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Found 131 results

  1. /* HS Blackmarket by Halv & Suppe */ The HS Blackmarket is a 'new' Trader-system for A3 Epoch, it was created in collaboration with Halv, Halv wrote the main part of the script, he is the true genius. Features: - Trader with Custom Dialog (Menu) - Trader with unlimited supply - You control how many Trader will spawn - Trader will spawn random over the Map - Trader will spawn in 5 different "Camps" - With persistent Vehicles or not persistent Vehicles - Easily edit/add Prices, Items, Vehicles, Weapons - Easily Blacklist Items, Vehicles, Weapons - Easily control about Vehicleammo - Vehicleammo count over restart (10 bullets left for the restart = 10 bullets left after restart) - Static and Random Traders - Work with stock Epoch AH and infistar - Work without emod ! - Work on every Map Pictures: Download: https://github.com/GBR-Suppe/a3_epoch_HSBlackmarket Install: - Copy the "trader" Folder and the Stringtable.xml in your epoch.Mission - Add to your init: [] execVM "trader\init.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\resetvehicleammo.sqf"; [] execVM "trader\HALV_takegive_crypto_init.sqf"; - Add to your description.ext ( on the very top and if you use Halv's spawn script as well, you need only 1x the Halv_defines.hpp) #include "trader\Halv_defines.hpp" #include "trader\tradedialog.hpp" #include "trader\HSPricing.hpp" - (optional) Open epoch.Mission/trader/init.sqf to configurate the HS Blackmarket - (optional) Open epoch.Mission/trader/settings.sqf and resetvehicleammo.sqf to configurate the Vehicleammo - (optional) Open epoch.Mission/trader/HSPricing.hpp to configurate prices, or to add Items, Vehicles, Weapons and so on - (optional) Remove 1 Epoch Trader for every Blackmarket Trader you added (remove Epoch Trader: \Arma 3\@epochhive\epochconfig.hpp ,search for NPCSlotsLimit) - (optional) To get all messages of the traders (like the vehicleworldlimit check) you need: Edit your BE Filter: For infistar Server: for Halv for Suppe Copyright © 2015 Halvhjearne & Suppe This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version. This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with this program. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.
  2. Can anyone help with changing the trader scenery map items. I believe that the trader map items are set in dayz_code/system/mission/"***whatever map***.sqf I have made changes to coordinates and item class name but when I check on server nothing has altered I even deleted all but one item and still all was same When i removed the init call for this file every thing vanished this i think seems to suggest it is correct file i am a bit confused . I could remove all and make complete new map additions with editor but would like to use existing method. I can add and moved the actual traders but not their suroundings
  3. I have an overpoch Sauerland server. The vehicle traders are not spawning when you buy. The SOB takes your money and gives you a key, but no vehicle. The arrow comes up for about 12 seconds. After the restart, they are there, all on top of each other. NO, I do not have infistar installed. It brakes the server. No admin tools at all. Here are my server and client RPTs. Can someone please take a look for me? Client Server All other traders work.
  4. Please consider joining our custom Epoch | DayZ | Expansion | Namalsk or Takistan servers, we have 2 long term Admins on both UK/US continents and run our servers completely for charity and from 100% clean and renewable energy too! Click here to join our Discord for more information DayZSA Expansion Namalsk | DayZSA Expansion Takistan | A2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk | | Custom Content: - Armed Roaming / Dynamic AI Bandit Patrols - Custom Land and Air Trader Camps - Banking and Wallets - Customization Land Rovers - Advanced Weaponry - No Vehicle Crash Damage & Fix Vehicle Positions - More weapons packs, loot+, vehicles+, custom clothing & backpacks - Bounty Hunting - Unlimited Stamina - PvP & Raiding - Modular Vests - Igloo Crafting Thanks we hope to see you there! CPU: Xeon-X5690 @ 3.46GHz RAM: 16GB Storage: SSD Additional Features: ATM Banking | More Weapons | More Cars | More Loot | Namalsk Igloo | Light Saber Mod | No-Vehicle-Crash-Damage | Trader Wallet - Money/Item Storage | Custom Namalsk Spawn Selection | Custom Trader Cities | All items added to traders |Namalsk Airdrops | | Notification System | Territories System | Auto-run System | No Stamina System | Safezone System | Mission System | Skin System | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers System | KillFeed System | Towing System | Player Attachment | Custom lighting | Custom interiors | Custom ocean | Working Street lights | Builderitems | Gravecross | KillFeed | Notifications | Gravecross | Horn | Autorun | No stamina | MoreGuns | Street lights | Car Keys | CodeLock | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers | Global/Transport/Party Chat | Book (Server Info, Rules, player stats | party management | territory management) System
  5. Hey there! I just set up an Overpoch Chernarus server on a server provider but the vehicle traders aren't spawning the vehicles when you buy them. The trader takes your gold bars, gives you a key, then a red arrow appears over where the vehicle Should spawn, but nothing appears. After restarting the server all the vehicles that were bought appear right on top of the spot where they were Suppose to show up. -I Do Not have infistar installed -I'm using worldwidesorrow's admin tools from here: https://github.com/worldwidesorrow/Epoch-Admin-Tools/tree/TestBranch -But just in case I removed the admin tool and tested the vehicle traders again but still no luck. Here is my server RPT: Can someone please look into this. This is the exact issue discussed in this post but the solution doesn't apply in my case.
