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  1. Has anyone customized their trader cities? I can't seem to find where the trader areas are being added. It used to be in the dayz_server\missions\DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\mission.sqf The only thing I See now is you can change the coordinates for the actual traders.
  2. Thats an interesting idea. Do you think that would stop it completely? I was thinking of the issue that if you flip an air vehicle, no matter where it is, it explodes.
  3. Has anyone ported this or any coin system to Dayz Epoch 1.0.6 and released it publicly? Google isn't turning up anything.
  4. You never know bud. It might have been something very particular but who knows, a year or 2 from now someone might be have run into the same thing and spend all day googling it just to find this thread and be so disappointed. It's happened to me!
  5. If you encounter a problem, and you fix it, don't just say you fixed it and nevermind. Explain how you fixed it in case someone else has that same problem. This is just common courtesy, the same way you expected help when you originally posted your problem, you should explain how it was fixed.
  6. You can literally customize the difficulty as well as change it. It's all right in the config.
  7. Im not sure what you did, but hotwire kits automatically work on vehicles. That is what they're for. I didnt even know they worked on safes/lockboxes....
  8. I haven't read this entire thread so Im not sure if this was pointed out, but using just the "SmokeShell" class name will make every smoke grenade, regardless of color, have the exact same effect. You can't use a script that gives just SmokeShell an effect without also giving that to every other type of smoke grenade. You have to specify color. I have a custom gas grenade script on my server that Matt started and Halvhjearne improved a couple of years ago and we ran into that exact problem. Also "G_40mm_SmokeGreen" is the correct classname for the 40mm smoke grenades. Basically any m203 smoke grenade firing weapon.
  9. From time to time I run a Battle Royale Server on Arma 2. One of the features is frequently dropped carepackes. After playing a little I noticed that unless you directly see the carepackage being dropped there is no way to know where they are! So I added a map marker that spawns on the carepackage when it lands and disappears when a player gets close to the carepackage. The problem is as follows. The first carepackage is dropped and the map is updated with a marker at it's location. While it sits and before and player loots it, other carepackages are being dropped around the map but the marker does not show for them. After a player captures the first carepackage, the map marker disappears from the map as intended. The very next carepackage that is dropped, following the capture of the first carepackage, updates the map with a new map marker. So no map markers are spawning on the carepackages that drop after the first before it is captured. How do I make each carepackage get its own marker? spawn_carepackages.sqf
  10. The file paths, IP, and port are all correct. This is not the issue. Ive tried this multiple different ways. I believe his way produces this error "Windows cannot find 'ArmA2OA_BE.exe'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again." Even though the file pathing and file names are correct. My way is the closest one to working out of any of the suggested files, it just isn't actually changing the mod and if I manually change the mod and then boot I connect to to server before it kicks me with a service lost message. I suppose it might be as the other gentlemen suggested and has something to do with my arma version. Still there is some way to do it if dayz launcher is doing it. I just need whatever launch parameters it is using.
  11. I tried it exactly as you posted it with only changing the IP's. It launches me to the server and then boots me instantly. I have not. I guess I should try that?
  12. yea really strange, making that edit gets it working with regular trade but not advanced. At least not with the IGLA I was testing it with.
  13. Yes first and foremost thanks to Ebay for being one of the last Arma Guru's to still work on arma 2. Your DZGM and ESSv2 are basically apart of the mod now. Almost every server uses your mods! Back on topic. This appears to fix the issue for regular trading, but not for advanced trading. Advanced trading still shows the weapon instead of the magazine. When you try and sell more than one of those weapon, only the actual weapon sells so you can't exploit this but you still cant sell rockets with advanced trading. Regular trading seems to work fine.
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