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Server loading slow



Hi guys!


So today I have noticed the server running at little weird and slow, wondering if someones had this before

When a player dies, and respawns its all good, When they pick a gender the screen after that to pick custom gear takes around 15-20 seconds to load. Haven't had this before hand only started recently. I did add some Variables to the init.sqf but surely that wont slow it down.. will it?


Picture below to show...

After dying.. Picking Gender...


Waiting to load for around 15-20 Seconds


Finally loaded...



Any ideas??



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6 hours ago, JasonTM said:

There's a lot of things that could cause that. I would start by checking the RPTs for spamed errors. If it just all of a sudden happens out of nowhere, then there may be an issue with the server hardware or network performance.

Dont think theres anything wrong here, as far as I can see

10:20:52 "Player UID#76561198041381065 CID#639 PID#5(Kovicson) as Rocker1_DZ died at Old Fields [073062]"
10:20:52 "DeathMessage: Kovicson died from falling."
10:21:04 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: DISCONNECT - Kovicson(76561198041381065)"
10:21:04 "INFO: OnPlayerDisconnect exiting. Player is near respawn_west. This is normal after death. ["76561198041381065","Kovicson"]"
10:21:04 Client: Remote object 5:0 not found
10:21:10 "infiSTAR.de PlayerConnected: CONNECT - Kovicson(76561198041381065)"
10:21:11 "INFO - Player: PID#5(Kovicson)(UID:76561198041381065/CID:652) Status: LOGGING IN"
10:21:12 "INFO - Player: PID#5(Kovicson)(UID:76561198041381065/CID:652) Status: LOGIN PUBLISHING, Location factory [061134]"
10:21:28 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminFirstReq: [1234,B 1-1-B:1 (Kovicson) REMOTE,"76561198041381065"]"
10:21:28 "infiSTAR.de ******ADMIN-LOGIN******: Kovicson(76561198041381065)"
10:21:28 "infiSTAR.de fnc_AdminReqProceed: [1234,B 1-1-B:1 (Kovicson) REMOTE,"76561198041381065"]"
10:21:28 "INFO - Player: Kovicson(UID:76561198041381065/CID:652) Status: CLIENT LOADED & PLAYING"
10:21:32 Server: Object 5:19 not found (message 99)
10:21:32 Server: Object 5:20 not found (message 89)


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3 hours ago, salival said:

It's something i've noticed on my server from time to time. From talking with @ebayShopper about it, he said it could be database lag or just the lag to send the public variables to and from the server.

Does this just kinda happen, any way to fix it, only started yesterday if im not wrong

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