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  1. hey man. sry for the late reply. i wasn't online here for ages and i didn't recognize any comments. back in the days i changed the webspace for all these images and i forgot to change the links too so they didn't show anymore. i just changed the links but the images still don't show up. temporary solution: if you right click on a particular placeholder image you can open the specific image in a new browser tab. maybe it's due to the free webhosting i am actually using for these images. never had such issues before so i guess i'll transfer all images back to my domain webspace again but now gotta go to bed as i'm already fallin asleep. i'm sry for the inconveniences. regards
  2. i assume u want to have the mas vehicles(or any other(vanilla or whatever)spawning randomly on the map. in this case u just have to add em in the epochconfig.hpp being located in \@epochive. EDIT: just ignore this post. i was browsing the forums with my phone and for some reason only able to see ur post and none of the above so nvm.
  3. I removed the standard Epoch spawns and static traders within the spawns and and replaced everything with new spawns and traders. By default the spawns have a safe zone included but in case you want to have a bigger diameter of it, i attached Friendlys "Extended Safe Zone Script" and an edited version of the mission.sqm. In each spawn i placed either one or two boxes which can be used as a temporary storage. If you purchase items and you dont have enough space in your inventory you can put them into the storage. All items will be gone after a restart tho. Additional in each spawn i placed an atm and phone boxes so that players are able to access their bank accounts. Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/NewSpawnZones Locations: Central: Between Katalaki and Neochori West: Stadium East: SW Paros Overview: Central Spawn: West Spawn: East Spawn: Regards BoleParty
  4. more to come when i got time. couple projects i am working on atm
  5. my server was starting and running fine but client was crashing so in the end it is the same result. maybe someone knows why this is being experienced?you still could use option 2 to add it to your server. regards
  6. New airfield salt flats Almyra Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/Almyra-Airfield You got two options to add this area to your server: 1. Pack the folder "a3_epoch_custom" into a .pbo file and throw in your @epochhive\addons. PLEASE NOTE: I wasn`t able to test the .pbo as the file was crashing my arma every time i tried to join my testserver so i can`t guarantee that the objects will spawn if you are using option 1. The server was running fine tho and the .rpt log file showed a running pbo. I can`t seem to say what is causing mentioned crashes unfortunately. Hopefully it`s just on my machine so that you can use the easy install version. Just try out if it`s working for you and if you encounter the same then you still have option 2. 2. Unpack your a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo(being located in @epochhive\addons) and replace your "altis.h" (being located in a3_epoch_server_settings\configs\maps) with mine. If you already have an edited altis.h file then just add the content of "almyra.txt" to it. Make it a .pbo again and throw back into @epochhive\addons. Regards
  7. thanks man:) Github updated with mission.sqm for current branch - markers included.
  8. BoleParty

    Crate Trader

    This is my first script so i am asking the smart guys for some assistance. I know that there is an option to merge all scripts and call each single one with a switch do function but i wasn`t able to get it working. I would highly appreciate it if somebody could point me into right direction. I just started with this whole scripting stuff and what i found out so far is that i dont know nothing. Now i have even more respect for the real coders. As said, this is my first script and i am sure there are much better options out there and once i got more knowledge i think i will be able to release better ones. Feel free to use and to modify this work but please don`t remove the credits. Thank you. By adding these files to your server in each spawn zone (East/Central/West) on Altis there will be an A.I. unit. This A.I. offers medical treatment and from this A.I. you can buy crates with different loadouts. Once purchased the crate will spawn in front of you. You can buy as many crates as you want as long you have enough Krypto. In each script you can change the content and the prices to you liking. Two options to install the script: 1.) Unpack your mission and copy the \CrateTrader folder into your mission root.Then copy your unpacked mission to: C:\Users\Yourusername\Arma3\Missions Start your arma and go to the editor. Choose Altis map and load your epoch mission. Place as many units or objects on the map wherever you want the action to be activated and add this code to the init field: "this addaction [""Crate