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Found 111 results

  1. BEC Bug after Last Update

    Hey, after last Arma Update, BEC doesn´t work for my Epoch Servers. Did anybody had the same problem and con help me? Thanks Honey Bee
  2. I got DayZlauncher and I find a server, assign the Arma2 and click on it. It tells me which mods I need to download, so I do it (DayZ, Epoch and Overwatch). Not ethat I had these installed for like 2 years, so I only needed to update them. Click play on teh server after tehy're done only to get: Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is attempting to launch with the optional parameters shown below. " -connect= -port=mod=C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\SteamApps\Common\ArmA 2;Expansions;C:\Users\Ziggah\Documents\mods\@DayZ_Epoch" " If you did not request this launch or do not understand this options, select Cancel. Note, my arma 2 and arma 2 OA location is on D drive. I click ok. I get the "battleEye is installing thingey. I get it every time". I get another error message after that. a window titles "Arma 2 Army of the Czech republic Se..." with the message " !!! MISSING STRING" Have no clue what AotCR has anything to do with dayz so I click okay. After this I get a window titled "arma2 OA" with the message "Addon 'sauerland' requers addon 'Chernarus'" Again, I have no clue why I need an addon which is a part of the default game, so I click okay. I get the DayZ Epoch screen, you know it, the black one. After a while, bout half a minute I get: "No entry bin/congfig.bin/CfgVehicles/Land_Company3_2.scope" Then it fianlly, crashes with one last error, a window titled "Arma 2 OA" with the message "cannot load world 'ca\chernarus\chernarus.wrp'" Also, if it helps, my Mods/download path in dayzlauncher is "C:\Users\Ziggah\Documents\mods" I know I could google this, but such a huge batch with these specific combination of erros seems only specific to me. Or alteast no one asked on the internet yet and gave up on ever playing the game. Which I am close to. Can someone help me fix this errorfest of a game, please. I have about 1200 hours in epoch and I really wanna play it again. Seriously. I fix one error, BAM, now you got 2 more.
  3. Missing items bug

    Hi, So i was enjoying Epoch the other day when a server restart happened, so without a worry i disconnected, 15 mins later i reconnected after the restart and my armor, vest and all of my inventory items were gone. Main firearm, sidearm, helmet and other equipment like the map, gps and binoculars were still there. The gear wasn't worth much and i i'm not trying to whine about getting it back (i really don't mind getting it back) i just thought i'd report this bug. Also, i found others with the same problem, anyone on the forum with some experience on the matter and maybe tips on how to prevent something like it happening again? Thanks in advance, Apex - Slick
  4. Server broken join - How to fix?

    Hi! How to fix bug? Can not join server.. Waited screen..119 sec laoding.. Not joined server Thanks! 10:08:45 SetFace error: class CfgFaces.man.ffaa_espafaces_camo_46 not found 10:08:45 Error: Error during SetFace - class CfgFaces.man.ffaa_espafaces_camo_46 not found 10:08:58 Client: Remote object 21:4 not found 10:08:58 Client: Remote object 22:0 not found 10:09:22 Client: Remote object 2:1198 not found 10:09:42 Client: Remote object 21:1 not found 10:11:34 Client: Remote object 21:6 not found 10:11:34 Client: Remote object 23:0 not found 10:12:19 Client: Remote object 24:4 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 2:1219 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 2:1220 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 2:1221 not found 10:13:11 Client: Remote object 24:1 not found 10:16:30 Client: Remote object 2:1239 not found 10:16:30 Client: Remote object 25:1 not found 10:18:28 Client: Remote object 25:4 not found 10:18:28 Client: Remote object 26:1 not found
  5. Vote day / night bug

    hi! Why bug Vote day / night function? (Use Infistar) Player vote night and 2 minute later back day(Again morning /day) Thanks
  6. Hi! Ref to nonnetwork object 3c14f900# 984738: wf_barracks_east.p3d Log generated /1 sec (lag generated) RPT log
  7. Static guns bug

    Hi! Example: Sit in M20nest - Error,Black screen, (No kick) Static guns bug (No,i I built it) Thanks
  8. The image is darkened , Why?

    Hi! How to fix Bug? The image is darkened,As if the character wanted to faint,darkens. Sometimes it happens,Random And: Tired of character, bad targeting too R3f? Thanks,Sorry NO SPEAK ENGLISH :)
  9. Trader lost

    Hi. 21:39:49 Error in expression < "_trader"; { _trader = createAgent [_x select 0,_x select 1,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]> 21:39:49 Error position: <select 0,_x select 1,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]> 21:39:49 Error select: Type String, expected Array,Config entry How to fix? Lost traders.
  10. Hi. For something, everything is blocked by the infistar Example: Trader menu,ESSv3,Vehicle lock,vehicle buy Why?
  11. Dead charachter bug?

    HI! How to fix Bug? Dies the player and they put it down,Where he died ,In the same equipment. Why? Dead charachter-last position saved and respawned last point last gear @juandayz I think so AH.sqf bug
  12. Radio VS Battleye bug

    Hi. Can you help me improve the similar mistakes? http://opendayz.net/threads/a-guide-to-battleye-filters.21066/ Because I do not really understand that I'm click Group radio or F5 key and kick server battleye/publicvariable.txt Szebi ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #5 "PVAHR_0_dqdrqmx_355968" = ["Szebi","myid","BAN",[65,99,116,105,118,101,32,77,101,110,117,32,67,84,82,76,52]] Szebi ab5d0800bcab47282dd156fee60ebbcd - #0 "kicked" = "kicked"
  13. There is nothing else Admintools?

