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  1. I was considering doing a per hour change of prices but decided to first release a static per server restart version to keep things simple, thanks for the suggestion! I will look into it!
  2. zomfg, how did i miss that! the other 2 were there.... *facepalm* TY JUAN!
  3. This here is a modification to Zupas Advanced Trading. It did not sit well with me that on a Post-Zombie Apocalyptic that there were traders that would never run out of stock and with enough cash, you would want for nothing. No bueno, this is my first attempt to remedy this crisis. With every server startup, the economy will be set with a random variable that will modify the buy sell prices simultaneously. One startup you could be selling your gear for up to 2x its normal price and buying at tenth of the cost! This is release one, designed to put the idea out there with an example of the code. THIS IS NOT BALANCED IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM AND IS HIGHLY EXPLOITABLE. BUT STILL COULD BE IF YOU CONFIGURE WRONG! Still ToDo: Rebalance Trader Prices Completed, now with stock config you cant exploit the system Actual trader stock determines per trader/per item prices STILL THINKING Install Instructions Download https://github.com/Arstan13/AdvancedTradingEconomy For Right now this is usable and not exploatable as is and just adds a little bit of flavor to traders. Open to suggestions and teaching! This was the first script I attempted to modify that was a bit more indepth than some of the other things ive tried. ALL SOURCE CODE IS NOT MY WORK, ADVANCED TRADING IS THE GENIUS OF ZUPA AND THE TRADER CONFIGS ARE ALSO COURTESY OF ZUPA! IVE MERELY MODIFIED THEM TO ENJOY A NEW FUNCTION! [NEW] Optional variable to prevent stealing from backpacks by non-friendlies at traders. Set DZE_BackpackAntiTheft = true; in init.sqf @ebayShopper 29 [NEW] A much improved version of Zupa's Advanced Trading 2.1+ is now the default config trader menu, NOT COMPATIBLE WITH DATABASE TRADERS @icomrade @Windmolders … 37 [NEW] Door Management v3.0+ by Zupa is now included and enabled by default with variable DZE_doorManagement, see configVariables.sqf @DevZupa @Bruce-LXXVI @ebayShopper
  4. none as far as I am tracking, can send you my wai folder if you like, ive been testing my server for a while and its the first time ive seen the error, also had been the longest amount of time my server had been up too. Could have been any 1 of the missions perhaps? I really dont have a direct answer, I was actually playing after 3 weeks of work =D
  5. Recieving this in my server .rpt,
  6. Simple error on client side. Works fine, just throwing this error Error in expression <yer_cleanguts; s_player_cleanguts = -1; _control ctrlShow false; }; sand_z> Error position: <_control ctrlShow false; }; sand_z> Error Undefined variable in expression: _control File mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Chernarus\scripts\walkamongstthedead\walkamongstthedead.sqf, line 19
  7. Having errors with code from files I most definitely did not ,edit. clientside .rpt
  8. yup, works stock too, well as far as i can tell, i have no players currently to test
  9. http://opendayz.net/threads/release-btc-fast-roping.12436/
  10. THIS!, THAT IS ALL. Hoping one of the heavyweight script champs will rise up to the challenge of updating this. I got lost in all the files....
  11. OMG, I feel supremely stupid at this moment. It had to do with keeping pbo backups of my server in the addons folder, id make changes, test, working, backup and store in the same folder as the actual server pbo. I also deleted @DayZOverwatch_Server.pbo just in case the call to read the server_monitor.sqf was trying to read from that location as well. I dont quite understand how the backups in there was shortcircuiting the process seeing as the server pbo backups were all named differently to keep track of them but somehow, this was the error. *just clearing this from the unanswered board*
  12. I use this so i dont accidentally delete vehicles that are mobile banks too DELETE FROM object_data WHERE DATE_SUB(NOW(), INTERVAL 1 HOUR) AND object_data.CharacterID = 0 AND object_data.StorageCoins = 0 the interval is low so to refresh vehicles along the shore to give new players a fighting chance!
  13. Random amounts for pockets and insta coins very simple, ive done with zedkills, wai, dzai, dzms and sargeai heres what my local_eventkill.sqf looks like //[unit, selectionName, damage, source, projectile] //will only run when local to the created object //record any key hits to the required selection private["_killer","_humanity","_coins"]; _array = _this select 0; _zed = _array select 0; _killer = _array select 1; _type = _this select 1; if (local _zed) then { _kills = _killer getVariable[_type,0]; _killer setVariable[_type,(_kills + 1),true]; //increase players humanity when zed killed _humanity = _killer getVariable["humanity",0]; _humanity = _humanity + 5; _killer setVariable["humanity",_humanity,true]; //add coins to player for zed kills _coins = _killer getVariable [Z_moneyVariable,0]; _coins = _coins + 125; _killer setVariable[Z_moneyVariable,_coins,true]; //attempt to add coins to their wallet too! _cash = round(random 5) * (round(random 100)); _zed setVariable[Z_moneyVariable,_cash,true]; }; obviously change the values to your liking but this gives you 125coins just for killing the mfer and another random 5-500 in its wallet.
  14. These are not my scripts, just a tools i found buried in some of my 1042 server files (memory lane....) that I have not been able to find anywhere else. LootPos_Diag.sqf <- this code will execute a script that will take your (very relative) position and output it to your .rpt. I find this useful in defining new loot positions. You can insert this to execute by keypress using a custom Keyboard.sqf or do like i did and make it an admin only (via admintools) wheel menu command. This next tool is so simple, snazzy n sexy. I love it! Trying to find the classname of whatever the *&%^ you are looking at. Near the bottom of a custom keyboard.sqf insert BEFORE/ABOVE/INFRONTOF _handled if ((_dikCode == 0x29) && (EAT_isAdmin)) then { _obj = cursortarget; if (!isNull _obj) then { _charID = _obj getVariable ["CharacterID","0"]; _objID = _obj getVariable["ObjectID","0"]; _objUID = _obj getVariable["ObjectUID","0"]; _lastUpdate = _obj getVariable ["lastUpdate",time]; systemchat format["%1: charID: %2, objID: %3, objUID: %4, lastUpdate: %5",typeOF _obj,_charID,_objID,_objUID,_lastUpdate]; }; }; _handled <============= NOTHING GOES AFTER THIS! I have this set to use the Tilde key (that funky little key to the left of 1 amd above tab) AGAIN, did not create these but found them buried in an old A$$ server/client pbo that I have spent forever looking for! @NoxSicarius @JasonTM Possibly consider adding to the already awesome tools!? Also any other administrative tools people would be willing to share, little knick knack scripts like this solved so many problems for me and Im sure there are more out there! Lets source them here! Love this community, ive literally grown up with it.
  15. I like that idea, force people to move gear around or dump it in a crate where vehicle used to be standing (but hey! if you are really hurting that bad for money to even store vehicles with gear... you are already at the trader...). Also an idea, have traders cost money to store, and require money to setup a garage elsewhere with a vehicle limit per garage but free to store vehicle with gear. That would be absolutely excellent! Edit: Give garages an ID(i know, another database call) assign traders an id (seems more realistic that you have to return to the location that you stored the vehicle at in the first place to retrieve it) assign personal garages an ID and integrate a pay system into separate script to build a garage with extra_rc or clicl_actions or Advanced alchemy or whatever that uses zupa currency or a toggle for bars. Ill personally look into it but Im just a skript kiddie right now...