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  1. !"LAV25" !="LAV25" Either of those should work. Are you sure you're putting them on the correct line? they should go at the end of the first line that isn't commented out
  2. using pastebin, post links to your scripts.txt and scripts.log please
  3. not always, that depends on your scripts.txt file. The first line in notepad++ is 1 but, Arma calls that line 0. Then in most the versions of the filter files there is a commented out line at the top. So, that's where the plus 2 logic comes from in your thinking. But, if you don't have a commented line at the top, then it will be line 4.... Easier way to check is to see where the line is that starts with either: 5 addMagazine or: 7 addMagazine This is the filter that's kicking you and needs the exception at the end of it. For me, using infiSTAR that's on line 22, I do have a commented line at the top of the file so, if I were getting kicks it would say scripts restriction #24. Another thing to watch out for is that with some GSP's and some dedicated server install instructions you can have two BE folders. So, you need to make sure you're adding your exception to the correct filter in the correct folder if there are two. Normally it's in a folder called 'SC' from the root which also contains your config.cfg and basic.cfg but, again, this can differ with different GSP's.
  4. hey @salival can't really help with the before and after as I waited until this version to install. However, our feedback from what I would call a medium pop server (15-45) is that it's really good and we aren't having any of the issues previously reported in this thread. Thanks for a cracking script! :thumbsup
  5. [Release] ESSV3 - Enhanced Spawn Selection

    read through the thread, there's a fix you have to do in infiSTAR for that.
  6. oh heavens....it was the former. Note to self, don't try and do this stuff while babysitting 3 under 5's! Thanks again and apologies
  7. @salival This seems to be working fine but, I am getting this error in the client rpt: Error in expression <garage_dialog = -1; player removeAction s_player_copyToKey; s_player_copyToKey => Error position: <s_player_copyToKey; s_player_copyToKey => Error Undefined variable in expression: s_player_copytokey File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\dayz_code\compile\fn_selfActions.sqf, line 1146 Double checked my install and can't see I've missed anything but, happy to be severely scolded if I've been dense... :)
  8. ok, will give it a go on a test box quickly and report back
  9. superb, so if I just have 2 deployables in there; bike from toolbox and helipad from toolbox, I just need to add: DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0 as the helipad is only removed from the garage dialog. So, it will look like this: "Tow_settings_dlg_CV_btn_fermer","Tow_settings_dlg_CV_titre","unpackRavenAct","vectorActions","wardrobe","s_garage_dialog","DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0" ?
  10. @salival sorry to be your stalker dude but, can you let me know what the action is for packing the bike so, I can allow it in infiSTAR without having to turn the following to false: /* Check Actions ? */ _CSA = true; /* true or false */ /* this checks mousewheel actions */ I've searched through the bike folder and can't see the normal... s_player_xxx to add to the _dayzActions = [] in AHConfig.
  11. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    got it. thanks. great work again btw :)
  12. [Release] Virtual Garage for

    sorry one final question...where do vehicles go if you don't deploy a heli pad? Just thinking in case a player forgets etc...