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  1. Is anybody able to help me figure this out ? not sure what is causing it but none of the players on my server can delete there build items (walls /floors) and its causing a big issue
  2. Is it possible that this mod could effect players being able to remove there own built items ? (ie walls/floors) as my players cannot delete there thigns after dieing .. seems like plot for life dosent work and trying to see what caused it
  3. On the server i admin for we are not able to remove items we have built , I am pretty sure plot for life is built in to server so not sure whats going on.. is anybody able to help guide me to where i can check to see what is wrong ? dont see anything in server or player rpt
  4. @ViktorReznov is there anything in this script that would stop players being bale to remove walls/floors they have placed. My server is having a issue with players not being able to remove anything they have built and i am unsure if it is down to soemthing in this script or soemthing else we have added
  5. How dose this work ? where do we see the options to upgrade plot size?
  6. How could i make a script for admins that uses there ID .so only admins can use it ?
  7. Sorry for this but is there any way to make a trader that can only be used by id ? like admins can only use it ?
  8. Like this ? _poleRadius = 50; //Radius (meters) the player has to be in (center is the plot pole) _removeRadius = 100; //Radius (meters) in which AI should be removed around the player while {true} do { sleep 5; _object = "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"; _inRadius = player distance _object <= _poleRadius; if (_inRadius) then { { if ((!isNull group _x) && (getPlayerUID _x == '')) then { _x setDamage 1; }; } forEach (player nearEntities['Man', _removeRadius]); }; };
  9. I call it form my init near the bottom using this line [] execVM "airemove.sqf"; but have noticed ai are still getting inside some bases when players are there . Had a guy get killed inside his base earlier, AI walked with in 30 m of him Dose it need to be called higher up in the init ? in is dedicated or is server on anything ?
  10. Is this called from init ? or dose it have to be placed inside a AI script ? got it in a file called airemover and called from init but noticed still got roaming AI in peoples plot areas
  11. any way to work this to remove AI from bases ? they tend to walk threw walls a lot lol
  12. To me it looks like your error is here "setViewDistance 5000;" i believe it should be 5000m","setViewDistance 5000","true"] scratch that , just looked at file structure and original way seems correct, sorry
  13. Never used your old version i dont think, the 1 i use to have gave meant on the body's for butcher . Would it be possible to do a version like that ? or would it require to many changes to be worth while ?
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