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Found 20 results

  1. Plot Management 2.1 With Object Counter By Zupa & rosska85 Explanation This scripts adds a dialog to the plotpole where you can add people form the surroundings to your plotpole. They will be able to build for ALWAYS in the radius of that plotpole untill he gets removed from the plotpole. Everyone on the plot can "Manage" the plot. Owner will always be the highest power on the plote. If you dont use plotForLife mod and you add yourself to the plot, you will alwyas be able to build even after you die. Add yourself in admin list (fn selfactions section), so admin can manage all plots. Technical The people on the plotpole gets saved to the DB in the gear variable of the plotpole. The friends are in the plotfriends variable. [["46446465","Zupa],["456749879","MyLonelyFriend"] Maintain Version: You can use the maintain version with Default of SingleCurrency version of Epoch. This will allow you to maintain the area in your plot management menu! Show the plot area with a fancy dome made by Zero Remorse's Scripter! Preview any cost before it gets spent! Credits rosska85 : His people saving on the plotpole gear field!Maca: The idea and code inspiration for this public modZero Remorse: Great Dome to show plot area. Screenshot Default Version: NEW Maintain version: Installation Files needed: https://github.com/DevZupa/PlotManagement Download it with the zip button on right side. Installation Instructions are on the github readme's MAINTAIN VERSION 2.1 !: Which files are updated: plotObjects.sqf (new)initPlotManagement.sqf (udpated)plotManagement.hppadd extra line in compiles.sqfchange 1 number in player_build.sqf Same as the default but also add MaintainPlot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\maintain_area.sqf"; PlotPreview = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\plotToggleMarkers.sqf"; PlotObjects = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\plotObjects.sqf"; // NEW to your compiles.sqf after if (!isDedicated) then { Now default max range is 30m to check if there are too many objects in one spot. Lets change that to the plotRadius, so my plot menu can show u how many objects ( that can be maintain) are still able to be build. in player_build.sqf look in a IF for: nearObjects ["All",30]change that to nearObjects ["All",DZE_PlotPole select 0]To change maintani price ( for default very obvious in maintain_area.sqf). for single currency change the 1 to any price you want per object. _theCost = _count * 1;For example _theCost = _count * 150; // 150 coins per object.INFINISTAR: Add the following number to the dialogs array: 711194AND Add "PlotManagement"to _cMenu =You've succesfull have plotManagement NEW Update 1.1: Github updated with file: plotNearbyHumans - ALLPLAYERS.sqf Rename to: plotNearbyHumans.sqf (overwrite default) IF YOU WANT ALL PLAYERS LISTED ON THE LEFT New Update 2.0: Fixed all players showing in listAdded maintain area/ preview area cost/ preview area (in a dome) IF you have single currency user the maintain_areaSC as maintain_area ( rename it and delete the other one). Important info:
  2. There are a number of Action Menus out there, but all of the ones I have found have outdated scripts or are plagued with a large number of bugs that render half of the scripts unusable. Because of this, I had created my own for use with my server and decided to go ahead and release it for all of you to use it if you wish. To my knowledge there are not bugs in this. If you happen to find any please report them, but I don't believe there are any game-breaking bugs. Features: Build a bike Build a mozzie Flip a vehicle right-side up Krix's Self Blood Bag Server Rules (So players can always know the rules) Suicide Dance/Workout movements Animal transforms have been fixed (added zombie transform too) If you have some ideas that you would like added into it and the community as a whole would like these features, I will add them if possible. Installation, changes, additional information, FAQ, credits, issues and everything else can be found at the project page: Custom Action Menu on GitHub Error Reporting: BEFORE posting an issue on Github or on this forum: Review the installation instructions and be sure you've done every step EXACTLY as stated. They are not forgiving. If one step is done incorrectly, it won't work. Check your server's RPT log for errors. This will identify 99% of problems with the menu. Be ready to copy/paste the RPT log into Pastebin or Gist in an issue or in the discussion forum for help with troubleshooting. If all else fails, install these tools onto a fresh, unedited mission.pbo and server.pbo to get it working, then start installing additional addons/mods one at a time until the admin tools break in order to identify the conflict. If your problem persists after doing the above: Do a quick search on this forum for a fix to your problem. If you do not find a fix to your problem: post your problem on forum If the problem you are posting is a bug and not a general install problem then post it to this forum and to the github issues page. Notable work: Krix for blood bag My buddy grave for compilation and server rules setup Don't know how to code, but still want to help? Donate! I also accept Crypto Currency: Bitcoin: 1GkzMzwnVwVpnUCVFaAyLDsgD9cqSfigdm Litecoin: LbUrUxXzA557VeTWXM8jP7hNf3uZHEqW5b
  3. CHERNARUS ENHANCEMENTS - Stary -------------------------------------------------------------- Redeveloped Stary Email: [email protected] Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198104994458/ Download----) http://www.mediafire.com/file/0x09b36xslba3bg/stary+trader.rar
