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  1. here is what i have for building houses fn_selfActions.sqf player_build.sqf
  2. Not really as houses store to database even got stronghold working just altered previous origins building to suit epoch 1062 but no gear will save inside the houses something must have changed
  3. I've got build houses and unlock origins vehicles to work but can't get gear in houses to save to database
  4. Problem is putting gear in houses once locked all gear disappears and looking at database in 1062 it cannot use database to store gear
  5. I had some success with origins 1795 and epoch 1062 got vehicles, houses working but house gear could not work cause some dll changes to server since 1061
  6. l1nkrx7

    =BTC=_Logistic (DayZ Epoch Version)

    just folow the original notes for install, what part you having trouble with?
  7. l1nkrx7

    is it possible

    i tried using fn_gearMenuChecks.sqf and added this if (!((_this select 2) in DZE_Origins_Buildings)) then createGearDialog [player, "RscDisplayGear"]; but didnt work
  8. l1nkrx7

    Help adding dynamic text to epoch events

    heres how i did it for a custom mission Private ["_hint"]; _hint = ["Suhrenfield Array","Stronghold has been activated. You have until restart to conquer it. 20 briefcases and access to the Hidden Weapons Trader for those brave enough to succeed."]; RemoteMessage = ["dynamic_text", _hint]; publicVariable "RemoteMessage";
  9. l1nkrx7

    is it possible

    is it possible to remove gear option from a storage buildable
  10. l1nkrx7

    need help merging these files

    once i complete all the fixes i will realease overpochins here for epoch 1062 just need some help with the server_monitor file
  11. l1nkrx7

    need help merging these files

    trying to merge origins code from this https://pastebin.com/2rzBD12U into this file https://pastebin.com/MZHGZqfh have tried but always ends up in server crashing
  12. l1nkrx7

    anything overpochins seperated

    looking for seperated addons or working with 1062 alot has seem to have broke like build houses ive got lock/unlock houses working but the build script doesnt seem to work just gets stuck on build in progress but nothing happening
  13. l1nkrx7

    Harvesting Sunflowers and Pumpkins in

    anyone get this working
  14. Since i built files on 1051 it still works on 1062 so dont see how it can only work sometimes i find 1 in 5 will run and all them move towards players
  15. l1nkrx7

    =BTC=_Logistic (DayZ Epoch Version)

    never had any errors works fine adn as for the description.hpp one most common mods changes this to custom one think its coins mod