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Found 28 results

  1. Hi Folks! I was wondering if theres a way to stop players from removing plot poles that aren't theres? Using a toolbox, crowbar and Etool players can remove Plot poles that dont belong to them, anyway to fix and remove that option? Thanks :)
  2. Hey guys, i have an issue with ym server it is kicking me for Create Vehicle Restriction#0 and trying to spawn me as a bird, I have looked through my create Vehicle.txt and can see the seagull part but dont know enough about coding to fix this can someone shed some light please? My Create Vehicle.txt is below
  3. I have recentley setup a dayz overpoch server and i have noticed when players die and re spawn their humanity resets to default is their anyway to stop this from happening so players keep it permanently
  4. Just recently murders and kills on my server have stopped being recorded by murder boards on my server and I don't know why I didn't change anything. I tested it with my other admins by shooting them in the face with a default weapon and it didn't show up. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening because google is not helping right now. Also why did the admin armored suvs the ones with like 5000 weapon slots and 20k mag slots all of a sudden have virtually no storage? Again I didn't touch my files.
  5. Checked the forums, and didnt find out any posts about it, so sorry if duping this: "Repair_EPOCH": Allows you to repair epoch base buildables to 100% with one shot from [EnergyPackLg]. Also allows to repair any environemental server objects on the map, if targetable by client (houses.. etc) if they are not ruined yet (different vehicle stance). "Defib_EPOCH": When the player dies and his gun falls away from him, it becomes a separated WeaponHolder object on the ground (sometimes may be local object only). When you getting revived, you revive with a gun already on you, and this weaponholder lasts for a brief moment enough to pick it from the ground. Result: dupe of the weapon. Thanks.
  6. Hi there. Found a bug that allows to access ItemSafe inventory if you place some WeaponHolder close it, even if its locked. Just a suggestion private ["_nearcondition","_display"]; disableSerialization; _nearcondition = nil; _display = nil; while {true} do { _near = (position player) nearEntities ["ItemSafe",5]; _nearcondition = {_x getVariable ["EPOCH_Locked",false]} forEach _near; _display = (findDisplay 46); sleep 0.5; while {true in _nearcondition} do { _display closeDisplay 1; systemChat "You cannot do this near locked safe"; // or some function like END_MISSION }; }; P.S not sure if 46 is inventory.
  7. Hello! I was modding my dedicated server and upon joining it it spawns me on the ground without a player model and I am unable to use most of my keybinds for the game. I can start the server with epoch and play just fine, but when I go to install and join with the black-market script on the server it will spawn all players without a model and invisible. (For example: a tiny camara) The black-market script is enabled and works as it should and so does epoch. I am very new to Arma 3 Modding/scripting any help would be appreciated. Current Mods/scripts: Epoch HS Blackmarket
  8. Hello everyone. I know that this problem is widely known and that everyone already posted a topic like this, but i've been experimenting around with this add-on for a long time now (did my research), and I just can't get it right. To be clear, I am using the no bank version on the default hive and I have had this add on work on a Chernarus server, but I am now trying to get it to work on a Overpoch Taviana server. In my RPT file I can not find any error and I have tried to use the mission PBO and server PBO provided by Zupa. When I look at my database in the character table, it does not add anything for the coins pouch. This is obviously the problem but I don't know the fix. So if anyone knows what I am doing wrong, please help me out because me and my friends really want this working on Overpoch Taviana aswell as Chernarus. This are the files that I have right now, Zupa's PBO's edited to the settings for Taviana (stuff like spawnzone and instance number): https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_r9wDtGfEBwSjRHLVFhekZ6MjA/view?usp=sharing EDIT: Found another post with a potential fix: Tried to add the trigger, did nothing. I will test the other solutions stated on that post later on. Not allot of hope left atm :P EDIT EDIT: Just found out that there is not banking_data table in my Database. There was nothing stated in the tutorial that I needed to make this manually. Maybe this is the problem? If so, how do I create it and with what setup? EDIT EDIT EDIT: Okay, I guess that banking_data table is only needed for SC1.1 and SC2.0, but where does the SC3.0 add-on save the money for the players and vehicles/objects. And what is the format/syntax for this (in other words, how do I add this because there is nothing being added right now). Thanks in advance, NeusAap.