  4. Since 1.68 my game crashes on attempting to upgrade a cinder block wall to a full wall, or a full wall to a garage door. I get a crash to desktop. I can remove items such as walls without any problem. Can anyone else verify that these work? Arma 3 reports: Arma3: Arma3_x64.exe - Application Error The exception Integer division by zero. (0x0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x01c2c05c Click on OK to terminate the program
  5. Plot For Life v2.5 with Snap Pro v1.4.1 & Precise Base Building 1.0.4 (Built for Epoch Current Version Note: If you are also going to use other building mods (Vector build etc) then please check the other mods have been updated to work with v2.5 before installing. If they have not then please use A Plot for Life v2.35 which can be downloaded from the links further down this post. Dropbox: A Plot for Life v2.5 GitHub: A Plot for Life v2.5 V2.4 -> 2.5 upgrade. 1. Download and replace the following files in MPMissions\[Mapname]\Custom\Compile. fn_check_owner.sqf fn_find_plots.sqf 2. Download and merge (see the diffmerge tutorial links further down) the server files found in $SERVERHOME\custom (changes are fairly minimal). That is it. New features. Merged in Precise Base Building from his kind permission. Please show your appreciation to him as well. Core Features. The whole system is is switchable between characterID and PlayerUID by setting a variable. All items built after the mod is installed with have the PlayerUID and the characterID stored for ownership checking (locked buildables will only have the PlayerUID stored as the characterID field is used for the lock code). Includes the code to allow either SteamID or BIS PUID (written by icomrade). You can turn on the plot boundary from the plot pole and remove it. Currently I am using the road cones with lights on top which are also visible at night. They can be changed. Take Ownership is available from the plot pole to the plot poles owner and allows them to take ownership of all buildables in range excluding locked storage (safes / lockboxes), tents, locked doors. This can be changed as it is all controlled via variables. The core idea is that this will align peoples bases to the new system for steamID storage on legacy bases. It also means that raiders can raid a base, replace the plot pole, take ownership and not get full access to locked areas but not have 6 cycles to remove stuff etc after taking over. Depending on the size of the base, number of objects etc this could put a bit of load on the server / DB. It is also turn off or on-able via a variable so you can set it only to allow players to realign their bases and then disable the option. New function to check ownership or friendly status of a given object. Merged with Snap Pro and Modular build framework with permission from Raymix Please show you appreciation to Raymix as well). Uses the modular build system. New functions to reduce instances of common code in the building system. Both are small and precompiled. fn_check_owner.sqf to check ownership and friendly status fn_find_plots to get all nearby plot poles and return a count and the nearest alive one (if one exists). Optimised code changing nearestobjects to nearEntities. Added delay in the Take Ownership function so the Hiveext / DB does not get spammed when taking ownership of large bases. Player_build.sqf is no longer used at all and had been removed from the distribution. Optimised code what has saved between 20k & 30k in the mission package size. Install Instructions are in the zip file (A Plot for Life v2.5). Guides on how to use Diffmerge and how to integrate scripts together. Please backup your databases and thoroughly test before putting live. Report any bugs / suggestions in the thread. Previous version 2.35 Dropbox: A Plot for Life v2.35 & Snap Pro (by Raymix) v1.4.1 GitHub (v2.35 stable): A Plot for Life v2.35 & Snap Pro (by Raymix) v1.4.1 Outstanding issues None reported. Next Version: 3.0 Include a action menu (scroll wheel menu) for plot options and builder / owner management () Beta Testing As it seems theres no with an interest to do any beta testing I need to sweeten the deal. Anyone who helps with beta testing will get access to boobytrapping doors 4 weeks before it is released publicly. The 4 weeks will start from the v2.4 release date and will include any bug fixing period. Boobytrapping Doors - If you have a hand grenade then you can upgrade a locked door to boobytrap it. If the incorrect door code is entered then the hand grenade will be dropped at the position the player was when they boobytrapped the door (make sure you are on the correct side of the door when setting the trap ;) ). Releases Naming convention Previous releases (Majors) Use and Distribution License details. This mod is licensed under the DayZ Mod License Share Alike (DML) license. Usage For people wishing to use the mod for their own servers, please use away. If advertising the mod as a feature of your servers then a shoutout and a linkback to here would be appreciated but is not a requirement. Distribution For people wishing to modify and distribute my code for this mod, the requirements are different. 1. You contact me and ask (common courtesy really). 2. You make it clear who the original creator is and provide a link to this thread. Included mods. A Plot for Life v2.35 (Rimblock). <- is fine. Included mods. A Plot for Life "credits to each addon / script creator" <- is not. 3. The person distributing the mod explicitly states that they are responsible for any issues with their modified version of the mod and not the original creator (i.e. me). 4. Any other requirements under the DayZ Mod License Share Alike (DML) license.
