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Found 9 results

  1. Please consider joining our customised Epoch | DayZ | Expansion | Namalsk servers, we have 2 long term Admins on both UK/US continents and run our servers completely for charity and from 100% clean and renewable energy too! https://discord.gg/eyMymYv DayZSA Expansion Namalsk | DayZSA Expansion Takistan | A2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk (Stalker) | | CPU: Xeon-X5690 @ 3.46GHz RAM: 16GB Storage: SSD Stalker Exclusion Zone Time2Kill Epoch Namalsk (1.0.7/144629) Contents: Epoch Content: - Single Currency Traders & Global Banking tied to your Player ID and NOT your character. (keeps rubles after death) - 200 new zombie models, over 100 new weapons and magazines with attachment support - New Vehicles and trucks, skins, backpacks, items, planes, helis even a submarine - New weapon sounds, Backpack Upgrades, Vehicle Upgrades, Tons of new clothing - Over 30 new base building items like a drawbridge, metal and wood gates, glass floors and many more - Epoch AntiHack, Trader SafeZones, Refundable Base Deconstruction! - Two Primaries, No Stamina Limit, One Step Building, No Plot, Self Bloodbag, Kill Feed, Group System(press F5) Namalsk Content: - Customized Harsh Weather System - Dynamic Snow/Blizzards and Storms! Warm Clothing at hero/bandit zones - Namalsk EVR Blowouts Events - Blood Sucker Monsters! (Note: Killing Strelok will destroy his "PSY" abilities and no more Bloodsuckers will spawn until mission restart) - APSI Masks and Mutant Heart Crystal Artefacts! Stalker Content: - STALKER Factions: Monolith = Bandit Duty = Hero - Stalker Faction Skins at Traders Hero/Bandit - Strelok - Bloodsucker PSY Leader | Search the exclusion zone for tips - Mutant Heart Artefact Crystal - Radioactive Exclusion Zone! (Must have Stalker Hazmat suit to survive here) AI faction Monolith patrols this island heavily Custom Content: - Navy Zone - Military Airfield Zone - LandBridge Zone - Intro Radio Broadcast Story and secret radio broadcasts in the exclusion zone - Roaming AI groups. 1 AI Helicopter Patrol and several Land/Sea Patrols, AI bandits, AI Heros - AI Mission system, AI Cash Wallets, AI Humanity/Cash Rewards System - Custom Player Skins - Vorkuta Hospital - ADDED: over 150 Base Building Kits to traders - Money on Zombies/AI 10-100 // Min/Max - Taking Clothes from the dead Added - Vehicle Towing added - Vehicle Service Stations Added. (Service for coins) - Spawn selection added - Choice Land/Air Spawn(c130 drop), Loadout Spawn Hero/Bandit lvl 1-3 - Custom Server loadingScreen Added - Stalker of course - Craft Bicycle | Craft Mozzi (Press TAB) - Set Custom View Distances (TAB) Server is password protected and will remain so due to the low price of CD keys for this game. To access the server please join the discord "Server Announcements Channel" will have all the info you need to connect. Your admins for this server are "DarkIQ" and "Harkness"
  2. From what I see this was made by user matt-d-rat about 6 years ago. All i did was light up a few smokes and update all the old variable names to get it running on our 1062 + 107 servers from which we use a lot of scripts from here so here is a contribution back from me. I only added Epoch Vehicles in there. Original Instructions Original Thread All you need to do is follow matt-d-rats Original Instructions above, But instead of using the old files he made use my edited versions below mf-tow\init.sqf mf-tow\tow_AttachTow.sqf mf-tow\tow_DetachTow.sqf
