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Last time I checked it for sunnus01 and everything was fine.
Don´t know why it should not work now but I can recheck it, especially for the filters and give you response as soon as I get some spare time.

Can you reveal your BE log related to this?
Do you have any errors in rpt´s (client and server)


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2 hours ago, Tarabas said:

Players told me, that Vehicles now can get locked from other players in the Safezone and fresh spawned vehicles can get stolen.

Anyone can confirm this ?

(1) There is a vehicle permissioning system to allow others to access your vehicle and,

(2) Yes, newly bought and spawned vehicles can be stolen. Personally I just ban the people who do so though... it's not like the idea of what's allowed in safe zones is new or anything...

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On 26.5.2017 at 0:39 AM, Tarabas said:

Players told me, that Vehicles now can get locked from other players in the Safezone and fresh spawned vehicles can get stolen.

Anyone can confirm this ?

Is this happening since Arma3 v1.70 or also before?
Should not be like that.
I will take a look asap.

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Still standing brain begging for help here XD

I´m trying to set this up and want to configure the save zone coords. Did this in settings.h but this one makes me insane:

"Define your safezones here. (no comma after the last entry | !!! HAS TO BE THE SAME AS CLIENTSIDE CONFIG !!!)"

i´ve got absolutely no idea where to find that clientside config file.

thanks for your help :)

well, found it... #nobrainer
thanks anyway XD

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On 6/3/2016 at 4:53 AM, Sp4rkY said:

Title:                 SPK_ESVP
Author:            Sp4rkY (Github)
Description:   Extended Safezones with Vehicle Protection for Arma 3 Epoch
Version:           0.9
Required:        Arma 3 1.66+ / Epoch 0.4+
Credits:            IT07 (Thx for many brain) (Github)
                          |V.I.P.| CH!LL3R (Thx for thoughts & testing!)

>>> >> > CLICK ME < << <<<

* Fully customizable
* Works with all maps
* Works for players and vehicles
* No more `"ProtectionZone_Invisible_F"` is needed (usually found in map config in a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo)
* Fired bullets will automatically be deleted in safezones
* (optional) Teleport players out of safezones after restart
* (optional) Teleport players away from the parking place (if used) after restart
* Protection from idiots trying to drive over other players (including traders)
* Check vehicle ownership of bought vehicles
* (optional) Teleport vehicles out of safezones at server restart to:
    - (optional) a given distance from the respective safezone
    - (optional) a static parking place (you can use your own map addition and define as many parking lots you want)
* (optional) Restricted vehicle´s access in safezones (only the owner(s) can enter the vehicle)
* (optional) Restricted vehicle´s gear-access in safezones (only the owner(s) can access the vehicle´s inventory)
* (optional) Protection for lifted vehicle´s
    - If using this feature, there will be also a check for the owner, so stealing is not possible
* (optional) Unlock teleported vehicles
* 2 ways of info messages (depends on if vehicle protection is used or not)
* (optional) Vehicle Access Menu:
    - "Refresh" button to update the player-list while menu is open
    - "Registered" listing to see which players are added to your vehicle
    - "Clear" button to remove the added players
* (optional) restrict access to driver seat for primary vehicle owner
* slingload check for bought vehicles (you can not steal cars or ships)
* (optional) info messages for prohibited lifting
* (optional) Prevent spawning of antagonists (UAV, Sappers, Snakes, Cultists) in safezones
* (optional) Allow/disallow to chop/sledge/chainsaw anything in safezones
* (optional) Feature to set map markers directly from this script (no need to define them anywhere else)
* If using the "vehicle teleporting WITHOUT Parking Place" - function:
    - the vehicles get teleported to a random position within the given radius out of the safezones
* If using the "vehicle teleporting WITH Parking Place" - function, it will works like this:
    - server restarts, vehicles in safezones will be teleported to a parking place
    - vehicles which are present at the parking place are getting teleported to a random location on the map, new vehicles (in safezones) are ported to the parking place
* If the respective safezone contains water, ships are treated like this:
    - if ships are located at water surface, they gets teleported close to the safezone´s shore at given radius
    - if ships are located at terrain surface because of lifting or simliar, they gets ported random at the maps shore
* If not using "vehicle teleporting" - function, remaining vehicles in safezones are indestructible after restart
* Debug option for better determine errors (client & server)


Enjoy this stuff and have fun!


Thx a lot ! 

