other than parachuting. I thought some of you might help me protect my choppers better. For the GhostHawk I had a 2x3 helipad with removed stairs and walls between the rotors, as for the little bird just one platform with the stairs removed, but no wall in the rotor.
  15. *Note - I just realised I posted this in server setup, reposting in general, I'll edit the original post. Sorry admins!* Hi everyone I co-run a server, we advertise as having indestructible bases so for obvious reasons I'm not going to name the server here. Basically we had an issue yesterday where a group of players managed to get under a base, satchel charge it, collapse the floor and raid it. After that we tested against some corrugated walls, and those were able to be taken down as well...basically bases seem to now be able to be completely destroyed! I've also tested it today with concrete walls and 8 satchels could destroy them, jammers go down in 5 satchels. Can anything have happened to make that change? Was there anything in the latest Epoch update to change settings back like that? Our tech admin who manages all the server side stuff says it looks like it's always been like that and only concrete walls are invulnerable (he doesn't know about the test I've just done) but I am absolutely sure that we tested it against walls when we started the server going and they couldn't be taken down. Any thoughts or advice anyone has on making all buildings and jammers completely indestructible would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  16. Hello, This post should help users that are looking for answers and have something unclear with the BASE RAIDING techniques. I will edit the 1st post to keep the answers up to date. "This way" - Ill mention topics that could help specify what I mean by the question deeper and also show you I know now and am not 100% sure of 1.) Essential for BASE BUILDing is the Frequency JAMMER, it reserves a certain area wher only the owner of the FREQUENCY JAMMER is able to build, correct? Yes, this is correct and TRUE. 2.) The FREQUENCY JAMMER can be destroyed, correct? Yes, this is correct and TRUE, BUT: it may take an HUGE (~20) amount of expolosice satchels to do so, and even this may vary from server to server. In addition, dont forget to check the rules, its a big difference between lootin, and stealing/destroying... 3.) What happens if an FREQUENCY JAMMER is destroyed? - can I move with the walls? and get in without any trouble? True. - can I place my own near and "take over" the base? Use it as my own? True. Yet check rules. 4.) Can WALLS be destroyed? Yes they can, so TRUE. 5.) What is the toughest building material and what the weakest? - when thinking over which part to strike, where to start? Cinder? Steel? Wood? Use common sense: Wood is the easiest to destroy - Cinderblocks the hardest. 6.) What is the best way to destroy a wall? - satchel charge? how many for which wall? - mine? grenade? any weapons? Basicly anything tha does 'damage' works, it may vary how much needed from wall to wall and from server to server, just try it out, but satchel charges are the most powerfull and prepare at least few (5+) for your attack. SCENARIOS: 1. I have a chopper and find a nice base, noone in sight, I land inside, place a satchel charge, blow off the frequency jammer, place my own and voila the place is mine. Possible? Well... No. A Jammer could take at least 20 satchel explosions and still be in tact .. So I would not count on that. But in theory, it may happen.
  17. [RELEASE] Attach Explosives

    Attach Explosives (Please forgive my building noobishness. I don't play much.) I've been holding onto this one for a while, but after seeing all the whining and complaining here on the forums about not being able to breach bases without insane amounts of explosives, I've decided to release this. This is not my original work, but it has been modified by second_coming and myself to work for Epoch. The problem with explosives currently is that it takes way too many of them to do any real damage to structures. The reason is that with Arma, when you place an explosives charge it is placed on the ground in front of the object. When the explosive goes off most of the explosive force is driven into the ground. Damage of the objects nearby is limited to splash damage only, which is only a fraction of the damage that can potentially be dealt by the explosive. So, to solve this, you can use this script to attach the explosive charge directly to the object you are wanting to demolish, thereby greatly reducing the amount of explosives it takes to accomplish the desired effect. With the traditional placement method of setting a charge on the ground in front of an object, it can take up to 30 charges to breach a door. By attaching the explosive directly to the door, we can now have the same damage, but through using only 3 or 4 charges. The explosives can be attached to any object you specify within the script. You can set it to work with only Epoch buildables, or you can also include vehicles, as I have done in the download. This makes for some interesting scenarios where people can set traps for others by attaching a charge to their vehicles and then detonating them remotely to either create a distraction or also to destroy a vehicle with a target player inside. The possibilities are endless and can provide for some exciting gameplay, in addition to making base raiding more realistic and fun. Installation: See included text file Download Some things to note: I don't know how well this will work with the stock Anti-Hack since it uses addActions. I've heard conflicting reports about how those are handled with the stock AH. There is a new server files version coming which should fix this, but until then, your mileage may vary. I also don't know that the stock AH will allow the damage to occur properly on player built items. If you are using Infistar, please ensure that the indestructible option is turned off, otherwise this script will have no effect on buildable objects. You should also disable 'Check Actions Plr ','Remove Actions Plr','Remove Actions Objs','revert_allowDamage', 'HandleDamage check', and Revert HandleDamage' to make sure those don't interfere as well, although you likely already have those turned off to accommodate other mods already.
  18. [BUG] Base get Damage