  6. Hello, i have encountered a strange behavior when lowering the DZE_BuildingLimit = 150; to DZE_BuildingLimit = 10; When trying to build something it says "cannot build too many objects within 30m". But there is nothing build, nor there's a plotpole. Any idea?
  7. velvetchaos

    Build script

    Hi all, I've been looking through the posts trying to find a build script like the one piggd uses on their servers. The one I'm talking about is a scroll menu when clicked, it opens up a build window with buildings, nav piers, etc. In the window, it tells you what mats are needed to build each thing ie; 6 wire fence, 4 cement, 4 cinder blocks, scrap metal etc. If the script mod is posted somewhere, I have yet to find it. So, if anyone knows what script I'm talking about and can point me to where it is posted (if it is available?) it would be appreciated. Thanks
  8. Hello Guys, I was told I definitly need to install the newest Epoch Build (9) to fix the server crashes when looting. Im currently running Build 4. But i cant find a way to install the newest release without loosing everything. Is there a method to do this woithout loosing all stuff ? Thanks for your help. Have a nice day, best regards Mumys
  9. Heya, Seeing as there are a lot of bugs going around right now, I thought it would help to update with some of the problems the crew and I have ran into. In this case, the particular bug is with shelves. As I believe most are aware, once you place a shelf, it cannot be moved. Needless to say, this is a huge pain in the ass and results in shelves in poor locations from new builders, as well as frustration from OCD builders who would like to later make adjustments. Cannot "grab" them to edit using free build or snap. Thanks! - On CCG US Altis #1 ( - @Epoch0252 [email protected] [email protected] Hope this helps! da1geek
  10. So someone told me on my server, they cannot build there base, because 1 of their group member placed down a frequency jammer. The other guys in the group cannot build. Is there a problem with the jammer, or is this meant to not work? Kind Regards, Matijs
  11. Just tossing these out there... Build Items Home Brew Station - collect stuff to make brews with better stamina trade-off with lower hydration, some high stamina low hydration beer causes a stuper effect (hazy vision, swaying aiming, disables chat/von lol) for a few mins or the duration of the stamina boost. Well - different items used together to craft a derrick and drill, certain chances to break drill needing to craft another. After a long timer (and use of player energy to operate) and a lot of noise drawing attention to you, you can then use more material to craft a well, hand crank 1st stage, motorized 2nd (uses player energy to operate) Shower - Emergency pull type, used to clear all soiled level, drops player temp, adds a significant wet level. Needs a stage 2 well within frequency jammer. Fireplace - add materials to existing firepit to create fireplace, near instant prefect player temp, requires constant feed of wood logs every 2min or quicker. Incentive to upgrade is that firepits would cause significant soil level Electric fence - requires energy/lots and lots of material per section, destroyable only by explosives or vehicle impact (rendering vehicle inoperable, emp style, unfixable) , kills players on contact. Aggressive High Damage Bears - Self explanatory, bears are terrifying The two kids from The Shining - They appear all creepy like, at night super close to you, make creepy sounds (kids crying, high pitch screams and wicked sketchy music), proximity to sounds causes player to start bleeding severely, screen turns red hue, overwhelm with creepy sounds/music, randomly inverts and reverts controls until the antagonist is destroyed. (cross between the witch from Left for Dead and, the little girls from The Shining) Hell Hound - dogs are already OP and one hit you. Once that is fixed, there could be a 2 headed black cugo-like hell hound that spawns in a blast of smoke and flames, wicked crazy snarling and barking, super high HP, one hits you and you're dead Leatherface - Hulking deformed antagonist in bloody butchers apron, and skin or hockey mask charges you with a chainsaw, Full sprint, SUPER high HP. Would be awesome if it played Slayer - Deadskin Mask in the background lol And what else... hmm.....Fuck it, Velociraptors - they wreck you, corpse is unlootable Passive Low or No Damage Pickpocket Player - Action button on player "T" allows a pickpocket attempt with