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  1. How dose this work ? where do we see the options to upgrade plot size?
  2. How could i make a script for admins that uses there ID .so only admins can use it ?
  3. Sorry for this but is there any way to make a trader that can only be used by id ? like admins can only use it ?
  4. Anybody got a working version of these files ?
  5. Like this ? _poleRadius = 50; //Radius (meters) the player has to be in (center is the plot pole) _removeRadius = 100; //Radius (meters) in which AI should be removed around the player while {true} do { sleep 5; _object = "Plastic_Pole_EP1_DZ"; _inRadius = player distance _object <= _poleRadius; if (_inRadius) then { { if ((!isNull group _x) && (getPlayerUID _x == '')) then { _x setDamage 1; }; } forEach (player nearEntities['Man', _removeRadius]); }; };
  6. I call it form my init near the bottom using this line [] execVM "airemove.sqf"; but have noticed ai are still getting inside some bases when players are there . Had a guy get killed inside his base earlier, AI walked with in 30 m of him Dose it need to be called higher up in the init ? in is dedicated or is server on anything ?
  7. Is this called from init ? or dose it have to be placed inside a AI script ? got it in a file called airemover and called from init but noticed still got roaming AI in peoples plot areas
  8. any way to work this to remove AI from bases ? they tend to walk threw walls a lot lol
  9. To me it looks like your error is here "setViewDistance 5000;" i believe it should be 5000m","setViewDistance 5000","true"] scratch that , just looked at file structure and original way seems correct, sorry
  10. Never used your old version i dont think, the 1 i use to have gave meant on the body's for butcher . Would it be possible to do a version like that ? or would it require to many changes to be worth while ?
  11. bury and butcher do the same, thing. Spawns a grave ,no meat for butchering like there use to be. Have i installed wrong ?
  12. since the arma 2 OA update i have noticed weapons are a little messed up when buying, tells u not enough room in tool belt , any fix for this ?
  13. I have lots of adding buildings to our server, kill houses and things like that, saved in database, whenever we use maintain it seems to delete them all, also when we have used maintain before it leaves things like safes is there any way to remove things like safes but leave things like kill houses? also rather then using a bat file is it possible to do it straight from database?
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