  6. To unlock vehicles left in your traders over a server restart, open your epoch_server.pbo In epoch_server\compile\epoch_vehicle\EPOCH_load_vehicles.sqf Find if (_allowDamage) then { Just above that, add this A3E_SafeZonePosArray = [ [[18451.9,14278.1,0]], //Altis East trader [[13333.5,14494.3,0]], //Altis Central trader [[6192.46,16834,0]] //Altis West trader ]; { if (_vehicle distance (_x select 0) < 200) then { _vehicle lock false; diag_log format["Vehicle %1 left in trader unlocked @ %2", _class, mapGridPosition _vehicle]; }; } forEach A3E_SafeZonePosArray; Pack pbo and you're good to go
  7. Hi, This script is extremely simple. 1 - In '@epochhive/addons' add the following pbo (traderATMs.pbo) : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/63143678/epoch_scripts/traderATMs.pbo 2 - In your 'MPMissions' folder, unpack 'epoch.Altis.pbo' 3 - In your unpacked 'epoch.Altis' folder, open init.sqf and add the following at the very top : if (isServer) then { execVM "\q\addons\traderATMs\init.sqf"; }; Note : if there is no init.sqf in the root of your unpacked 'epoch.Altis' folder, just create one. 4 - Repack 'epoch.Altis' into 'epoch.Altis.pbo' That's it ! **EDIT** Optimized following Kroenen's suggestions
  8. This script creates a caravan of traders who travel around the map - open a small market somewhere for a while, and they leave away to next city. (it's like "Traders In Move" in Install: 1. in your dayz_server.pbo, add a sqf file named "TraderConvoy.sqf" contains below: 2. in the bottom of dayz_server\init\server_functions.sqf , add a line to spawn TraderConvoy.sqf that you added like this: this file must be run by "execVM," not "call compile bra-bra-brah" --- Nown Issue: The traders get deleted in safezones by AI remover of SafeZone script.
  9. In the file server_spawnTraders.sqf private "_trader"; { _trader = createAgent [_x select 0,_x select 1,[],0,"CAN_COLLIDE"]; {_trader removeMagazine _x;} count magazines _trader; removeAllItems _trader; // removeAllWeapons _trader;//this is commented out so traders have weapons removeBackpack _trader; _trader switchMove ""; _trader setDir (_x select 2); _trader setVehicleInit "this disableAI 'ANIM'; this disableAI 'AUTOTARGET'; this disableAI 'FSM'; this disableAI 'MOVE'; this disableAI 'TARGET'; this setBehaviour 'CARELESS'; this forceSpeed 0; this allowDamage false;"; _trader setUnitAbility 0.6; _trader disableAI "ANIM"; _trader disableAI "AUTOTARGET"; _trader disableAI "FSM"; _trader disableAI "MOVE"; _trader disableAI "TARGET"; _trader setBehaviour "CARELESS"; _trader forceSpeed 0; _trader allowDamage false; _trader enableSimulation false; } count _this; processInitCommands; What would I have to do to get the Traders to move like they did in v1.0.5.1 I have tried but can not get it to work.
