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  1. @Runewulv Just tried your suggestion and I still get the action to pack when I'm not on the plot....not sure why yet
  2. @Runewulv Thanks for that idea! @l1nkrx7 DB saving already works. Check the config file and make sure you have the DB saving set to true for the deploy option you're having problems with @Rust You need to add exceptions to your Allowed actions array in infistar: /* ALLOWED Actions "_dayzActions" are only used if you have "_CSA = true;" */ _dayzActions = [ ......,"DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0","DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_2" ]; So, in my example above the first option in the config to deploy that you also want to pack is DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0. I don't need to pack the next on the list but, do with the 3rd hence, DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_2 Hope that makes sense... :)
  3. I thought it was a feature rather than a bug but, that's what players call it. So I keep just hearing, "Admin! Claim vehicle is bugged!!!" lol I thought I would ask seeing as I think it would be a good option to add to the config. On my servers, hotwire kits are pretty rare so, I don't mind them getting the full benefit of being able to claim it.
  4. Is there a way to modify the code so that hotwired vehicles can be claimed? Or, is this nor possible as the vehicle is tied to the original owner?
  5. We use "Land_MBG_Garage_Single_A" as a deployable garage and link virtual garage to this building. When a player deploys this they will only get the pack option during that life. If they die, they lose the option. ["ItemToolbox",[0,9,2],5,0.9,false,true,false,true,true,false,false,["Land_MBG_Garage_Single_A"],[],["ItemTopaz"],"true"] As you can see above, we have the option "_packAny | can anyone repack the deployable?" set to false to prevent random players packing the garage and getting the garage owner's Topaz but, I think it's this that's linking it to character ID which refreshes for players each time they die. Is there a way to modify the code somehow so it works the same way as other epoch base parts since Plot for Life was built in with version 106?
  6. [Starter Pack]

    My issue was different and was fixed as I posted above...damn thing was working the whole time..lol But, thanks anyway dude.. :)
  7. PSA About Infistar

    That's simply not true.... I have been a user for 4 years and frequently get free updates for it...
  8. [UPDATE 1.6.+] Walk Amongst The Dead

    @ViktorReznov Thanks but, that link isn't working for me either...
  9. [UPDATE 1.6.+] Walk Amongst The Dead

    can anyone share the download. The original link is broken... thanks in advance
  10. Yes, glad you found it. Just make sure you're adding to the correct case for the correct map. If the map you're using isn't there, just create it by copy/pasting one of the other cases.
  11. This leaves behind a lot of empty garages in the database. Does anyone know a good way of clearing them out of redis when they're empty? Inventory looks like this: [ [ [], [], [], [], [], [], [] ], [ [], [], [], [], [], [], [] ] ] Thanks
  12. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke No, tried that and many different iterations of it and just shows that text in the title. I would of though it would be controlled in the hpp files but, whatever I try doesn't seem to do it. At best so far it just knocks it out completely..
  13. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    Thanks man. I'll give it a go.