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  1. Yes, glad you found it. Just make sure you're adding to the correct case for the correct map. If the map you're using isn't there, just create it by copy/pasting one of the other cases.
  2. [scarCODE] Virtual Garage System by IT07

    This leaves behind a lot of empty garages in the database. Does anyone know a good way of clearing them out of redis when they're empty? Inventory looks like this: [ [ [], [], [], [], [], [], [] ], [ [], [], [], [], [], [], [] ] ] Thanks
  3. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke No, tried that and many different iterations of it and just shows that text in the title. I would of though it would be controlled in the hpp files but, whatever I try doesn't seem to do it. At best so far it just knocks it out completely..
  4. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    Thanks man. I'll give it a go.
  5. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke One, hopefully, last question... How do you increase the font size for the rule titles? So, _rule1title, _rule2title etc.?
  6. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke Jackpot! Nice one dude! Can't believe I didn't try that considering how many BE filter exceptions I have written over the years.... Many thanks
  7. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke Thanks. I have tried that as well and it's not working. Odd as it works fine with a simple <br /> in the epoch rules in the mission init....
  8. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    Yes, thanks. Sorry, I meant the 0], in front of the [0,0,0],. All good now, thanks again.
  9. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    Thanks, just found it on your (..I think...?) got. it's just the [0,0,0], that was missing from crop raider then that was causing it..?
  10. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    @JasonTM Thanks for answering... Strange as it's Salival's version I'm using from his git. It is his overpoch version though. I'll run a merge and see if I can see a difference.
  11. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.0

    Is anyone else seeing this error? 1:00:19 String STR_EVAL_TYPENAN not found 1:00:19 Error in expression <r _x) && (_x distance [_pos_x,_pos_y,0] <= _triggerdis)) then { _player_present > 1:00:19 Error position: <<= _triggerdis)) then { _player_present > 1:00:19 Error <=: Type String, expected Number 1:00:19 File z\addons\dayz_server\WAI\compile\heli_para.sqf, line 43 No changes to anything other than the config file.
  12. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke I had tried that before and tried it again just now and it doesn't work for me... Below is one that I have done as an example: _rule1title = "Owner and Admins"; //Text that will be the title of rule #1 _rule1text = "BaroN<br/><br/>Soren<br/>Logik<br/>raining thunder"; //Text that will go in rule # 1 Box, maximum of Approx 300 characters But, this just shows "<br/>" on screen without starting a new line... Sorry if I'm being dense and have missed something..?
  13. [RELEASE] Custom GUI / Menu UPDATED for 1061

    @theduke Thanks for answering. What I mean is, on one of the rules pages I want to list features. What I'm trying to do, as there's about 25 I want to list, is to use the title1 to have "Features" in it and then use text1 as one big list... But, I need to insert line breaks to do this so, they appear as a list. Then I will knock off the remaining title and text boxes in rules.hpp and increase the size of text1. Hope that makes sense....?