  10. -------------- Created by: Theduke™ Payden and Spider from Elite SLK Gaming -------------- Welcome to Sanford and Son Trader. Sadly this trader does not accept gold, only coins "Hero or not, we buy just about everything you can bring us. Certainly at a discounted price. We will pay you 75% of what the other guys give you. But I can guarantee you’ll never unload everything all at once if you visit them!" Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qIS9V0lLHw The Idea was to create a trader where you could sell EVERYTHING...well, just about everything ;) New players sometimes arn't able to sell hero items, or maybe you have a vehicle full of junk you might not want anymore and why not make a bit of cash from it, right? This trader will NOT be a install and go type of mod. You will need to take YOUR server items from the trader files, and change the price at the discount you choose. (you can leave your prices the same if you want, completely up to you) This is because every server most likely has different prices on items. Going through each file and changing each price manually just isnt feasible. How to do this will be explained later in the post. (its not as scary as it sounds) Many thanks to @Payden for creating the run.bat file and doing the leg work for creating the sanfordandson.hpp file and instructions. Many thanks to Spider for creating the trader buildings. DOWNLOAD https://github.com/theduke77/Sanford-and-Son-Salvage-Trader Tools you will need. Notepad++ PBO Manager Excel ...Maybe a sandwich and a drink lol FOR NOW WE WILL ONLY USE CHERNARUS - WE HAVE LINGOR WORKING ALSO Lets start with the easy part, server sided 1. Open your dayz_server\traders\chernarus11.sqf Anywhere in the middle, add this //Sandford and son Salvage ["Gangsta_merc7", [9910.58,5432.17,0.00143433],106.201], 2. Still in the dayz_server folder, put the sanford.sqf from the download in the objects folder. If you don't have the objects folder create one. So the sanford.sqf should be in a folder path like this. dayz_server\objects\sanford.sqf 3. Open the init folder, then server_functions.sqf Look for this spawn_vehicles = compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\spawn_vehicles.sqf"; Add this bellow execVM "\z\addons\dayz_server\objects\sanford.sqf"; Thats it for the server sided Now for the mission 1. Open your server_traders.sqf At the top you will see a list of traders, add this, but make sure if its your last entry, there shouldn't be a comma at the end "Gangsta_merc7", 2. still in server_traders.sqf Add this at the bottom //Sanford and Son Trader menu_Gangsta_merc7 = [ [["Sanford And Son Salvage",666]], [], "neutral" ]; Save and close the file. 4. Put the sanford folder from the download in your custom folder in your mission. If you dont have a custom folder create one. 5. Open your description.ext Look for class CfgSounds { add this before the closing bracket class sanford { name = "sanford"; sound[] = {custom\sanford\sanford.ogg,1.0,1}; titles[] = {}; }; 6.Open your mission.sqm look for class Sensors add this block of code, before the class sensors closing bracket. Pay attention to the class item6. They need to be incremental and you will need to adjust the items6 to items 7 right bellow class sensors also. class Item6 { position[]={9910.58,0,5432.17}; a=15; b=15; activationBy="WEST"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="zonesanford"; expCond="(player distance zonesanford) < 25;"; expActiv="sanford = [] execVM ""custom\sanford\music.sqf"";"; expDesactiv="terminate sanford; titleText [""Thanks For visiting us! Come Again"", ""PLAIN DOWN"", 3];"; class Effects { }; }; 7. Still in the mission.sqm look for class Markers { add this before the closing bracket of class markers class Item20 { position[]={9910.58,5432.17}; name="SanfordSonSalvage"; text="Sanford & Son Salvage"; type="mil_circle"; colorName="ColorBlack"; }; ALWAYS MAKE SURE your class item is incremental in number and make sure the Items right bellow class markers you increase it by 1. so if you have items18, it'll be items19. Alright the easy part is done lol Now is the time to configure your prices for the trader. Optional/Disclaimer This part Payden will take over the instructions I decided to make a video based on what Payden explained to me Video can be found bellow **************************** Building the Scrap Trader File: 1. Put all trader files (YOUR MISSION\dayz_code\configs\Category) in a single directory. Rename any Hero or Epic Hero files to resolve duplicate names 2. Put the run.bat file from the download in that folder also. Run the bat file, it will compile all your files into one and should create a file called "output.txt" Now the fun part begins. 3. In order to import into excel and properly change the prices. You need to change the format of the files. Open output.txt with notepad++. In notepad++, click on view>Show Symbol>Show All Characters This will show all spaces, tabs, line breaks...everything. when done, it should look like this class G36C_DZ {type=“trade_weapons";buy[]={ 60000 ,”worth”};sell[]={ 20000 ,”worth”};}; and not this class G36C_DZ { type=“trade_weapons"; buy[]={ 60000,”worth”}; sell[]={20000,”worth”}; }; - All whitespace is TAB characters. Tabs between "class" and classname, between classname and {type=..., before and after buy price, before and after sell price. 