    After restarting the server, all bases are suddenly damaged, even if each team has maintained its base at the Jammer. I have version b3 and Arma 1:42 Can i fix the Problem self, or must wait on the epoch dev?
  19. FULL Database Backup

    Is there any way to perform full backup of the database file copying? My server is Vilayer Host, and want to make a local backup because I'm having trouble on the host. Downloading the file '' dump.rdb '' could only recover player character. Unable to recover buildings on the map. How to back up the constructions on the map?
  20. Change base maintain price

    Hey guys, I wonder if there is a way to change the default price for the base maintain. This is my server_maintainArea.sqf in my server pbo and i find this in dayz_code maintain_area.sqf i changed the price, but in game price still didnt change And not quite sure how base decay works. does it just cause damage to building or like just delete when it reachs the date
  21. Hi guys I wonder if anyone has had this issue? Basically, players start creating bases...jammer down...foundations...walls....cinder block walls, the whole caboodle and on restart it has disappeared, either some of the cinder block walls, or in the worst case scenario, the whole base! We are running V0.3.0.1 and wondered if it's an Epoch bug and if anyone else has encountered it? Thanks very much.
  22. I made a Castle near Stary Trader which is used on my server as an admin base. Save the script in the spoiler as a .sqf file named StaryCastle and add it to the root of your server. Open your init.sqf and add to the very bottom, [] ExecVM "StaryCastle.sqf"; //iCEtIMeds Stary Castle (Or if you keep your custom edits somewhere else, adjust the address.) Screenshots It is without all the ingame building. The install of the Castle is done. If you want to add a protective dome over it so only admin can enter the area then create 2 new sqf's and place them in a folder called admindome. dome Edit the IDs for your admin and domexit Edit the IDs for your admin Once you have these saved in the location you would like (for me I created a folder called admindome and saved them in that), you need to add a sensor. Open your mission sqf and find the Class Sensors }; class Sensors { under that you will see items= you add 1 onto the number you have. For example mine said items=7; so I would change it to 8. then scroll down and find the last class item you have (it will always be one less thatn you have because it satrts with item0) add this to the bottom Remember to change the question marked locations to suit your item numbers and dome sqf locations. And also that it needs to be placed in the sensor code block. So there needs to be 2x }; befor you place the sensor and 4x }; after. Example In that I have my dome as item 5 and my gem tradre safe zone as item 6. (I have 7 items in total.) Now you shoudl have a protective dome over your castle. Enjoy guys.
  23. I do NOT give hosts permission to ask money for installing this on people's servers. ZCP - Zupa's Capture Points Current Version 2.0 An independent addon for your Epoch server. This will spawn random bases (How many you configured) on the map which the player can go to and start capturing. This does not involve any AI. This addon focuses to direct PVP action more to those places for people that actually want the danger. How it works: Players will get a notice that a camp has been set up that they can capture. If they look on the map they can see the marker with a certain color: Green -> Not being captured and not contested. Purple -> Being captured by a player ( and his group) and not contested. Red -> Being captured and being contested by someone else. Ariving at the spot there will be a base to give a little battle arena / defending position. A message will warn all players that a player started capping that specfic point. This base will vanish 1 minut after being captured succesfully. If someone died while capping. The capping status will be handed over to a new player in the zone. Timer is reset and you will be announced again on the right side of the screen. Group members does not effect contesting. Winner