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  1. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    had to reboot my pc so am going to make some more skins :)

    It's a pain in the ass this server crash like I don't mind tp'ing player in one spot or using esp, cracking safes/ doors but when they come into the server and delete the data base or shut it down there's really no point .. go back to the old days when you all played using hacks lol not this bull shit #riparma
  3. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    just downloaded them :) you are a legend @oldmatechoc

    You found my post Jake and wicked :-) https://forums.bistudio.com/forums/topic/205554-arma-2-crashing-server/
  5. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    how can i find this skin https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/File:Arm2_GUE_ak74su.jpg
  6. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    skin i made for all them super admins out there lol SKIN
  7. [Update] Admins Custom Skins

    sitting banging my head on the wall trying to get this to work lol turns out i named my adminskin.sqf ( adminsskin.sqf ) thanks juandayz :)
  8. Server Owner Sending Out Hackers ?

    wanna help on the filters :)
  9. So lately we've been getting our database deleted by script kiddies. It has happened so often to the point that i'm getting really sick of this. I asked Shawn to help us with filters, and he set it to log, so we could catch most of these kiddies, and it has somewhat worked. But today, after seeing someone getting logged, I decided to look into it. I copied his guid, and converted it to the steamID, and tried to find where he was coming from. Turned out, he was on UDDER Gamings test server, that had a password. This is what popped up in the logs: 17.05.2017 15:12:48: Infected Pig ( 831c47e4d4fdef40f458489392379db9 - #10 "[] execVM "non\basewipe.sqf"; if (!isNil 'reRunCheck&apos then { endMission 'loser'; };" nd here is the gyazo of the player on UDDER test server: https://gyazo.com/925f10ce0f13c1bb632ba9641fcf8d34 The kid had a friend that came on with him. steam profiles http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198041053208 and http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198388645128 steam id 76561198388645128 , 76561198041053208 so watch out and ban them
  10. BEC: scheduler.xml 2 hour

    will this work for ? am after the same thing
  11. linux epoch

    is there a way to install epoch on linux
  12. so am looking for a arma 2 dedicated server wheres the best place togo for this
  13. Hacks

    thanks for all the help
  14. Hacks

    we just got hacked again lol like the 6th time the day :( can you link me to get some good filters
  15. Hacks

    we have not added any thing to the scripts filter so maybe thats why thank you