4. Import the plain text file into Excel. You should end up with everything separated by columns: 1. class and ClassName (e.g., M4A1_HWS_GL_camo) 2. All before the buy price (e.g., {type=“trade_any_vehicle";buy[]={) 3. Buy price 4. All between buy price and sell price (e.g., ,”worth”};sell[]={) 5. Sell price 6. All after sell price (e.g., ,”worth”};};) If you're like me, you'll need to repeat this process several times to get everything correct. Filters will help you find the oddball entries in each row. 5. Use Excel's conditional formatting to highlight duplicate classnames. Compare prices, pick the one you will use, delete the other entry 6. Set all buy prices to -1 7. Decide on your discount (our scrap trader pays 75% of standard trader prices) and calculate/replace the original sell prices using excel formulas 8. Use Excel's filters to either hide or delete rows containing only classnames or filenames. Also remove extra "};" where needed to make these lines a single class 8. Use Excel to save/export the file to Formatted Text (Space delimited). You'll need to widen the Excel columns to ensure nothing is truncated. 9. If you're like me, you'll need to repeat this step also to ensure your class is correct and no data fields were truncated. 10. Change the filename extension from PRN to HPP if you haven't already. VIDEO: ************************** 11. Now you need to navigate to your trader files, and drop the sanfordandson.hpp you just created with the rest of your trader files. The path should be dayz_code\configs\category 12. Open your cfgServerTrader.hpp. Located in dayz_code\configs add this in the middle anywhere #include "category\SanfordAndSon.hpp" Thats it you're done. Hope you enjoy Sanford and Son Salvage Trader
  11. This is MACA's Dynamic Traders. All I did was change 2 variables to get it working with 1061. ALL CREDIT goes to MACA. The instruction are in the readme in the download https://www.dropbox.com/s/kcpkzl7q91xnm1i/DynamicTraders.zip?dl=0
  12. I made some changes to the traders inventory. So they they have 15 drinks, and 15 food. However, when I restart server, and check, the inventory was just like it was before restart. I have a feeling I don't understand the loot system yet, and the traders. Looks like it's a running tally of what ever gets sold to them, and it carries over through restarts. Probably only resets after it reaches a certain point (amount of items). What I'd like to do, is have the traders have a minimum of 15 food and 15 drink at all times is that possible? Thanks,
  13. You will be allowed(permission) to enter vehicle in trader? Group (F5 ) Only Allowed just? So only your friend can sit beside him
  14. Hey guys I am kinda new to this and am trying to setup a server for my kid so he can just play around and have fun without "OLDER" people messing with him. I am having a heck of a time getting this done. I have HS Black Market instaled but he cant buy a vehicle cause it says too many on map or something to that effect and when selling or buying from the HS vendor no money is exchanged. Please help before I lose my mind on this stuff. I have a ton more issues but this is what I am trying to focus on now.
  15. Hi folks! I'm trying to move the Vehicle Spawns for Traders, Especially Klen and Bash. Seems like the vehicles spawn right next to the trader that sells vehicles wondering how on earth do I move them! As far as I know.. you add the "HeliHCivil" but apart from I dunno how to link up the trader to that spawn Any help would be great! Thank you
  16. hi! How to add new hpp file,new trader,new items (No wepaons,no truck) Static guns trader Thanks Im created trader,activated server_trader.sqf,activate mysql,cfgservertrader,napf. Not worked :/ , Not loading Trader menu, Does not produce
  17. Hi! Trader - Server restart (3hour) unlock vehiles in trade? So the vehicle will open at restart Unlock vehicle trader restart (3 hours) Many leave it in vehicle Sorry no speak English
  18. Hello! How to change the mapping of traders or ?
  19. Hi. There is a problem with closed vehicles, Example: Spawn locked vehicle bug,Buy locked vehicles,Sell locked vehicles (error code) No one writes that I could shut it down. Photos links: https://prntscr.com/f8ut13 - No lock menu https://prntscr.com/f8utap - trader spawn bug https://prntscr.com/f8utjo - lost car,added key 1(one) he was able to lay down the vehicle,But it does not work afterwards
  20. [SOLVED] First, why take the weapons from traders? Second, If possible how do I go about adding them back. I am looking through dayz_code and not finding anything. I know I may have looked over the part that covers this. Just need a little help. Reason to put them back is, my panthera map is going to be 100% militarized. AI everywhere and all traders will be military personnel.
