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  1. Getting all the big guns out on this problem tonight :-) Step 4 PVCDZ_plr_Login2 = [[0,respawn_west_original],_state,_worldspace,_randomSpot,([_randomSpot,_playerID] call spawn_config)]; _clientID = owner _playerObj; _clientID publicVariableClient "PVCDZ_plr_Login2"; if (dayz_townGenerator) then { _clientID publicVariableClient "PVCDZ_plr_plantSpawner"; }; Step 6 // Precise base building 1.0.5 call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\kk_functions.sqf"; #include "spawn_config.sqf" [] execVM "\a2_infiSTAR\AH.sqf"; Should I drop the #include bit below the infistar entry?
  2. That was a fresh install server and db
  3. Still not quite got the hang of these spoiler tag things !!!
  4. Okay whats going wrong here :-) I have infistar and as an active character when i start the game this comes up. I just esc past the 3 screens to get in game. Which bit have ai buggered up?? Cheers
  5. Hello me again.. Could someone please shed a little light on how to get right click options working on certain scripts such as suicide and deploy in 1061 please. I have spent a day or so just reading up and I'm stumped. Cheers
  6. Fixed it :-) dayz_antihack = 0; // DayZ Antihack / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled dayz_REsec = 0; // DayZ RE Security / 1 = enabled // 0 = disabled For some reason the latest infitar doesnt mention the REsec, whereas every other version has done. As quoted by that rather clever chap IWBUK in another thread.
  7. All I did which is fairly long winded was follow the link https://github.com/EpochModTeam/DayZ-Epoch/blob/master/Server%20Files/Readme.md and install ALL of the redist just to make sure :-). This is of course on my pc for the test/local server.
  8. Yep I figured all that out but still couldnt get it running correctly now getting kicked for a battleye restriction #2 :-( Epoch hates me!!!
  9. Thanks for the quick reply I followed Infistar instructions normally you paste the instruction as the first line in server_functions but the latest instructs you to put it at the bottom. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75552603/ArmA2OA.RPT https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/75552603/arma2oaserver.RPT If someone would so kind as to have a look and tell me what a dumb twat I'm being :-) Cheers
  10. Quick question where do I stick the a2_infistar folder?? No matter where I stick it the server waits for authorisation :-)
  11. Note to self ..... RTFM :-) Turns out it was a C++ error which I had overlooked
  12. Ok here goes. Having being "forced" or coerced into having to upgarde to 1061 as the launcher used by many is dropping 1051( i know progression) I have attempted to install 1061 from the client and server files provided by the awesome Epoch dev team. I have attempted to install this many,many,many times and always end up spawning in debug on my local server or when using my hosts infrasctructure i end up with this error. 12:10:53 "MPframework inited" 12:10:53 "dayz_preloadFinished reset" 12:10:53 Error in expression <; _recompile = (count _this) > 0; if (BIS_fnc_init && !_recompile) exitwith {t> 12:10:53 Error position: <BIS_fnc_init && !_recompile) exitwith {t> 12:10:53 Error Undefined variable in expression: bis_fnc_init 12:10:53 File ca\Modules\Functions\init.sqf, line 28 12:10:55 "HIVE: Starting" 12:10:55 Error in expression <erver_hiveReadWrite; _outcome = _result select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 12:10:55 Error position: <select 0; if (_outcome == "PASS") then {> 12:10:55 Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry 12:10:55 File z\addons\dayz_server\system\server_monitor.sqf, line 23 12:10:55 "z\addons\dayz_code\system\REsec.sqf:Monitoring Remote Exe..." 12:10:56 "SERVER FPS: 33 PLAYERS: 2" Its doing my f'king head in..... Any advice greatfully received ta.
  13. JohnnyLube

    Hemp farming

    Great stuff thank you that fixed it. But why would you have something in there that would cause issues :-)
  14. JohnnyLube

    Hemp farming

    How did you fix this? I am having the same issue? Come on dude share the knowledge, knowledge is power , feel the power .............. and all that other hippy shit that goes on :-)
  15. Just to necro a really really really old thread .....How do I fix the battleye kick for setdamage resctriction #1 when I harvest the hemp?? It goes through the motions and whenit adds the item to the inventory I get kicked for the batteye thingy. Reconnect and the item is in the inventory.
  16. I did but I had to reinstall again. I cannot remember what the issue was but it works now. I have received a ton of help from certain members of the community on here which is awesome :-)
  17. I ended up doing a fresh install. Which in itself brought up a whole host of other problems. Bloody hate arma 2 :-)
  18. I can definitely put this issue down to plot management. I have done an install from ground up. Saved every new additional mod i installed. After adding Plot management any new players who joined the server could not bank anything. The option comes up iin the menu the money is deducted from the character but the database does not seem to write an entry. Players saving prior to plot management being installed are not affected. Any ideas please??
  19. Thanks for taking the time to reply but it would seem my problem is a lot bigger than this :-) After a lot of digging around it would appear my database is not updating with neither plot friends being saved into the gear slot of the plot pole and global banking not accepting new players. The players who have been saved in the banksaldo thingy do not update but the figures saved remain there. Trouble is I cannot remember which "fixes" I applied to the DB to attempt to fix other issues
  20. Me again. I done a fresh install of the server I got plot friends to save. Installed custom kill messages and ECC v2 and now plot friends wont save. I'm guessing a file has been overwritten or adjusted. Could anyone give me a rough clue where to look?? ...and it would appear banking has stopped working too :-( Thanks in advance
  21. I have been trying to get either WAI,DZMS,DZAI working on a server either on their own or all together and for some reason I cannot. There is no error in server.rpt and in my client rpt the only issue I have is this.....
  22. I fixed it!!!! WOOHOO go me :-) Around line 122 the _ was missing from the word vector...... //snap pro mod _vector = [[0,0,0],[0,0,0]]; _vecExists = false; _ownerPUID = "0"; if (count _worldspace >= 3) then{ if(count _worldspace == 3) then{ if(typename (_worldspace select 2) == "STRING")then{ _ownerPUID = _worldspace select 2; }else{ if(typename (_worldspace select 2) == "ARRAY")then{ _vector = _worldspace select 2; if(count _vector == 2)then{ if(((count (_vector select 0)) == 3) && ((count (_vector select 1)) == 3))then{ _vecExists = true; }; }; }; }; Now my global banking has stopped working ...bah :-(
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