predetermined chance to succeed. Failure causes player to pass out Sepsis - Gunshot wounds left untreated lead to sepsis, raising blood pressure and increasing toxicity. Dysentery - untreated water has a chance to cause dysentery, raising blood pressure, soiled level, and draining hydration level rapidly. EMP Grenade - instantly disables ground vehicles (repairable), instantly drains player energy, GPS,NVGs, and Range Finders disappear from inventory knocks out all advanced optics (NVG Scope, ACOG, ARCO, RCO, etc...) Weapon Jams - item gun oil used to maintain weapons NPC Bandit Ambush - several unarmed bandits spawn and charge you at full sprint, within a certain proximity player becomes tied up and your crypto/primary/high value items/tools (random draw) is taken Gamble Traders - don't know how impossible it would be to develop a blackjack, roulette, or hold-em type trader. It would be pretty sick tho. Doctors - for relatively high crypto perform procedures to fix dysentery, sepsis, broken limbs, or other ailments Turned out to be a bigger and most likely impossible list. But I was bored. There you go
  12. I've searched and searched and searched all to no avail. I'm curious as to how it works/how to enable it. Anyone? edit: another question while i'm here - where the hell is my beconfig file supposed to go/where is it? I'm using the epoch server package running napf and no matter which BE folder I make one it, rcon doesn't work.
  13. Hey Guys ! As already written down i want to know how to get the energy needed to build something. Thanks for your answers.
  14. Hey guys :) I learned from some videos how to build my base. Well, if i built my base, is there an option to "save" my base? So no other player can took my base an move it/ parts of it? And the second thing: There are many servers hosted with cracked serverfiles. Isn't it easier to publish the serverfiels, because if sb wants to host his own server, he can do. So why don't publish these files? :) (Or if not, when will it be? ) Thank you :) Maddin
  15. For some random reason players can't place a plot pole down. It just says when you select build on it "snapping is not available for this object". The only thing I changed since before this starting happening is I added infistar antihack/admintools. Had to go into my dayz_server.pbo and missions.pbo. And someone was helping me out giving me some advice and had me put some text documents in my BatteEye folder which was empty before. Also I went into admin tools and made it so I can build without a plot pole, I can pull an object out such as a wall but I can't push space to actually build it.
  16. Hello, epoch community, I was wondering if it would be possible to update the model for the metal floors. When attempting to snap to build the metal floors end up being shorter than the cinder block walls. This causes the metal floors to not align with the cinder block walls when building a base. Another (easier) fix may be to change the snap to build script to make the cinder block walls snap closer together and make the metal floors snap slightly further away from each other than they do currently. Thoughts are welcome and appreciated, Daniel
  17. On my server all of the custom cities have spawned in twice. There is no visual impact, however when trying to open a door you have to open it multiple times in order to enter. I presume this is due to the server reading the spawn command in two different locations however I do not know where! Any help would be awesome. My custom buildings are kept in the: vilayercodecustom\dayz_epoch\buildings\ : http://prntscr.com/37rprn \dayz_epoch\init\server_functions.sqf. : http://prntscr.com/37rpcl As you can see in this screenshot: http://prntscr.com/37rrxp the doors of the fire-station open and reveal more doors. This only applies to the custom buildings, not the default. This issue has also only just started happening
  18. On my server all of the custom cities have spawned in twice. There is no visual impact, however when trying to open a door you have to open it multiple times in order to enter. I presume this is due to the server reading the spawn command in two different locations however I do not know where! Any help would be awesome.
  19. blad00x

    build on road

    Hi, i'm new with dayz epoch and i want to make a wooden garage door on the road but i can't where is the config too authorize the construction on the road ?
  20. Can metal panels be run over?
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