  21. I can't seem to edit my database in Epoch I've added the correct lines into the traders_data, '8024', '[\"ItemRadio\",3]', '10', '[1,\"ItemGoldBar\",1]', '[5,\"ItemSilverBar10oz\",1]', '0', '510', 'trade_weapons'. I followed NoxSicarius's instruction on trader editing here I've followed this tutorial and even added the radio to every Tools tid I could find. I noticed that the table of Trader_items no longer exists, is my database missing tables? I've also noticed some odd things about my tables, like the parts trader for Stary doesn't seem to exist in my server_traders and that my chernarus11.sqf spawns traders that are part of other instances like Dr_Annie_Baker_EP1 who is specified as instance 17 in the server_traders.
  22. Hi i am relatively new to setting up servers and i am looking to edit the current traders using the editor and im not too sure how to go about this. I am not looking to add stuff to the actual traders just more like the building the trader city so its individual to my server? Thanks for any help i can get.
  23. Version 2.1 Released. Alternative selling/buying system. ( Run default & this one next to each other ). Supported: Config traders Single Currency & Default Currency Selling/Buying everything from and to Gear/Vehicle/Backpack Not supported No database traders (database traders make your server slow) No ability to buy or sell vehicles. What was added to 2.0 Default Currency Supported Item Filter Info display of selected Item Buying to gear and backpack What was added to 2.1Fixed content display of vehicles and backpacks. Description Sell directly from backpack, gear or the vehicle ( close) where you were driver from. Decide which items you sell. Traders will only make it possible to trade the items they accept ( goes fully automatic, so only items they accept will be listed on the left). You push items to the right to sell, only the items on the right willl get sold. Safety measurements Double checks what was deleted from backpacks/vehicles so that people can not cheat. Can only sell from your backpack and the vehicle were u was the last driver from ( in 30m radius) Update 1.0 - 2.0 instructions Delete your old 'zupa' folder Paste the new 'zupa' folder Edit the config.sqf to match your server Done https://github.com/DevZupa/AdvancedTrading/releases/tag/v2.1 Items only show for admins when using infiSTAR AH & Admintools ?! Update infiSTAR to latest version. edit config.sqf to reflect your server correctly. Installation instructions Code: https://github.com/DevZupa/AdvancedTrading/releases/tag/v2.1 Install Instructions 0. Drop the zupa folder in your mission file 1. In your fn_selfactions.sqf Place: _buyV = player addAction ["<t color='#0059FF'>Advanced Trading</t>", "zupa\advancedTrading\init.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buyV]; above // Database menu _buy = player addAction [localize "STR_EPOCH_PLAYER_289", "\z\addons\dayz_code\actions\show_dialog.sqf",(_traderMenu select 0), 999, true, false, "",""]; s_player_parts set [count s_player_parts,_buy]; 2. in description.ext, add the following on the bottom #include "zupa\advancedTrading\ZSCdefines.hpp" // if u don't have it from ZSC #include "zupa\advancedTrading\advancedTrading.hpp" 3. Add the following exceptions to your antihack if needed AdvancedTrading 711197 4. Edit the config.sqf to match your server. Screenshots:
  24. Heya, I've been trying to tinker with this issue for a week. Here's the situation: I've placed a LHD built in mission editor. I managed to add a Agent there as a trader which functions fine and exists constantly without vanishing into the ocean, right so that functions properly. The issue is with purchasing a vehicle. It doesn't function as expected. I have included a HeliHCivil on it with a set position that its height should be about the same as carrier's deck. (I tested it previously that if you increase its Z it will spawn the machine exactly at that height and remain frozen in air until touched.) When purchasing a air vehicle it spawns 500m into the air as title informs, it is unclear to me whether the hitbox of the carrier just happens to be that huge or why it does it, this is beyond my ability to comprehend it. This happens if there are a structure on the spawn point, if none exist it spawns precisely how you'd want it. I tested it by making it spawn above ocean it worked and then placed metal floors about it and bought it again. vehicle spawned in the air again. I tried to lower the Helipad's height with -X (with X being amount added) but it results in the purchased vehicle spawning in the center of the map. Are there any solution to how to make it spawn on the helipad even if the helipad is on top of a building or similar? I might've exhausted all my options. Thank you. Update on When purchasing on ocean the vehicle spawns on the bottom of the sea instead of on the helipad.
  25. Hello Community i need help . Sorry for my bad english. Im from germany and i need help. I Have Advanced trading and Single currency 3.0 (without global banking) from zupa, and when i sell or buy in the normal trading menu , the trader dont use coins from me. With advanced trading menu the trader use coins for the item. Pls help me. Thx
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