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  1. HindruM

    Paid spawn ESS v3

    Hello! I am looking for a person who can add the ability to make paid spawn points. for money!
  2. @WLF Is it possible to make some spawn points paid?
  3. Hello! How can I redo this script for epoch
  4. can this script be installed on version 1.0.7
  5. Version WAI 2.2.4 After the installation I get an error :50:05 "WAI: [Mission:[Hero] Oil Depot]: Starting... [10689.1,8461.09,0]" 1:50:05 Error in expression < { private ["_crate"]; _crate = _this select 0; _crate setVariable ["ObjectID"> 1:50:05 Error position: <select 0; _crate setVariable ["ObjectID"> 1:50:05 Error select: Type Object, expected Array,Config entry 1:50:05 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\compile\functions.sqf, line 25
  6. and I have the bottom file there is no closing brackets
  7. The server is Epoch, map Chernarus On the server there are scripts: ZSC, infistar While the server is nowhere to be seen, as long as testing it with friends
  8. Players bavouzet with the bike, drove up to the wall on the bike and then off it near the wall and end up in the wrong database. How can this be fixed?
  9. Hello! The server also has ESS v3 and I can not understand how to clean up the selection of men and women, I had only male.
  10. Hello! I would like to ask if there is a script for version
  11. Hello! How to disable the choice of spawn men and women?
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