  3. Please consider joining our custom Epoch | DayZ | Expansion | Namalsk or Takistan servers, we have 2 long term Admins on both UK/US continents and run our servers completely for charity and from 100% clean and renewable energy too! Click here to join our Discord for more information DayZSA Expansion Namalsk | DayZSA Expansion Takistan | A2 DayZ Epoch Namalsk | | Custom Content: - Armed Roaming / Dynamic AI Bandit Patrols - Custom Land and Air Trader Camps - Banking and Wallets - Customization Land Rovers - Advanced Weaponry - No Vehicle Crash Damage & Fix Vehicle Positions - More weapons packs, loot+, vehicles+, custom clothing & backpacks - Bounty Hunting - Unlimited Stamina - PvP & Raiding - Modular Vests - Igloo Crafting Thanks we hope to see you there! CPU: Xeon-X5690 @ 3.46GHz RAM: 16GB Storage: SSD Additional Features: ATM Banking | More Weapons | More Cars | More Loot | Namalsk Igloo | Light Saber Mod | No-Vehicle-Crash-Damage | Trader Wallet - Money/Item Storage | Custom Namalsk Spawn Selection | Custom Trader Cities | All items added to traders |Namalsk Airdrops | | Notification System | Territories System | Auto-run System | No Stamina System | Safezone System | Mission System | Skin System | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers System | KillFeed System | Towing System | Player Attachment | Custom lighting | Custom interiors | Custom ocean | Working Street lights | Builderitems | Gravecross | KillFeed | Notifications | Gravecross | Horn | Autorun | No stamina | MoreGuns | Street lights | Car Keys | CodeLock | Map UI and 2D/3D Markers | Global/Transport/Party Chat | Book (Server Info, Rules, player stats | party management | territory management) System
  4. Hello Epoch community, I'd like to present you our Epoch Chernarus Redux Server: Here are some Server features: Increased Epoch Loot, added ground loot and increased object loot Vector Building Armed Vehicles (up to 40mm Grenades) Zombies (Epochs Ryanzombies) AI Patrols (Cars and Helis) Added Military Buildings and Skalisty Bridge Changed Trader Positions and added Advanced Safezones with Vehicle Protection Rearm/Repair/Refuel options at Service Points CUP Vehicles and CUP Weapons Advanced Towing Shorter building delays 7 Days of Base maintenance Blackmarket Traders for Vehicles Guns higher than 7.62 are more rare then usual guns Serverwebsite: nox-epoch.de Everybody is welcome ( excludes Glitchers, Haxors etc. :P ) Hope to see you soon! :)
  5. Latest release: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/releases/latest Bug reports: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/issues Install guide: https://github.com/matt-d-rat/mf-tow/blob/master/README.md MF-Tow enables vehicles to be towed by others. It has been designed to be highly configurable, allowing server admins to define which vehicles can tow, and what types of vehicles they can tow. This script builds upon the ideas laid down by the built-in tow system in DayZ Epoch, but with more features and a better configurable ease of use. MF-Tow was inspired by the great work done by the R3F team on their '[R3F] Artillery and Logistic' addon, and serves as an alternative tow script for admins who just want to add towing functionality to their DayZ Epoch server. MF-Tow is also fully compatible with the popular '=BTC=_Logistic (DayZ Epoch Version)'.
  6. I have a problem and its with the tow/lift. R3F was working great with 103718 125548 I can find a vehicle and tow or lift and that part good. I can spawn any vehicle with keys and without keys and i can tow or lift, that part good. But and yes i started with a but. When you buy any vehicle you can not tow or lift at all with them. Any help at all please, thank you in advance Thug
  7. I have R3F Arty and Logistics working with the exception of an oddity I have noted. Vehicles can be towed to other vehicles successfully, but the often will be intersect front to back or one on top of the other. See attached screenshots. I am trying to figure out where I can specify a follow distance, but I am coming up short. Anyone else seen this behavior? CodeWarrior
  8. Hi, I am currently interested to know if anyone knows of a fix to the vehicle towing issue i.e. the towed vehicle returns to the place it was towed from on server restart. I would appreciate any ideas, fixes or even the simple it can't be done response. Edit: Without having to get into the vehicle after towing it to a desired location. Thanks.
  9. I know it's easy, but I'm being lazy. Did anyone do it already and have the SQL? I'll give you a can of beans. :D If I end up doing it, I'll share the SQL.
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