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Found 4 results

  1. Hello all, My name is Joseph. I am looking for active members on Arma 2-Overpoch to join a Team. You must have some knowledge in playing the game and you must have a working mic (No Echo). We will be playing on a server that has recently started up but has big hopes for its self. The staff/Admins are really helpful and have helped to create other servers in the past. We will be working together as a team to attend and capture missions also Helping with base building ECT. How you play is entirely up to you if you (this meaning if you want to be a bandit or a hero) You must be over the ages of 16 and have a strong sense of humor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please ensure you have one of the following programs: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Team-speak Skype Discord ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Please fill in this form if you are interested in joining us. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Age- Name SteamName- SkypeName- DiscordName- Playtime- And last one: Are you from the UK?- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If you would like to contact me Discord: Joseph_Richards#3973
  2. I am looking for a friend or group that can be on from 7-10 am GMT. I want to build a base. My email is [email protected], Skype is Forrest Perkins, steam is forrestmikeperkinskirk. I may be on from 10- 16 am GMT on the 18th of July, 2017 but I'm always looking for friends I can trust.
  3. Plot Management 2.1 With Object Counter By Zupa & rosska85 Explanation This scripts adds a dialog to the plotpole where you can add people form the surroundings to your plotpole. They will be able to build for ALWAYS in the radius of that plotpole untill he gets removed from the plotpole. Everyone on the plot can "Manage" the plot. Owner will always be the highest power on the plote. If you dont use plotForLife mod and you add yourself to the plot, you will alwyas be able to build even after you die. Add yourself in admin list (fn selfactions section), so admin can manage all plots. Technical The people on the plotpole gets saved to the DB in the gear variable of the plotpole. The friends are in the plotfriends variable. [["46446465","Zupa],["456749879","MyLonelyFriend"] Maintain Version: You can use the maintain version with Default of SingleCurrency version of Epoch. This will allow you to maintain the area in your plot management menu! Show the plot area with a fancy dome made by Zero Remorse's Scripter! Preview any cost before it gets spent! Credits rosska85 : His people saving on the plotpole gear field!Maca: The idea and code inspiration for this public modZero Remorse: Great Dome to show plot area. Screenshot Default Version: NEW Maintain version: Installation Files needed: https://github.com/DevZupa/PlotManagement Download it with the zip button on right side. Installation Instructions are on the github readme's MAINTAIN VERSION 2.1 !: Which files are updated: plotObjects.sqf (new)initPlotManagement.sqf (udpated)plotManagement.hppadd extra line in compiles.sqfchange 1 number in player_build.sqf Same as the default but also add MaintainPlot = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\maintain_area.sqf"; PlotPreview = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\plotToggleMarkers.sqf"; PlotObjects = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "zupa\plotManagement\plotObjects.sqf"; // NEW to your compiles.sqf after if (!isDedicated) then { Now default max range is 30m to check if there are too many objects in one spot. Lets change that to the plotRadius, so my plot menu can show u how many objects ( that can be maintain) are still able to be build. in player_build.sqf look in a IF for: nearObjects ["All",30]change that to nearObjects ["All",DZE_PlotPole select 0]To change maintani price ( for default very obvious in maintain_area.sqf). for single currency change the 1 to any price you want per object. _theCost = _count * 1;For example _theCost = _count * 150; // 150 coins per object.INFINISTAR: Add the following number to the dialogs array: 711194AND Add "PlotManagement"to _cMenu =You've succesfull have plotManagement NEW Update 1.1: Github updated with file: plotNearbyHumans - ALLPLAYERS.sqf Rename to: plotNearbyHumans.sqf (overwrite default) IF YOU WANT ALL PLAYERS LISTED ON THE LEFT New Update 2.0: Fixed all players showing in listAdded maintain area/ preview area cost/ preview area (in a dome) IF you have single currency user the maintain_areaSC as maintain_area ( rename it and delete the other one). Important info:
  4. [RELEASE] Door Management - No More Codes First release ONLY for Plot 4 Life users. Tired of giving in codes? Which code belongs to which door anyways? Geezus, some guy put a bot on my door to break the code. FUCK THAT Here comes Door Management. Throw away your codes and enjoy a simple eye scan. Add your friends to your list on the door an enjoy a stress free "door opening" experience. Door opening too fast? dont worry just put the opening time a bit longer. Inspired by plotManagement but now for Doors! If you press the unlock action you will not see a code dialog anymore. My dialog overwrites this dialog with my personal one. Here you get to simple action to press EYE SCAN. This will open the door after 2 seconds of scanning. Fails when you are not on the manage list ofcourse. Only people on the manage list can manage the door ofcourse. Owner will be alwyas highest authority and can never be erased. (Thanks P4L - Rimblock). [insert Image of the manage window here when i'm @ home, or anyone else provide it in the meantime] If you press manual code you get the old dialog back. You can disable this in the config section. This Scripts DOES not change anything gamebreaking or database related. The door code is still being used, but only codewise (back-end). You dont see anything in the front-end. Instructions 0 - Download the files from github: https://github.com/DevZupa/DoorManagement 1 - in your description.ext: ( Mission PBO ) Add to the bottom: ( THE DEFINES IS UPDATED, overwrite any other defines i gave u at other mods of mine!) If you get any duplicates of classes, just delete them from the defines.hpp, problem solved. #include "doorManagement\defines.hpp" #include "doorManagement\doorUnlock.hpp" #include "doorManagement\doorManagement.hpp" #include "doorManagement\ComboLockUI.hpp" 2 - In your compiles.sqf: ( Mission PBO ) Add the following lines /*DoorManagement Zupa*/ DoorGetFriends = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorGetFriends.sqf"; DoorNearbyHumans = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorNearbyHumans.sqf"; DoorAddFriend = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorAddFriend.sqf"; DoorRemoveFriend = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\doorRemoveFriend.sqf"; player_unlockDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_unlockDoor.sqf"; player_unlockDoorCode = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_unlockDoorCode.sqf"; player_manageDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\initDoorManagement.sqf"; player_enterCode = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_enterCode.sqf"; player_changeCombo = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "doorManagement\player_changeCombo.sqf"; /*DoorManagement End*/ Above BIS_Effects_Burn = compile preprocessFile "\ca\Data\ParticleEffects\SCRIPTS\destruction\burn.sqf"; AND place "//" infront of the normal player_actions so it looks like this: // player_unlockDoor = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "defaultfile.sqf"; //player_changeCombo = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "defaultfike.sqf"; 3 - Variables.sqf: Add somewhere at the top: NOT FIRST LINE: /**DoorManagement Config**/ DoorAdminList = ["-2","-3"]; // List of Player Id's of admins that can manage all doors AllowManualCode = true;// 2 reason| 1: Allows breaking codes (if 2nd config = false and code = 3 digits) | 2: Friends can access access not owned doors until owner gets on. HarderPenalty = true;// Cen's Penalty: Flashes screen white. And kicks player to lobby if failed more then (random number between 4 and 14) times. // AllowUncrackableCode = false; // in next release: if set to true, player can change code to more then 4 digits, The manualCode will always fail when he does. THIS is for AntiCodeCrack servers that allow Manual Code for people that like that system. // in next release. AllowManualCode will allow players to change the code in the DoorManagement Menu. /**DoorManagement Config END**/ DZE_DoorsLocked = ["Land_DZE_GarageWoodDoorLocked","Land_DZE_LargeWoodDoorLocked","Land_DZE_WoodDoorLocked","CinderWallDoorLocked_DZ","CinderWallDoorSmallLocked_DZ"]; 4 - FN_SELFACTIONS.SQF: a - Add the following player removeAction s_player_manageDoor; s_player_manageDoor = -1; // u might also want to add this to variables reset in your variables.sqf Under player removeAction s_player_barkdog; s_player_barkdog = -1; player removeAction s_player_warndog; s_player_warndog = -1; player removeAction s_player_followdog; s_player_followdog = -1; b - Place the following: //Allow manage door if((_typeOfCursorTarget in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { if (s_player_manageDoor < 0) then { s_player_manageDoor = player addAction ["<t color='#0059FF'>Manage Door</t>", "doorManagement\initDoorManagement.sqf", _cursorTarget, 5, false]; }; } else { player removeAction s_player_manageDoor; s_player_manageDoor = -1; }; above //Allow owner to unlock vault Now in the Server.pbo 5 - server_monitor.sqf ( Mostly found in dayz_server/system/ if you are not using any modded one). a) place if (typeOf (_object) in DZE_DoorsLocked) then { _object setVariable ["doorfriends", _intentory, true]; }; under _object = createVehicle [_type, _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; B - Find ( IF NOT USING PLOTMANAGEMENT ) if (count _intentory > 0) then { Replace that with if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { B - IF USING PLOT MANAGEMENT, REplace: if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ")) then { With if ((count _intentory > 0) && !(typeOf( _object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") && !(typeOf( _object) in DZE_DoorsLocked)) then { 6 - server_UpdateObject.sqf ( Mostly found in dayz_server/compile/ if you are not using any modded one). Change _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; into ( IF NOT using PLotManagement) _isNormal = true; if (typeOf (_object)in DZE_DoorsLocked) then{ _isNormal = false; _inventory = _object getVariable ["doorfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item }; if(_isNormal)then { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; }; IF USING PLOT MANAGEMENT Change if (typeOf (_object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") then{ _inventory = _object getVariable ["plotfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item } else { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; }; Into _isNormal = true; if (typeOf (_object) == "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ") then{ _isNormal = false; _inventory = _object getVariable ["plotfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item }; if (typeOf (_object)in DZE_DoorsLocked) then{ _isNormal = false; _inventory = _object getVariable ["doorfriends", []]; //We're replacing the inventory with UIDs for this item }; if(_isNormal)then { _inventory = [ getWeaponCargo _object, getMagazineCargo _object, getBackpackCargo _object ]; }; Infistar Antihack If you're running Infistar Antihack, add this to the dialogs array; 711195, 41144 And this to the '_cMenu =' section "DoorManagement","Entercode" IMPORTANT FOR NON PLOT 4 LIFE USERS