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  1. Just as an update to the post above, sometimes it works and others it doesn't. In my most recent test, one vehicle out of 4 came out of the garage with the correct weapons enabled and rockets disabled, correct ammo count and damage level. The other 3 vehicles came out repaired, full ammo and rockets that are not allowed in the epochserverconfig working... Any ideas anyone?
  2. @DirtySanchez Hey man, seem to be having a problem with the server side file fn_vgsReadFromGarage.sqf not being read correctly. I'm not sure whether this started happening from the 1.3 epoch update or whether it was happening before but, now when you put vehicles in and take them out, they come out rearmed, removed weapons and magazines added back and repaired. I can see the file reads the epochserverconfig and I've checked my config and it's correctly set up to remove dagr and dar from hellcats, orcas and pawnees. Also, those vehicles when they spawn, spawn correctly with those removed so, I know that config is working.... So, I'm not sure why that file isn't reading the epochserverconfig any more. Any ideas?
  3. "s_player_checkWallet" Did you do that step in the install instructions? You need to add it to the allowed actions array in infiSTAR /* ALLOWED Actions "_dayzActions" are only used if you have "_CSA = true;" */ _dayzActions =
  4. @Grahame @Tarabas Thanks for the code above to switch to dyna menu. I think the issue you experienced isn't load time but this: Spams about 1,600 times in the client report then everything works fine and doesn't spam again that session. Unsure of any other knock on effects so far. Any ideas on how to fix the error though? Thanks
  5. Well you also need to check how many rows there are like that. That is just for one group. Most missions use more than one group.
  6. 2 fixed plus up to 4 more. So you want _rndnum = (6 + round (random 6));
  7. Players scared of a challenge...shame on them. I rather like the sound of that config...
  8. Yes, I did the manual download as well. I guess it's really up to us to double check this kind of stuff but, understandable we would miss this as experimental shouldn't have been in that mirror. No probs though, glad you're sorted.
  9. Happened to me as well. Not sure what I did but, must have loaded the server with the right key but, experimental client mod files when I investigated. You can see this by looking in your server's @epoch folder and checking the meta.cpp. if it says epochexperimental in this field: name = "Epoch"; ....then it's wrong. All you simply need to do is stop your server, grab the correct client mod from your steam workshop or, the epoch mod download options and replace the @epoch folder on your server. My guess is that maybe the experimental version of the client came through with the initial release of 1.1.0. But, I'm not complaining or pointing any fingers as it's up to us to check this stuff :) Also, worth noting that it will work on the vanilla arma launcher immediately but, can take a while to update in a3launcher.com Let me know if this sorts you out though. Very quick fix and worked for me.
  10. chaps, having an issue with the dynamic menu for building since the update.... If you are looking at a base part you don't get the build menus in the dynamic menu but, when you look away form the base parts at anything else on the map, the options return in the dyna menu. Anyone else experiencing this?
  11. @Runewulv Just tried your suggestion and I still get the action to pack when I'm not on the plot....not sure why yet
  12. @Runewulv Thanks for that idea! @l1nkrx7 DB saving already works. Check the config file and make sure you have the DB saving set to true for the deploy option you're having problems with @Rust You need to add exceptions to your Allowed actions array in infistar: /* ALLOWED Actions "_dayzActions" are only used if you have "_CSA = true;" */ _dayzActions = [ ......,"DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0","DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_2" ]; So, in my example above the first option in the config to deploy that you also want to pack is DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_0. I don't need to pack the next on the list but, do with the 3rd hence, DZE_ACTION_DEPLOYABLE_PACK_2 Hope that makes sense... :)
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