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  1. okay i did start on that code a while back i will get it to work
  2. what causes this message it doesnt boot anyone on my server but is annoying
  3. I forgot about that my database backup does not include this easy mistake I was going through infistar and server compiles lol
  4. just been told traders are doing same with vehicle purchases so they only appearing after restart rpt hadnt been wiped in ages generated a fresh one will post in morning
  5. ok juat got my sever back online all was backed up so didnt touch anything. one can store vehicles but when retreiving vehilces the red arrow stays on helipad for 1 minute roughly and nothing spawns but after server restart the vehicle will be there server rpt shows nothing relating to this
  6. l1nkrx7

    infistar base copy

    anyone noticed when copying an area in infistar that angled floors and walls dont sit right? has anyone managed to fix this?
  7. here is what i have for building houses fn_selfActions.sqf player_build.sqf
  8. Not really as houses store to database even got stronghold working just altered previous origins building to suit epoch 1062 but no gear will save inside the houses something must have changed
  9. I've got build houses and unlock origins vehicles to work but can't get gear in houses to save to database
  10. Problem is putting gear in houses once locked all gear disappears and looking at database in 1062 it cannot use database to store gear
  11. I had some success with origins 1795 and epoch 1062 got vehicles, houses working but house gear could not work cause some dll changes to server since 1061
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