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  1. Not sure if you're still on this issue, but it sounds like you might have missed step 5 in the install instructions. If using body check, in dayz_server\compile\server_playerDied.sqf find _newObject setVariable ["bodyName",_playerName,true]; Add below: _newObject setVariable ["bodyUID",_playerID,true];
  2. My last server was in and there was a line you had in the init file I think, well mine was in a EpochConfig.sqf file, but this line would set the walking zombies. DZE_slowZombies = true; // Force zombies to always walk
  3. Ok, so I just looked at what I had in my old files, and have some suggestions to possibly make it easier on you. Underneath the line where you have " #define START_ITEMS ", I would insert a new line with the following: If you want to add items to that, they would have to be toolbelt items only. The last item on the list has to have no comma. This is if you want to adjust the other classes too, this way you have less being written in as you have already defined what the default tool items would be with the START_TOOLS line is.So on the follow line that you posted here I would adjust it to: The following link has good references for how each class is set up. It took me a little while to figure out back in the day when I first started running my own server. Easy now though haha.
  4. What kind of character? Hero/bandit/Survivor? I'll be at my computer in roughly 3 hours and can fully help then.
  5. Would it not be smart to use infistar?
  6. I am trying to make a private message system by using infistar to open a dialog box by typing "!pm". When I put in the directory to have the file called, a message box pops up and says that the file cannot be found, even though the directory is the correct path. This is located in the ah.sqf file from infistar. Do I need to call files differently via infistar ? if(_txt in ['!pm'])then { (_display) closeDisplay 0; call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers '\z\addons\dayz_server\compile\pm\pm_init.sqf'; }; Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. Nice glad to hear that. No I merged the copy provided with mine as I had a bunch of custom stuff in mine already.
  8. Double check your fn_selfactions.sqf file. Make sure you have that all merged correctly, no missing brackets because that can cause things to stop working.
  9. Yeah I figured it would've been something to do with the database when he mentioned the extDB but I'm not sure how to start a query from the sqf file...
  10. How would you do a Query ? I'm not even sure how to start with that.
  11. What about somehow tying the starter kit somehow to the player Id once they have claimed it. I was just testing this out and I relogged on my test server and now I don't have the option. This way if we can somehow tie it to the player ID, they can at least come back later if they haven't found a spot yet to claim the kit.
  12. JohnnyBravo666


    In the player_lockVault.sqf file, look for: private ["_objectID","_objectUID","_obj","_ownerID","_dir","_pos","_holder","_weapons","_magazines","_backpacks","_alreadyPacking","_lockedClass","_text","_playerNear","_characterID","_PlayerUID","_vector"]; and below that add: disableuserinput true;disableuserinput true;disableuserinput true; systemchat "You may not move while locking this."; sleep 0.1; It will now look like this: private ["_objectID","_objectUID","_obj","_ownerID","_dir","_pos","_holder","_weapons","_magazines","_backpacks","_alreadyPacking","_lockedClass","_text","_playerNear","_characterID","_PlayerUID","_vector"]; disableuserinput true;disableuserinput true;disableuserinput true; systemchat "You may not move while locking this."; sleep 0.1; At the end of the file, insert this: sleep 0.1; disableuserinput false;disableuserinput false;disableuserinput false; systemchat "You may now move!"; You can change the sleep timer at the end to what you want but it worked fine like this on my old server. I haven't bothered to implement this onto my new server yet but I'm sure it does the same. I'm sure it would be very similar in the player_unlockVault.sqf file but I never had it added in there on my server.
  13. Hi, I am trying to figure out how do a check if a player is a new player or not after they have spawned in. I have been told to check against this. PVCDZ_plr_Login select 8 But I'm not entirely sure how to do so. I have played around moving the code around and trying different variations but nothing is working so far.
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