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  1. Hacker GUID/IP's

    Hey guys, hoping this is allowed. Going to start adding Hacker GUID's and IP's here for others to know, save the hassle of "Script Kiddies" joining other servers and causing mayhem! Can add my ban list here if requested, just gather GUID's and IP's from the Forums here Message me or post any GUID's, IP's, and Name below and I can add them to the list for everyone Thanks! Name - iamtheboris GUID - c2d113c833e02277221ade22407d0c63 Last IP - Ban for - Scripting Name - KOBAPHbYI_PAK GUID - 13eed272bd7586bf86aee6dc81046588 Last IP - Ban for - No Recoil Script
  2. Combat Log Script

    Sorry im useless at looking around, cheers man!
  3. Combat Log Script

    Hey guys! Trying to see about adding a anti Combat Log system, spawns a box from the disconnected players gear. Wondering if anyone's got a working setup going! Can post my server_onPLayerDisconnect and server_playerSync if it helps. Thank you :)
  4. Server loading slow

  5. Weird Crash on server

    Where do I change that?
  6. Weird Crash on server

    Kinda thought that haha!.. Ill have a look around! Please let me know if you find it :)
  7. Weird Crash on server

    So my server just restarted without notice.. I see this on the logs 20:17:16 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:7263:[167.286072,[6345.802246,7775.371094,10.516449]]:0.907114:"" 20:17:21 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:7351:[248.333481,[8957.224609,7453.366211,-0.00204468]]:0.875479:"" 20:17:21 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:306:7351:[["glass1",0.386981],["glass2",0.58908],["glass3",0.235011],["motor",0.100239],["palivo",0],["wheel_1_1_steering",0.464592],["wheel_1_2_steering",0],["wheel_2_1_steering",0.260229],["wheel_2_2_steering",0],["sklo predni P",0],["sklo predni L",0],["karoserie",0.0813357],["wheel_1_4_steering",0],["wheel_2_4_steering",0],["wheel_1_3_steering",0],["wheel_2_3_steering",0],["glass4",0]]:0.019685:"" 20:17:22 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:7348:[182.90657,[2659.122559,5516.836914,0.0137787]]:0.862692:"" 20:17:39 "HIVE: WRITE: "CHILD:305:0:[277.0662537,[2358.942139,4797.601563,170.153656]]:1:"" 20:17:39 Cannot load sound 'reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeuŭ߀"��̑z3˵' ======================================================= ------------------------------------------------------- Exception code: C0000005 ACCESS_VIOLATION at DEADA575 Any ideas??
  8. Server loading slow

    Does this just kinda happen, any way to fix it, only started yesterday if im not wrong
  9. Server loading slow

    Dont think theres anything wrong here, as far as I can see 10:20:52 "Player UID#76561198041381065 CID#639 PID#5(Kovicson) as Rocker1_DZ died at Old Fields [073062]" 10:20:52 "DeathMessage: Kovicson died from falling." 10:21:04 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: DISCONNECT - Kovicson(76561198041381065)" 10:21:04 "INFO: OnPlayerDisconnect exiting. Player is near respawn_west. This is normal after death. ["76561198041381065","Kovicson"]" 10:21:04 Client: Remote object 5:0 not found 10:21:10 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: CONNECT - Kovicson(76561198041381065)" 10:21:11 "INFO - Player: PID#5(Kovicson)(UID:76561198041381065/CID:652) Status: LOGGING IN" 10:21:12 "INFO - Player: PID#5(Kovicson)(UID:76561198041381065/CID:652) Status: LOGIN PUBLISHING, Location factory [061134]" 10:21:28 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [1234,B 1-1-B:1 (Kovicson) REMOTE,"76561198041381065"]" 10:21:28 "infiSTAR.de ******ADMIN-LOGIN******: Kovicson(76561198041381065)" 10:21:28 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [1234,B 1-1-B:1 (Kovicson) REMOTE,"76561198041381065"]" 10:21:28 "INFO - Player: Kovicson(UID:76561198041381065/CID:652) Status: CLIENT LOADED & PLAYING" 10:21:32 Server: Object 5:19 not found (message 99) 10:21:32 Server: Object 5:20 not found (message 89)
  10. Server loading slow

    Hi guys! So today I have noticed the server running at little weird and slow, wondering if someones had this before When a player dies, and respawns its all good, When they pick a gender the screen after that to pick custom gear takes around 15-20 seconds to load. Haven't had this before hand only started recently. I did add some Variables to the init.sqf but surely that wont slow it down.. will it? Picture below to show... After dying.. Picking Gender... Waiting to load for around 15-20 Seconds Finally loaded... Any ideas?? Thanks
  11. Players can remove Plot Poles

    Added it from the ConfigVariables.sqf... thanks man!
  12. Players can remove Plot Poles

    Hi Folks! I was wondering if theres a way to stop players from removing plot poles that aren't theres? Using a toolbox, crowbar and Etool players can remove Plot poles that dont belong to them, anyway to fix and remove that option? Thanks :)
  13. (RELEASE) Loyalty reward system

    Did you ever get that to work man?
  14. Im an idiot, thank you :)
  15. Anyone got these files still? Looks like the dropbox link is down