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  1. Hi, sorry for the late reply, don't know if you have fixed it but you should look for help on infiStar forum or Discord Server. They are really helpful !
  2. Server is all set up. But no ai or zombies?

    You have to install scripts by yourself. If you want to add zombies on your server, install Zombies and Demons by RyanD, available on Steam Worshop, Armaholic... you should also use SM Zombz by StokesMagee. For AI, there is a lot of scripts available on this site, just browse Community Projects>AI Missions and you'll find what you're looking for.
  3. Wrong signatures for file...

    I have just tested everything with 1.72 update and Apex extension disabled, everything works fine. We can now add any Apex buildings or structures and non-Apex owner won't get kicked for wrong signature anymore !!!
  4. Epoch (Altis) Map editing : how avoid issue ?

    Thanks for sharing this He-Man ! I absolutely have to try this next time.
  5. Epoch (Altis) Map editing : how avoid issue ?

    Ok, now I see why everything went wrong. To edit a map you need to use maca134's M3Editor http://maca134.co.uk/portfolio/m3editor-arma-3-map-editor/ You have to run it alongside Arma 3 before editing your map. When you are done with it, click on M3Editor tab at the top and choose Export All. This will open a window with all the code of your buildings (position, state, etc...) Simply choose copy and paste it to your text editor. Save your file and rename it from building.txt to building.sqf (or whatever you want to name it). Now you have to follow this small tutorial: https://epochmod.com/forum/topic/36574-put-your-server-addons-in-a-server-side-pbo/#comment-276602 Everything should work fine then.
  6. Epoch (Altis) Map editing : how avoid issue ?

    Hi, I've made some map editing on my server too, maybe I can help you. I guess you've tried to put buildings or make custom traders on it. Which files did you edit to add these ?
  7. Wrong signatures for file...

    I finally removed all Apex contents from my server but BI said that Apex structures (assets and vegetations) will be available for everyone in 1.72 update !!!
  8. Wrong signatures for file...

    Hi everyone !!! When I first got my server from GTX, verifysignatures was set to 0, I didn't notice anything wrong until someone was able to join in with Zombies and Demons, crashing my server. After a few searchs, I finally found the mistake in config.cfg and set verifysignatures to 2 preventing any non allowed mod. The problem now is that every players on my server but me are kicked for: wrong signatures for file... I've noticed that it seems to involve objects from the Apex expansion. (ex: a3\structures_f_exp\industrial\sugarcanefactory_01\scf_01_conveyor_hole_f.p3d). I'm running Altis on my server but I've made custom traders zone with some Tanoa buildings and objects. Did they got kicked because they don't own Apex ? Is there any way to fix this without removing everything not included in base game ? Thanks
  9. Disable loot spawning from areas

    Thank you very much for your answer !!
  10. Disable loot spawning from areas

    Hi !! I've made a custom safezone on my server, and I want to disable loot spawning in this area, how can I do that ? Thanks
  11. BE RemoteExec Restriction

    Seems to work now, many thanks
  12. BE RemoteExec Restriction

    I didn't add anything myself to cfgRemoteExec but I added SPK_CfgRemoteExec for the ESVP mod that adds the line: #include "SPK_CFGRemoteExec.hpp"" at the end. Here's my remoteexec.txt: 5 "" !="bis_fnc_execvm \[.+\]",\"initPlayerServer.sqf\"]" !="bis_fnc_effectkilled(airdestruction|secondaries) \[.+\]" !="epoch_server_checkplayer \[[A-Z]{1} [A-Za-z]{4,10} [0-9]{1,3}-[0-9]{1,3}:[0-9]{1,3}( \(.+\)|) REMOTE\]" !="epoch_server_(save(_vehicles|building)|(lock|pack)Storage|(upgrade|remove|paint|maint)build) \[.+\]" !="epoch_server_((load|respawn|dead|invite|revive|teleport)Player|(upgrade|updateplayer|create|delete)Group) \[.+\]" !="epoch_server_(deadplayerdetonate|triggerantagonist|playersetvariable|missioncomms|make(marker|SP)|removemarker) \[.+\]" !="epoch_server_(knockDownTree|mineRocks|lootAnimal|handle_(say3d|switchmove|sapperObjs)) \[.+\]" !="epoch_server_((repair|fill|lock)Vehicle|(loot|fill)Container|(store|take)Crypto|make(NPC|)Trade) \[.+\]" !="epoch_server_(paycrypto|tradeRequest|equippeditem|packJack|create(object|AirDrop)|airDropCrate|destroytrash|unpackBackpack) \[.+\]" !="epoch_(localcleanup|fnc_saveplayer|client_bitePlayer|serverlootobject) \[.+\]" 5 "" !"spk_fnc_esvp_logincheck" !"spk_fnc_esvp_plrcheckpos" !"spk_fnc_esvp_securetp" And my cfgRemoteExec:
  13. BE RemoteExec Restriction

    Thanks for your answer but I'm still getting kicked for the same reason, by the way I can't find initPlayerServer.sqf anywhere on my server files. Don't know if I missed it while searching or if I have to add it somewhere.
  14. BE RemoteExec Restriction

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn how to deal with Battleye filters, i've been looking at several posts but i just don't get it Everytime I try to join my server I get kicked by the following in remotexec.log #1 "bis_fnc_execvm [[C Alpha 1-1:1 (playername) REMOTE,true],"initPlayerServer.sqf"]"
  15. Interaction with structures in traders

    I'm an idiot, thank you very much