Content"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\CrateContent.sqf""}];this addaction [""Soldier Kit - Price: 200"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SoldierKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Sniper Kit - Price: 300"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SniperKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Elite Sniper Kit - Price: 1200"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\EliteSniperKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Diver Kit - Price: 350 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\DiverKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""MG Kit - Price: 375 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\MGKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Heavy Gunner Kit - Price: 1250"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\HeavyGunnerKit.sqf""}];;this addaction [""Combat Medic Kit - Price: 300 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\MedicKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Demolition Kit - Price: 1000 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\DemoKit.sqf""}];this addaction [""Supply Crate - Price: 400 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\SupplyCrate.sqf""}]; this addaction [""Medical Treatment - Price: 50 Krypto"", {[(_this select 1)] execVM ""scripts\CrateTrader\Heal.sqf""}];this disableAI ""move""; this allowDamage false;"; Save your mission and go back to Desktop and then to C:\Users\Yourusername\Arma3\Missions and repack your mission.. Upload your pbo to your servers \mpmissions folder. 2.) Unpack your mission and copy the \CrateTrader folder into your mission root. Replace your mission.sqm with the attached one. Repack your mission and upload to your server. Battleye - add these exceptions to scripts.txt: !"this allowDamage false;" !"_crate allowDamage false;" to allowDamage line !"_player setDamage 0;" to setDamage line !"_crate addWeaponCargoGlobal" to addWeaponCargo line !"_crate addMagazineCargoGlobal" to addMagazineCargo line !"_crate addItemCargoGlobal" to addItemCargo line !"_crate addBackpackCargoGlobal" to addBackpackCargo line Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/CrateTrader Have fun! Regards
  9. you can adjust the count of random spawning traders and you can spawn static traders. to the static traders you can add safe zones. in case you want to add safe zones to random spawning traders i cant tell ya unfortunately as my knowledge in coding is very limited. im at the beginning and have to learn so much stuff which isnt easy for an old fart:) if you wanna add safe zones to static traders i could offer some help tho. if you send me your mission.pbo to [email protected] i could implement some static traders and add safe zones to them. but i couldn`t tell ya how long it would take as for the time being im very busy with work and with my son so i only have spare time to work on such things plus i have some other projects running beside for the community im rollin with. and just btw...there really is no need to call me sir :)
  10. Sorry for the late response but i was at work and just arrived home. If you want to have blackmarket traders within the spawn-safe zones it`s not that hard to get `em in. The blackmarket script has a function for static traders included. Open the script init.sqf being usually being located in your mission.pbo\trader and jump to line 40. If the map you are using on your server is not listed you have to create a new block of code for it. For example: case "australia":{ _staticCoords = [ [[19031.8, 33967, 0],275,false], //these coordinates will replace the spawn zone epoch traders. if you want to keep them just edit the coords slightly [[34757.4, 13432.1, 0],313.34,false], [[24407.3, 13957.4, 0],231.976,false], [[4077.59, 19458.2, 0],93.5839,false] ]; _blacklistedAreas = [ [[19031.8, 33967, 0],1000], // this makes sure that you don`t have any random spawning blackmarket traders within a radius of 1000m from the safezone [[34757.4, 13432.1, 0]1000], //you can add more locations in case you don`t want traders to be spawning in specific spots [[24407.3, 13957.4, 0],1000], [[4077.59, 19458.2, 0],1000] ]; _spawnarea = 18000; //distance to search for trader spawn positions - maximum distance to map center }; You can add more static traders to the _staticCoords block and if you want them to be in a safe zone you need to edit your mission.sqm and add a new sensor for each additional trader in class Sensors inside of mission.sqm Just copy/paste the code segment and choose another name for the sensor. make sure that in expCond line the same name is mentioned. Example: class Item4 { position[]={12345.67, 9.8765, 12345.67}; //for this the coordinates have to be in another order a=250; b=250; activationBy="ANY"; repeating=1; interruptable=1; age="UNKNOWN"; name="traderalphasafezone"; expCond="(player distance traderalphasafezone) < 250;"; // You can adjust the radius to your liking expActiv="hint ""You have entered A Safe Zone! Do not fire in the Safe Zones.""; inSafeZone = true;"; expDesactiv="hint ""You are leaving the Safe Zone!""; inSafeZone = false;"; class Effects { }; }; IMPORTANT: If you add more items to class Sensors you must use consecutive numbers and you have to change the total item count at the beginning of class Sensors. Item0 is being calculated too so in the end the total count of items in classSensors is always one more than you have class Items in it. This is the way for manually adding sensors. I suggest to use the Arma3 built in editor to create new sensors as the changes to the mission.sqm will be automatically generated and you won`t encounter any issues. At least you shouldn`t. If you want these safe zones marked exactly the same as the other safe zones you need to add more segments in class Markers but i don`t suggest it tho as your ingame map would look like a christmas tree. Once a player is approaching a safe zone trader he will get the same hint he get`s when entering a safe zone and i think that`s enough but up to you of course. :) There is another option to add safe zones to a location: you can open your map.h file for example australia.h being located in @epochhive\addons\a3_epoch_server_settings.pbo\configs\maps and add protection zones to specific coordinates in the propsPos block. Make sure that you set a comma after the last line before the newly added segment starts and that you don`t have a comma after it. Example: {"Land_GarbagePallet_F", {20732.6, 12901.8, 0}, 0}, {"Land_GarbagePallet_F", {20862.9, 12672, 0}, 0}, {"Land_GarbageBags_F", {20916.4, 12695.6, 0}, 0}, { "ProtectionZone_Invisible_F", { 19031.8, 33967, 0 }, 0, true }, { "ProtectionZone_Invisible_F", {34757.4, 13432.1, 0 }, 0, true }, { "ProtectionZone_Invisible_F", { 24407.3, 13957.4, 0 }, 0, true }, { "ProtectionZone_Invisible_F", {4077.59, 19458.2, 0 }, 0, true } These protection zones only have a 25 m radius so if you want to use this option for your safe zones i would suggest that you use m3 editor for placing more protection zones in each location to increase the diameter for the safe zone. Or you can use a script (by SadBoy1981) for adding these protection zones: Create a new file called "protection.sqf" (or name it whatever you want) and put following code inside: private ["_objects"]; _objects = [ ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23710.1, 16250.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23710.1, 16225.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23710.1, 16200.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23685.1, 16250.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23685.1, 16225.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23685.1, 16200.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23660.1, 16250.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23660.1, 16225.1, 0.01]], ["ProtectionZone_Invisible_F",[23660.1, 16200.1, 0.01]] ]; { private ["_obj"]; _obj = createVehicle [_x select 0, [0,0,0], [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _obj setvectorup [0,0,1]; _obj setPosATL (_x select 1); } foreach _objects; Replace the coordinates with your own and delete or add more depending on how much you need. Put the file in the root (or any folder) of your mission.pbo and call it from the init.sqf like: []execVM "protection.sqf"; Hope that`s what you are searching for. Best regards
  11. Always nice to hear that someones work is being appreciated.
  12. I released another area what you can add to your server if you want to. Also available the extended safe zones for australia/ chernarus/ esseker. Maybe another nice addition is the highloot script. it increases the epoch loot objects. Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty Best regards
  13. This area i used for the Sector B script (by Suppe). You can just put it on your server or you can use it for the Sector B as well. If you didn`t do any changes to your altis.h then just replace yours with mine. If you already got your file edited then just copy/paste the lines from my sector.txt (and don`t forget to place commas if needed). I`ve to mention that all the areas i built are not finished. I still add content whenever i got some time to do it. Within the next couple days i will add my mission.sqm to github so that you only have to put the Sector B files from Suppe into your epochhive folder. Download: https://github.com/BoleParty/MilitaryAreaFeresSelakano This is what it looks like: Regards
  14. I release safe zone scripts for Australia/ Chernarus/ Esseker. Original script for Altis is written by Friendly and you can check it out here: Many thanks go out to him as he did all the scripting and i just did the edits to get it working for the other maps. Instructions in Readme.md file. Download here: https://github.com/BoleParty/SafeZonesAustralia https://github.com/BoleParty/SafeZonesChernarus https://github.com/BoleParty/SafeZonesEsseker Best regards
  15. maybe today i got some free time to release anything of what i mentioned. depends on what time im off work.
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