  9. so apparently because the drink clan on vert 01 didnt cover all there entrances our group are glitchers i will attach some video of us and how we got in (we put the two cinder walls up after we had access to the jammer) also some footage of a carrier rig in one of there cars that was a little odd??? oh and the way two of us died im kinda wandering if they are either admin or scripting themselves..... currently uploading videos to youtube will post links once done
  10. So me and my buddies started to play on arma 3 epoch servers on saturday we are a group of 3 players, we made a couple of floors/walls and a gate we closed it all off and then we left our base. After one hour we came back to our base and someone was glitched inside our base and all our items where stolen from our shelfs, no walls where blown out or anything.
  11. armalitez

    Relog to Respawn

    Hey, i have my server running the latest epoch patch ( and every time a player dies on my server it will never let you spawn in after you have died, in order to spawn in you have to close the whole game and rejoin the server and then i will spawn you in. Please can someone help me with this issue, it baffled me Thanks. ;)
  12. Hey hey, I wrote a small fix for the glitch here: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1576, this will place a indestructible wood wall in the front of the metal gate on server start and will be removed, if you unlock the gate. Cause i hate self actions i was not in the state to write a self action for it to turn it on again if the gate is locked, Feel free to make one and post it here :) So lets start, you will need: Custom compiles.sqf, Player_UnlockDoor.sqf, and some edits in the server_monitor.sqf. 1. In your custom compiles.sqf find: player_unlockDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_code\compile\player_unlockDoor.sqf"; And Replace it with your custom path to the player_unlockDoor.sqf in my case: player_unlockDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "custom\player_unlockDoor.sqf"; 2. If you dont have a custom player_unlockDoor.sqf copy it out of the dayz_code folder and paste it in your custom folder or any path you point above. 3. In player_unlockDoor.sqf find: KeyCodeTry = nil; And add above this: if ((typeOf _obj) == "CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ") then { _antiglitchvari = _obj getVariable "antiGlitchWall"; if !(isNil "_antiglitchvari") then { deleteVehicle _antiglitchvari; _obj setVariable ["antiGlitchWall", Nil, true]; }; }; If you are done it should look like this: http://s14.directupload.net/images/141014/sd5ob7hl.jpg 4. In server_monitor.sqf (usually in your dayz_server.pbo/system/) if you use plot 4 life, it should be in your mission, find this: if (count _intentory > 0) then { //or this if you use plot management: if ((count _inventory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { and add above: if ((typeOf _object) == "CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ") then { _location = _object getVariable["OEMPos",(getposATL _object)]; _dir = getDir _object; _objectCharacterID = _object getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; _ownerID = _object getVariable["ownerPUID","0"]; _objectglitchwall = createVehicle ["WoodSmallWall_DZ", [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _objectglitchwall setDir _dir; _objectglitchwall setPosATL _location; _objectglitchwall setVariable ["ownerPUID",_ownerID,true]; _objectglitchwall addEventHandler ["HandleDamage", {false}]; _objectglitchwall enableSimulation false; _object setVariable ["antiGlitchWall", _objectglitchwall, true]; }; So it should look like this: http://s14.directupload.net/images/141014/5hwht7hy.jpg If you dont use Plot 4 life, find in step 4 this lines: _ownerID = _object getVariable["ownerPUID","0"]; _objectglitchwall setVariable ["ownerPUID",_ownerID,true]; And replace this lines with this: _ownerID = _object getVariable["CharacterID","0"]; _objectglitchwall setVariable ["CharacterID",_ownerID,true]; That should be all.
  13. Hey hey, I try to write a fix for this: https://github.com/vbawol/DayZ-Epoch/issues/1576 and i am nearly done, but i cant fine the file where the doors will be locked..... i mean if click on "Lock door" ^^ It would be nice if anybody can point it to me, or at least if i know the variable which is placed on the door if it will be locked. And of course, i will release the fix as soon as i find this damn file / variable ^^ Greetz, stifler.
