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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys! So today I have noticed the server running at little weird and slow, wondering if someones had this before When a player dies, and respawns its all good, When they pick a gender the screen after that to pick custom gear takes around 15-20 seconds to load. Haven't had this before hand only started recently. I did add some Variables to the init.sqf but surely that wont slow it down.. will it? Picture below to show... After dying.. Picking Gender... Waiting to load for around 15-20 Seconds Finally loaded... Any ideas?? Thanks
  2. Birgitte

    slow zombies

    Is there a script to slow the zombies for like the setting in 1.0.6?
  3. The trading times for my server when it has around 40-60 people online after about 30 mins into a restart becomes very slow. It takes around 5 minutes just to purchase a vehicle and unlock it. Anyone know a solution to fixing this? Thanks,
  4. Hello, has anyone got any ideas why my dedicated server takes along time to start up the arma 3 server? with epoch mod? it takes around 3-5 minutes to load up I have put on enable HT (hyperthreading on cores) This is my spec of the machine CPU 8 Cores, Intel Xeon (Octa-core) 8GB RAM 300GB HDD Anyone have any ideas?
  5. hey guys anyone having issues when the server gets over 40 people other people cant log in they just sit at the count and after 100 seconds it kicks them back to lobby,if you do manage to get in and you die you will not get back in till the following restart.
  6. Good evening guys, the last day 45+ players played on our Server. The frames are realy nice, still 50+ .. No desyncs etc. But theres exactly one annoying thing, well better sayn two. My traders are extreme slow! (From the first minute after Restart on..) A car takes nearly one min to spawn in at the trader.. To open cars u need also a lot of time. What can i do against it? Heared sth. about config based trader ? What will that cause ? Think there's something wrong with the database. Does it need to restart sometimes ? Or is it okay to let it run 24/7..
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