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good evening all,

Once again i am in a pickle, I am setting up a new server, I am wondering how to set up custom load outs

AND how to edit players loadouts that already have items.


Thanks in advance

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3 answers to this question

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You can change the default loadout: 

[Added] Ability to fully change default player loadouts via CfgEpochServer configs:
(defaultGoggles, defaultHeadgear, defaultBackpack, defaultVestFemale, defaultVestMale, defaultUniformFemale, defaultUniformMale, itemsInContainers, weaponsInContainers, normalMagazines, weaponsAndItems)

Custom per player loadouts, could be added easily. This is the file that is responsible for assigning the default loadout and can be edited to your liking.

Below is an example of how to add custom loadouts to A3 Epoch. Insert this code (and edit as desired) just below the default loadout section: https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Sources/epoch_server/compile/epoch_player/EPOCH_server_loadPlayer.sqf#L79

if (_playerUID in ["12345678","45678910"]) then { // Change these to equal the STEAM64ID of each player you want to have this loadout.
	_uniform = "U_Test_uniform";
	_class = "Epoch_Female_F";
	_vest = "V_F41_EPOCH";
	if (_this select 1) then { //true == male
		_uniform = "U_Test1_uniform";
		_class = "Epoch_Male_F";
		_vest = "V_41_EPOCH";
	_goggles = "";
	_headgear = "";
	_backpack = "";
	_linkedItems = ["ItemMap","EpochRadio0"];
	_itemsInContainers = [];
	_weaponsInContainers = [];
	_normalMagazines = [];
	_weaponsAndItems = [];


If you are wanting to edit loadouts for players that already have items, directly editing the database should work. Use/Download: https://redisdesktop.com/

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Thanks for that @vbawol - that's very useful.

@Froanta you may also want to take a look at

and see whether that suits you needs. Works pretty well

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