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New Default Spawn Zones

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I removed the standard Epoch spawns and static traders within the spawns and and replaced everything with new spawns and traders.

By default the spawns have a safe zone included but in case you want to have a bigger diameter of it, i attached Friendlys "Extended Safe Zone Script" and an edited version of the mission.sqm.

In each spawn i placed either one or two boxes which can be used as a temporary storage. If you purchase items and you dont have enough space in your inventory you can put them into the storage.

All items will be gone after a restart tho.

Additional in each spawn i placed an atm and phone boxes so that players are able to access their bank accounts.


Download here:





Central: Between Katalaki and Neochori

West: Stadium

East: SW Paros






Central Spawn:







West Spawn:








East Spawn:









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On 15.4.2016 at 0:02 PM, Mates31cz said:

cau you reaplod Images ?

hey man. sry for the late reply. i wasn't online here for ages and i didn't recognize any comments.

back in the days i changed the webspace for all these images and i forgot to change the links too so they didn't show anymore. i just changed the links but the images still don't show up.

temporary solution: if you right click on a particular placeholder image you can open the specific image in a new browser tab.

maybe it's due to the free webhosting i am actually using for these images. never had such issues before so i guess i'll transfer all images back to my domain webspace again but now gotta go to bed as i'm already fallin asleep.

i'm sry for the inconveniences.


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