    Hi! There is nothing else Admintools mods/script? Nox.. He does not want to work. Only Battleye kick admin mode. There is simply no solution @juandayz You have?
  14. Salvage Vehicle Bug?!

    Hey guys, got a problem. If i try to salvage a vehicle it shows me the aviable dmaged parts, but when i click on them nothing happens. After i ran around a bit(seems like the action is canceled then) i get the option again but this time it says: Already Salvaging!. Someone can confirm or is it me fucked something up?! :D FIXED Im not quite sure why i have to do this. I use Infistar and maybe thats colliding with eachother. Didnt test it without Infistar, its just a idea. In salvage.sqf i uncommented this: { if ((_vehicle distance (_x select 0)) < (_x select 1)) exitWith {_cancel = true;}; } count DZE_SafeZonePosArray; if (_cancel) exitWith { (localize "str_salvage_safezone") call dayz_rollingMessages;}; like this:
  15. when i join a 1061 server it let me move with WASD but i cant move with mouse or shoot and i see a mouse cursoron my srceen . when i press esc my srceen go black/gray
  16. Can't join servers

    I get this error while trying to join a server with 1.0.6 epoch but not when joining a regular overpoch/epoch ( Please help me with this. With pleasant greetings from TheNiceGuy.
  17. Base despawn bug?

    Hello guys, I have a big problem. All Bases on my Server despawn after some time. Im really confused - anyone with the same problem? Maybe already a fix. Hope someone has a answer. Blackout
  18. Duplicate ObjectUID

    ive recently had some reports of missing vehicles i noticed those specific missing vehicles had duplicate ObjectUID and one them gets deleted after server restart. So i went around and looked for a similiar problem and found that it is a known bug in github dayzepoch. I made the changes made by @ebaydayz here and then noticed a few changes here, ive made all those changes of course i am not sure if these codes can acctually be used in since on 1.0.6 theres no ObjectUID and ObjectUID3 functions. the thing is i am unsure if its acctually working, for example every server restart i get these two messages and i got a db backup which i was sure had duplicates ObjectUID and still one of the duplicate vehicle got deleted, maybe someone could explain how this acctually works or there could be something wrong with my changes. Changes made: server_functions.sqf server_monitor.sqf
  19. [HELP ME PLEASE] Bug in my server

    My server is giving this issue: "This server is running an incorrect version of the server side aplication . You cannot play" I have the same files on my personal machine, and connect without problems, this bug only occurs when I start the server on my VPS
  20. Humanity reset upon death

    I have recentley setup a dayz overpoch server and i have noticed when players die and re spawn their humanity resets to default is their anyway to stop this from happening so players keep it permanently
  21. Uniforms and Vests get Bugged

    For awhile I have players telling me sometimes when logging in their Uniforms and vests are bugged out. They do not display and have lost the contents. I understand this to be a bug with arma 3, but has been happening for a long time now with no fix from bohemia. I have found this script on the exile forum but have no idea how to get it woking on an epoch server. I have also heard infistar has a fix for this in the exile version but not the epoch version. Does anyone know how to fix this? or do we just keep waiting on BI to fix this. Below is the script I found on the exile forum, maybe someone knows how to adapt it to epoch or write something similar.
  22. [Multigun] Several exploits

    Checked the forums, and didnt find out any posts about it, so sorry if duping this: "Repair_EPOCH": Allows you to repair epoch base buildables to 100% with one shot from [EnergyPackLg]. Also allows to repair any environemental server objects on the map, if targetable by client (houses.. etc) if they are not ruined yet (different vehicle stance). "Defib_EPOCH": When the player dies and his gun falls away from him, it becomes a separated WeaponHolder object on the ground (sometimes may be local object only). When you getting revived, you revive with a gun already on you, and this weaponholder lasts for a brief moment enough to pick it from the ground. Result: dupe of the weapon. Thanks.
  23. MAJOR. EPOCH_server_saveBuilding.sqf

    [ "WoodFloor_EPOCH", [ [ [ 12549, 17009, 6 ], [ 0.893555, 0.980469, 0.714178 ] ], [ -0.633545, 0.773706, 0 ], [ -0.0000730738, -0.0000598361, 1 ] ], "-1", "76561198123138658", 0, [] ] Good day, sirs. The code above is the exact extraction of an object data (buildable) formatted in JSON. So whats the problem generally. Inspecting some objects saved to the hive I did find out that lots of objects like this in one place can cause huge lags on both server and client if you approach close enough to read them: [ -0.0000730738, -0.0000598361, 1 ] This gets worse cumulative to amount of players reading those objects. Im not sure if thats the problem of Hive operations, because its almost impossible to overflow double (if its not a float), but pretty sure that Arma III reads that really badly. I hope this is helpful and detailed enough, cause I cant cofirm thats the exactly reason, but do confirm the fact that this mostly happens around those objects. (Tested on Vanilla) Thanks.
  24. L85A2 AWS bug

    Hey, I found a L85A2 AWS on my server and i can't toggle the nightvision to thermal and also can't zoom in and out with + and - I gave the weapon to a friend and he can toggle it. Anyone have an idea?
  25. WeaponHolder + ItemSafe

    Hi there. Found a bug that allows to access ItemSafe inventory if you place some WeaponHolder close it, even if its locked. Just a suggestion private ["_nearcondition","_display"]; disableSerialization; _nearcondition = nil; _display = nil; while {true} do { _near = (position player) nearEntities ["ItemSafe",5]; _nearcondition = {_x getVariable ["EPOCH_Locked",false]} forEach _near; _display = (findDisplay 46); sleep 0.5; while {true in _nearcondition} do { _display closeDisplay 1; systemChat "You cannot do this near locked safe"; // or some function like END_MISSION }; }; P.S not sure if 46 is inventory.