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  1. [Relese] Plot Boundaries v1.0 [BugHuntin]

    negative because that is a global variable that would affect ALL plotpoles and for everyone. This should only affect the plotpoles that the objects are in the relative range for. You + stage 1 am = 60m area vs your buddy + no amp = 45m area and so on and so forth

    I wont lie, I dont use this lift because its so deprecated. Are you building a server or are you on 1.0.6? There are alternatives (and in my opinion better) to this script you may be interested in looking into. If im not mistaken, this is a snipped R3F script. Tow alt I would use MF-Tow, Lift alt I would use BTC Logistic Lift and transport alt I Use Pack/Lock/Move script. If you need help at anytime, feel free to pm me. I have the former 3 scripts working on my server and would happily help you get those 3 or this 1 working.
  3. [Relese] Plot Boundaries v1.0 [BugHuntin]

    also.... update came out with a variable to limit plotpoles to 1 per uid.... if such a var is used, this mod would be great for such a server due to it expanding the size of the plot. Just sayin (also, just found out there even was a release now lol)
  4. [WIP][REVIVAL]SargeAI Genesys

    Some changes to this version already in and working ZSC compatablitity updated shk_pos to include water algorithm added checks to eliminate some .rpt spam on a few loops
  5. [WIP][REVIVAL]SargeAI Genesys

    So here I am going to post what I have been working on for quite a while now, well started some 4 months ago, and have nearly completely working. I am hoping that posting this here will inspire the community to assist in bringing back this absolute badass ai script to life. This is the stock 1.5.2 SargeAI Framework that you can still download. Right out of the box it does "function" in Epoch but with an extreme amount of errors. I have already modified this version to eliminate most errors, however, most of the Urban Patrol Script is broken. Here is where we begin to demolish the myth that Sarge is dead! https://github.com/Arstan13/SargeAI-Genesys for install... this is nearly fully working. Ive had very limited number of errors to include

    I believe this post may answer your questions
  7. Advanced Crafting (without the alchemy)

    did you follow the original install instructions? In the buildables/variables.sqf near the bottom you should have lines of code like this with that there shouldnt be anything special you need to do to get it to work. At least, i havent had to, feel free to pm me if the problem persists and we can start up a teamviewed to find the problem
  8. indeed, I changed the value of all the stock overpoch trader configs so that when my script performed its function, It wouldn't be an exploitable bug which changes the price of everything. Old currency items (and all items) are no longer a way of "physical cash" they are just another marketable item. My script will change the prices of all items every thirty minutes so one moment a briefcase is worth 100K, the next 60K and later 150K. but this also applies to the sell attribute as well. One moment you make 6k off that rifle, then 10K and later back down to 3k. Check it out, i wrote it to be rid of static forever prices on my server.
  9. [Relese] Plot Boundaries v1.0 [BugHuntin]

    lol no, it enlarges the plot/maintain area based on the structures contained within the plot area. plotpole + amplifier = larger plot area
  10. So here I am going to release this beta code I've been using/testing for making a more dynamic plot boundary. This was built in mind of building real bases, full size air strips etc, Idea is reclaiming the apocalypse and taking back over the world! Here is the download here : https://github.com/Arstan13/PlotBoundaries What does this do exactly? On its absolute own, Probably nothing, this adds a check on plots that will look for these "Amplifier" structures and change the range of your plot boundary. It multiplies exponentially, but the structures have some cost to them as well. Strongly recommend one of the advanced crafting/ deploy mods out there to go along with this. A lone plot pole will have default DZE_PlotPole settings [30,45]. That is stage 1 A plot with stage 1 amplifier within the default range will then your new plot boundary will become [60,90] Stage 2 amp will be [90,135] and so on and so forth Some screenshots below Install instructions are on github, Dont include the install folder in your installation. add the compiles and change the fn_selfAction call, the rest are a drag and drop install
  11. Advanced Crafting (without the alchemy)

    Check this post for updates!! Fixed typo on script exec!! Fixed some "alchemical" recipes Added currency function price = number of tools * (number of materials * 1000) Added objects for PlotBoundaries Mod Fixed install instructions (calling wrong vars for fn selfActions) Added PlotBoundary objects and way to remove them
  12. This is my version of advanced alchemy with a touch less alchemy involved in it. It has removed the need for gems completely and solely relies on real materials to get the craft completed. Some of the parts you will need to code a way for them to be obtainable (one method is to download and install scrapper). NEW!~ You can now build road/runways/bridges and their related structures!! NEW!~ You can now dismantle all these objects and have a chance to return the components used to construct them! Including roads! DOWNLOAD https://github.com/Arstan13/Advanced-Gem-crafting/tree/master CREDITS! @Raymiz and @Hogscraper for the Original code! @theduke for updating Advanced Alchemical Crafting to @Zupa for coding the zCraft menu itself @Ghostis for bringing us the zCraft menu to advanced alchemical crafting NOTE!~ Removal of roads/runways can be a bit tricky, you need to be within 5m of the CENTER of the MODEL. On runways that can be a bit hard to discern. Haven't come up with a way to fix this yet. You could change the search distance for a road but then you run the risk of being less precise in which road you actually remove. NOTE!~ Road removal script is currently attached to right click pick axe. If this becomes bothersome due to the model center being hard to find, i recommend changing script execution from right click to key press. Doing so will change nothing about how the script executes, just makes it easier!.
  13. [Release] Epoch Admin Tools V1.10.0

    i have this on my server and 0 issues and works great, Ive looked at the other tools and still prefer this one, I just customize it to my taste. If there is indeed no one working on this anymore, I may pick it up.... I could try to assist you if interested?
  14. How to delete a road

    The road deletion script is now complete. It will in fact only detect player spawned roads, not map spawned roads so this is good. Waiting on a response from some friends and will be released soon, one way or another. Road/runway/bridge construction is here. Also comes with ownership access so no random ppl removing your roads or vice versa
  15. Static weapon disassemble script

    huh, i have had some trouble with the produced bag not having a config entry (dshkm ins for instance) and have not yet stopped to sort through each one. ive been using the information located here: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/ArmA_2_OA:_Backpacks much appreciated for the info and insight!