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  1. anyone ever get AI to spawn in this? i dont even see AI options.
  2. for some reason my event will not give coins, using standard Zupa coins. no errors in logs, i set config to true. any ideas?
  3. I know it's an older MOD, im running 6.2 and this mod did work, but for some reason now, it's not saving cameras or TV to the database, i place walls and other buildables and they have no isse, just seems to be this... any ideas? nothing in my RPT logs .. in hive log it has this, not sure if this pertains. 2020-08-06 13:22:55 HiveExt: [Information] Method: 302 Params: ObjectData8458b8767b27460e013aac3282ddcf81.sqf:false: 2020-08-06 13:22:55 HiveExt: [Information] Result: ["NOTICE","ObjectData8458b8767b27460e013aac3282ddcf81.sqf has been deleted"]
  4. not sure what i'm missing, but i get this sometimes, any ideas? ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.Chernarus\scripts\tmenu\Defines.hpp, line 80: /tmenu/Controls.TMListbox1: Undefined base class 'RscListbox'
  5. Also, anyone know how to make an additional menu. I would like to be able to buy special base parts through a scroll menu, mainly antennas, billboards and other things to "decorate" a base, when i tryed it i get the menu, i try to buy the item but nothing shows up and it keeps saying building in progress.
  6. for some reason the checks aren't working for me, if i skip the level one and go right to the 2nd amp, its still using it's benefits.
  7. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh could be could be... let me test
  8. this is also in the RPT report? "Cannot create non-ai vehicle _aiType,"
  9. right in the mayors_mansion.sqf [[(_position select 0) + 100, _position select 1, 0],[(_position select 0) + 100, _position select 1, 0],50,2,"HMMWV_M1151_M2_CZ_DES_EP1_DZE","Random",_aiType,_aiType,_mission] call vehicle_patrol; [[(_position select 0) - 100, _position select 1, 0],[(_position select 0) + 100, _position select 1, 0],50,2,"BRDM2_TK_EP1","Random","_aiType","_aiType",_mission] call vehicle_patrol; [[(_position select 0) + 200, _position select 1, 0],[(_position select 0) + 200, _position select 1, 0],50,2,"BRDM2_GUE","Random","_aiType","_aiType",_mission] call vehicle_patrol; hummer will spawn, BRDM's will not. If i do one at a time the hummer will be good, if i do the BRDM, it's on fire when i get to the mission.
  10. im trying to add BRDMs to the extreme missions but when i do they explode, any ideas?
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