will receive a cash reward directly into their wallet. Future version will hold more features. Extra notices: You can make own bases and add them in the right folder and in the config. First object is the cappoint. Position does not matter, the script recalculates the positions ^^ Use M3Editor to build bases because the scripts uses that sqf markup. Cappoints will choose a random base from the base list config each time they spawn. Easy to configure configs. No AI. Low influence on server performance. Easy to install ( very fucking easy) Best experienced on more populated servers, Cus this creates PVP. Not effective for PVE as long as there are no AI. I might add an AI option later that attacks the cappoint. Maps This works on every map. But warning, the original base might be build with some AIA buildings, Those specific objects wil not spawn on a non AIA map. This will however not influence the script itself ( only buildings missing in the base). Make a little base yourself for example and put it in base1.sqf Ill make a full non AIA base myself this evening. Planned Features Visual Timers AI option Contesting pauses cap time. ... Changelogs 1.1 [Added] configs to calculate price on the amount of players online. [Added] configs to delay spawning until a specific amount of people are online. [Added] config to define time to wait for base cleanup. [Added] Anouncements on halftime and 1 minut mark for capturing. Changelogs 2.0 [added] Reward system : Krypto / Vehicle drop / Weapon or Build box. [added] More configs [added] More checks [fixed] Epoch 0.3 Krypto rewards. [changed] Code cleanup and optimization. Github - Code https://github.com/DevZupa/ZCP-A3 Install Instructions 1) Pack the a3_epoch_server_zcp into a pbo and place it in the @epochive/addon folder of your epoch server. 2) Add zcp.sqf to your mission 3) Call zcp.sqf from init.sqf or anywhere u want :) execVM "zcp.sqf"; DONE. CONFIG Edit the boxes, cus they are really default ^^. Vehicle reward is disabled by default cus they don't save after restart without changin epoch code. Example Logs 8:01:25 [ZCP]: Giving server some time to boot. 8:03:47 [ZCP]: Initiate Zupas Capture Points 8:03:47 [ZCP]: ZCP No 0 started. 8:03:47 [ZCP]: ZCP No 1 started. 8:03:47 [ZCP]: All Capture Points are running. 8:03:47 [ZCP]: Waiting 79 secs for next cap point. 8:03:47 [ZCP]: Waiting 80 secs for next cap point. 8:05:09 [ZCP]: Cap Point Alpha :Spawning dynamic on [11174.8,7836.09,0] 8:05:09 [ZCP]: Cap Point Alpha started. 8:05:12 [ZCP]: Cap Point Beta :Spawning dynamic on [3919.28,11111.1,0] 8:05:12 [ZCP]: Cap Point Beta started. 9:31:01 [ZCP]: Ansgar won Cap Point Alpha 9:31:02 [ZCP]: Cap Point Alpha cleaned up and ended. 9:31:02 [ZCP]: Waiting 119 secs for next cap point. 9:33:14 [ZCP]: Cap Point Alpha :Spawning dynamic on [2905.8,5070.86,0] 9:33:15 [ZCP]: Cap Point Alpha started. 9:59:10 [ZCP]: m0nster [MUR] won Cap Point Beta 9:59:11 [ZCP]: Cap Point Beta cleaned up and ended. 9:59:11 [ZCP]: Waiting 147 secs for next cap point. 10:01:46 [ZCP]: Cap Point Beta :Spawning dynamic on [9335.61,11222.1,0] 10:01:46 [ZCP]: Cap Point Beta started.
  24. 0 Building Parts in Range

    Hey,guys So, my host is Dayz.st and they are terrible, I have no access to hiveext.ini to change the base decay period. And the base maintain isn't working either, When i go to maintain base, it shows "0 Building parts in range" But I noticed when the walls are damaged, you can maintain the base, but not the whole base, just a few, like two, three building parts. I wonder if there is a way to fix the maintain or add a SQL event to database that does a little damage to the base so players can maintain. Thanks ! :D
  25. 0 Building Parts in Range

    Hey, guys So I have dayz.st for host, which is terrible, because I have no access to hive.int to change the decay time. And the default plot pole maintain isn't working ,either. When I look at the maintain preview, it shows that 0 building parts in range sometimes it shows a few building parts when the walls are damaged. So is there a way to fix it, or add a SQL event to database that damage the base a little bit so players can maintain it Thanks :D