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  1. Yes iam busy with reallife atm. Can you upload your epoch_server_settings.pbo and your missionfile so i can take a better look? What I can see from your rpt is: "Warning Message: No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgWorlds.Napf'." It seems that you still have some issues with your configs.... cheers
  2. You have several errors from the lootspawner script, maybe you should take it off, its also outdated. And I don´t know about this line: 20:49:30 aif_napfobjects\aif_arma1buildings\aif_ryb_domek.p3d: house, config class missing. What about a blank install of the server without any mods or scripts? cheers
  3. Ya, looks ok... But like I said, I dont know the buildings from the Napf map. I would have to check it for myself but the time is missing. I have to say sorry but actually I have no more idea but I will give you some response as soon as I have it. If I find some time this evening, I will setup a Napf server and check it. (maybe you have fixed it until then) / anybody else here an idea? But do me a favor and post your client and serverside rpt logs, perhaps there are some errors where we can search for the issue. cheers
  4. In your epoch_server_settings.pbo in the config.cpp file, you have these lines near the top: #include "configs\CfgMainTable.h" #include "configs\CfgLootTable.h" #include "configs\CfgLootTable_CUP.h" #include "configs\CfgLootTable_MAD.h" #include "configs\CfgLootTable_MADCUP.h" and near the bottom this: #include "configs\maps\Napf.h" ? And how does your CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp looks like? > epoch.Napf\epoch_config\Configs\CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp Personally I never ran Napf, so i don´t know which buildings are on that map. What I want to say is, if there are buildings which aren´t listed in this hpp file, then there is no loot spawn, but I can´t imagine it. Any rpt errors btw? cheers
  5. Ofcourse no :) This is just a way to insert some map additions, like safezones or whatever. Loot spawn has nothing to do with propspos. cheers
  6. You know the meaning of propspos? Objects which are placed at the map for a safezone or something else for example. You don´t have to do this, it´s optional and yes, iam talking about the standard Eden editor. How can you determine the type of construction: It´s fully up to you, depending on what do you want to use. Just start with placing some buildings in the editor, save it and check the file, you will understand what iam talking from. ;) cheers
  7. Just place your objects in the editor, save it and open that saved mission.sqm. You find your saved editor stuff in "c:\Users\YOURNAME\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\YOURPROFILENAME\mpmissions\SAVEDMISSION.MAP\" Then you can see some stuff like this: The classname of the object is "type", in this example: Land_i_Garage_V2_F. "position" should be self-explaining, the coordinates. But take care: In sqm files the coordinates are in [x,z,y], you need [x,y,z]. And the direction you can find in "angles", the second number (2.5294108). I think there is a way to convert the direction into a full number, but i forgot it. Maybe someone else has this information, but this also should be working. So for this example the propspos would be: { "Land_i_Garage_V2_F", { 4787.3916, 7280.8706, 10.130178 }, 2.5294108, true } cheers
  8. You did not told that. But you can just create your own positions and use them in there. Place some objects you want to use in the editor and catch the data. As example you can use the altis file. cheers
  9. Dont know why its empty for you but here is the original one, maybe it helps: cheers
  10. @Tarabas Yo, ofcourse i will check it out and try to fix it as soon as possible... Only problem actually is the real-life... new work -> new chaos -> less time for anything else lol cheers
  11. Hi Go to your %steamcmd% folder. cd linux32 cp steamclient.so /%your arma3 server directory% This should do the trick. ;) cheers
  12. So, checked it and ofcourse 2 BE filters were missing. I added them and updated it. Everything should works fine again now. cheers
  13. Last time I checked it for sunnus01 and everything was fine. Don´t know why it should not work now but I can recheck it, especially for the filters and give you response as soon as I get some spare time. Can you reveal your BE log related to this? Do you have any errors in rpt´s (client and server) cheers
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