  14. Hi there, On this server I play on (also an admin) I have noticed we have encountered a problem that we haven't encountered before. I looked all over the internet for a while and couldn't find any fixes or anything relevant to the problem at all. So basically what is happening is that a player (seems to happen to anyone, any vehicle at any time) buys a vehicle from a trader like you do and it's fine then. But at any random time the locked vehicle will become an unlocked one. For example one of my vehicles CharID is: 1553, the objectID (objID) is: 14032 and the key required to unlock this vehicle is a Green Key (9569) (my key is really immature haha) but at any random time the vehicle could go unlocked and the CharID and objID will change from 1533 and 14032 to 0 for both and the key will no longer be needed as it has gone unlocked. It has happened to nearly everybody who plays on the server and it has even happened to all the admin including myself and we don't try glitch the game or anything we play it legit so we aren't sure as to what is causing this problem and I've been trying to get my head round it for a few weeks now so if someone out there has had this happen to them or if anyone knows how to fix it your help will be greatly appreciated but I haven't seen this problem anywhere on the internet so I am kind of not optimistic about this. The server is on Epoch Napf and it is Epoch ( and DayZ (1.8.1). If you need any more details just ask :) Cheers
  15. I looked through the bugs list real quick, I'm not sure if this has been mentioned before. 3/10 times when I dropped a floor from the crafted item stage, the floor would violently bounce back and kill me. I finally noticed that when I had dropped the floor (straight out of inventory, then number 4), 2 wood floors popped out at once, causing one floor to jump back towards the player. I repeated this on uneven ground, flat ground, hillside... it seems to be pretty inconsistent about when it happens, anywhere form 5 - 30% of the time. The only time it didn't happen was with the foundation in place. If this is a condition solely because the foundation wasn't there, it could still be used as an exploit as a means of duping material
  16. Hopefully this can change when update with locking doors is out. Did this a couple times at my base front door then found out why/how i was doing it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xEtFTJaJLo&list=UUja2igmHSSzT3TADId71Srw
  17. If I take off my nvgs and put them in my backpack, then log off, upon re-log I will have another pair equipped on my character, the process can be repeated indefinitely. I was invited to a group last night, this morning I am unable to leave, clicked leave group, relogged, restarted arma3, cleared cache, nothing works. Are group leaders only able to remove you? CoreyRo
  18. I store my backpack and vest in a lootable couch to try on a wetsuit. When I searched the couch again to get my gears back it was permanently gone, I searched the area around it but it was not there either. I just want to warn you guys that Couch Monsters are real. Be Careful!!
  19. Some of my helicopters are going underground when they hit the ground. Typically no explosion or anything it just goes underground and if the player dies if he/she ejects. It doesn't happen to most of them. Specifically this is happening with the new CH53_DZE and a couple extra pook helis I wanted to add. Anybody know why this might be happening? I'm not finding much information on the topic by searching.
  20. Hello all!, I seem to be having troubles on my server with zombies not giving a F about user placed objects. Running, running a few mods, self bloodbag, indestructible base building(assuming this is the culprit), DZAI, WAI,and a little loadout script. Is anyone know of some known bugs? Help! Thanks -dexter
  21. Hey there, so I had been playing on this server for about a week, and then one day it randomly dc'd me and whenever i joined it i'd get stuck on the second "recieving data" (After you've seen the server screen, it shows the lobby and does "recieving data" again). I get into lobby and load up until then. It happens on all servers using the chernarus map, so i can get onto NAPF or Namalsk fine, but it is impossible to get onto any server running Chernarus. Has anyone else gotten this problem, or perhaps knows how to fix it? Thanks in advance :)
  22. On my server all of the custom cities have spawned in twice. There is no visual impact, however when trying to open a door you have to open it multiple times in order to enter. I presume this is due to the server reading the spawn command in two different locations however I do not know where! Any help would be awesome. My custom buildings are kept in the: vilayercodecustom\dayz_epoch\buildings\ : http://prntscr.com/37rprn \dayz_epoch\init\server_functions.sqf. : http://prntscr.com/37rpcl As you can see in this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/37rrxp the doors of the fire-station open and reveal more doors. This only applies to the custom buildings, not the default. This issue has also only just started happening
  23. On my server all of the custom cities have spawned in twice. There is no visual impact, however when trying to open a door you have to open it multiple times in order to enter. I presume this is due to the server reading the spawn command in two different locations however I do not know where! Any help would be awesome.
  24. Hello Everyone i need +- 50 people to test my server i want to see if anyone is going to lag or not its just a few things i want to try befor i buy the server. If you are will to help please inbox me your number and i will send you an sms what date we will test it (Will sms you no matter where in the world you are)
  25. Everytime someone dies on my server, they respawn in the same spot with the same gear. Can someone please tell me how I can stop this from happening?
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