Working fine, but i don't do 2 steps


If you wish to prohibit using of melee weapons while in safezones, copy the file epoch.Mapname\epoch_code\compile\functions\EPOCH_fnc_playerFired.sqf to the same directory in your missionfile (overwrite the existing one)

  • it´s prepared for Epoch 0.4 (if you already have custom changes in it, just merge it)

Copy the file epoch.Mapname\epoch_config\Configs\CfgRemoteExec.hpp to the same directory in your missionfile (overwrite the existing one)

  • it´s prepared for Epoch 0.4 (if you already have custom changes in it, just merge it)



I already had this file CfgRemoteExec.hpp 

I just past this line     #include "SPK_CfgRemoteExec.hpp" at the end


        class EPOCH_server_upgradeTempGroup
            allowedTargets = 2;
            jip = 0;
    #include "SPK_CfgRemoteExec.hpp"
    class Commands
        mode = 0;



because when i follow your step, i was in the floor at spawn zone ...


now it work ! thx !

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Since the epoch update to 1.3.2 I'm getting this error in the server.rpt

20:48:03 Error in expression <VP_server]"
waitUntil{missionNamespace getVariable 'EPOCH_SERVER_READY'};
   Error position: <getVariable 'EPOCH_SERVER_READY'};
   Error Undefined behavior: waitUntil returned nil. True or false expected.
20:48:03 In last 10000 miliseconds was lost another 27 these messages.
20:48:03 File x\addons\epoch_SPK_ESVP\fn_initESVP_server.sqf [SPK_fnc_initESVP_server]..., line 1

Anyone else having the same problem?


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I have also had another two come up in the client.rpt when I went into the safezone:

 0:17:24 Error in expression <rcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 1) || !isESVP)then{true}};
   Error position: <then{true}};
   Error Undefined behavior: waitUntil returned nil. True or false expected.

and this as well:

 0:20:19 Error in expression <ed cursorTarget isEqualTo 1) || !isESVP)then{true}}]};
   Error position: <then{true}}]};
   Error Undefined behavior: waitUntil returned nil. True or false expected.
 0:20:19 In last 10000 miliseconds was lost another 644 these messages.

Both appear to be coming from "mission\SPKcode\ESVP\init.sqf" and in this block in particular:

		showMsg = compileFinal "if(_this)then[{[format['%1',getText(missionConfigFile >> 'CfgESVP' >> 'messages' >> 'info' >> '_infoMsg1')],5] call Epoch_message},{[format['%1',getText(missionConfigFile >> 'CfgESVP' >> 'messages' >> 'info' >> '_infoMsg2')],5] call Epoch_message}]";
		accessCheck = compileFinal "
			accessCheckEject = {
				waitUntil{if(vehicle player == player)then{uiSleep .2;false}else{true}};
				_var = vehicle player getVariable['vehOwners',nil];
				if(!isNil'_var')then{if !(getPlayerUID player in _var)then{player Action['GetOut',vehicle player];closeDialog 0}}
			loadedAccessCheckESVP = true;
				waitUntil{if({if(cursorTarget isKindOf _x)exitWith{1}}count['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 0)then{uiSleep .2;false};if(({if(cursorTarget isKindOf _x)exitWith{1}}count['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 1) || !isESVP)then{true}};
				if(!isESVP)exitWith{loadedAccessCheckESVP = false};
				_var = cursorTarget getVariable['vehOwners',nil];
				if(!isNil'_var')then{if !(getPlayerUID player in _var)then{cursorTarget lock true;uiSleep .1;cursorTarget lock true;[] spawn accessCheckEject}};
				waitUntil{if(locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 0)then[{uiSleep .2;false},{if((locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 1) || !isESVP)then{true}}]};
				if(!isESVP)exitWith{loadedAccessCheckESVP = false}

Any ideas on how to fix?


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I think BI have changed the behavior for waituntil loops with the latest update.

I do not know this scripts, but you could try the following:

Replace this line:

waitUntil{if({if(cursorTarget isKindOf _x)exitWith{1}}count['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 0)then{uiSleep .2;false};if(({if(cursorTarget isKindOf _x)exitWith{1}}count['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] == 1) || !isESVP)then{true}};


waituntil {{cursorTarget isKindOf _x} count ['Car','Air','Motorcycle','Tank','Ship'] > 0 || !isESVP};



And replace this line:

waitUntil{if(locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 0)then[{uiSleep .2;false},{if((locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 1) || !isESVP)then{true}}]};


waitUntil {(locked cursorTarget isEqualTo 1) || !isESVP};


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