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  1. server files, modding tools.... its all out. SA is in beta necroing thread to bring this to light
  2. Ah yes, i need to push a fix to my script since epoch updated. in z_at_buyItems.sqf (mpmissions, dayz_code\AdvancedTrading\functions\z_at_buyItems.sqf) if (_buyingType in DZE_tradeVehicleKeyless) then { PVDZE_veh_Publish2 = [[_dir,_location],_part_out,true,"0",_activatingPlayer,dayz_authKey]; } else { PVDZE_veh_Publish2 = [[_dir,_location],_part_out,false,_keySelected,_activatingPlayer,dayz_authKey]; }; the change is the dayz_authKey
  3. Yes, yes it would. I designed this to be pretty fairly balanced and had hoped i had eliminated any possibility for cheating the system. There are 2 places you could make the modifications. 1. inside the AdvancedTrading\functions\adv_econFlucArray.sqf _multArray = [ //array to hold values and keep the scaling of the market [2.0,0.5], //select 0 [BuyMult,SellMult] = select 0, select 1 [1.9,0.6], //select 1 [1.8,0.7], //select 2 [1.6,0.8], //select 3 [1.5,0.9], //select 4 [1.4,1.1], //select 5 [1.2,1.2], //select 6 [0.9,1.3], //select 7 [0.8,1.4], //select 8 [0.7,1.5], //select 9 [2.5,1.0], //select 10 [0.8,2.0] //select 11 the numbers inside the smaller arrays handle the changing of prices. The first number modifies the buy multiplier and the second handles the sell multiplier 2. This method is A LOT more drawn out and it is modifing the cfgs that handle the items that are even sold by the traders. Here is where I made the price changes. I built it against the highest sell array and tried to make it so there was never a time when selling netted more gain than buying took away. Also, I havent technically updated this yet although it still works. There were changes to Zupas advanced trading and the cfg traders that I need to update to
  4. really loving the update EAT. Thank you m8. after a month of heavy use, this is the first pair of errors ive ever seen for this
  5. couple errors that dont stop script from working but are populating my log Fresh installed with no other conflicting mods. Works proper it just populates my report. I believe its due to not having a class selected when you first populate the menu.
  6. Holy crap, its been so long I truly thought this was lost. Thank you good sir!
  7. is this broken? Op said not to install due to fixes in progress yet last update was 9 months ago... I hope you return @Relentless, loved this mod.
  8. would you mind posting your fn_selfActions.sqf? Ill take a look for ya and see if we can get this to work. As for the chop shops. The gas station to the SE of balota airfield. That little garage looking thing with the Wrench Icon is what I defined as a chop shop. However, there are settings to enable you to change that
  9. This should be it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/dvlcvh55rfrqrph/walkamongstthedead.v5.rar
  10. sched safety line should like this if you have not modified it (ie epoch admin tools) if (vehicle _x != _x && !(vehicle _x in dayz_serverObjectMonitor) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeVehicle) && (vehicle _x getVariable ["Sarge",0] != 1) && !((typeOf vehicle _x) in DZE_safeStatic)) then { and sched corpses if ((_x getVariable["bodyName",""] != "") && !(_x getVariable ["SAR_protect",false])) then {
  11. that would be awesome m8!
  12. negative because that is a global variable that would affect ALL plotpoles and for everyone. This should only affect the plotpoles that the objects are in the relative range for. You + stage 1 am = 60m area vs your buddy + no amp = 45m area and so on and so forth
  13. I wont lie, I dont use this lift because its so deprecated. Are you building a server or are you on 1.0.6? There are alternatives (and in my opinion better) to this script you may be interested in looking into. If im not mistaken, this is a snipped R3F script. Tow alt I would use MF-Tow, Lift alt I would use BTC Logistic Lift and transport alt I Use Pack/Lock/Move script. If you need help at anytime, feel free to pm me. I have the former 3 scripts working on my server and would happily help you get those 3 or this 1 working.
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