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Found 11 results

  1. PvE (No PvP) server in Japan. Details on website - too many scripts to write down! Full mili, AI city, Virtual garage, Bank, customized WAI, customized traders, JSRS1.5 compatible Website : http://chernarus.web.fc2.com/
  2. This script creates name tag on screen and on map for everyone (else than yourself and your group members) in the server. In vanilla DZE, You can see the marker of your position by setting dayz_markSelf = 2; and the markers and name tags of your group members by dayz_markGroup = 1; , and you can see name tag of other people when you aim him properly (and maybe, you need to DETECT him) - sometime not working and "blue on bllue" happens in a PvE server. I don't know how to "always" show name tags for other people in the server, so I have created this Edit 2017/5/12: New version which shows EVERY player - old script shows only team leaders Install: 1.Create DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\Custom\showplayer.sqf which includes below; 2. in the bottom (or, maybe, in the if (!isDedicated) then { *** }; section) of DayZ_Epoch_11.Chernarus\init.sqf, add and also in init.sqf, DZE_NameTags must be 1 or 2(and select "Display Name (Yes)" in game) to use this script. You need to have a Radio and a GPS. Optional: dayz_markGroup = 1; makes the script not to require a GPS. dayz_requireRadio = false; makes the script not to require a Radio. This script is based on ESPplayer of Admin tool To Block damage by PvP, try:
  3. As I said before, I am new in all these. We rented a GTX server with everything on and we are trying to set some costumization but.... yes, there is always a but... I would like to ask some help. Please, consider me as a total new in scripting and I need a "step by step for dummies" 1.- I am trying to set the entire server into PVE so no player could harm other player or kamikaze into anybody. How and where do you handle this "godmode" so I turn the server into PVE? 2.- Though like I said we want the server to be PVE, the idea is to make 2 exceptions and create 2 pvp areas (in Cherno and Elektro). How you Mark those areas in map with notifications 100 mts (for example) "you are entering a pvp area" 3.- Admintools: I set them exactly like the step by step guide but it is giving an error (I dont have antihack), 4.- Since the problem with Bohemia and BE, I could never make the messages announcing the server restart again, any idea would be welcome. And... that's it for now. I know it is a lot and very "dummy questions" but, what can I say, I am kinda dummy in this topic Thanks for any help
  4. Would like to introduce the grand release of Inglourious Basterds Epoch Zombie Server --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TS3 : --------------------------------------------------- Server Info: IP: Port: 2302 ----------------------------------------------------------- Required Mods Can be obtained through A3 Launcher by Searching for DayZero OR SteamWorkshop Collection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Server Features 1- Custom Halo\Ground Spawn with Starting Loadout 2- Advanced Towing and Rappelling 3- Dynamic AI Patrols 4- Dynamic Zombie Spawns 5- Random Supply drops 6- COS to populate Cities with Zombies (WIP) No Longer Needed. 7- Service Points to Rearm and Repair 8- Automated EarPlugs 9- DayZ Loot Method 10- Zombie Gutting 10- AI Missions 11- Status Bar 12- PvPvE 12- Igiload Removed'till CUP Vehicles Compatibility added ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Upcoming Features Switching to Chernarus Summer Map on 1/22/2017 Successfully Switched! Igiload Cup Vehicles Compatibility ( WIP 3% ) Unlocked Factions Uniforms for Player use Done Interaction Between AI and Zombies Done Attaching Explosives on objects for better raids Done Dynamic Weather Done Auto LockPicker 30% Finished ------------------------------------------------------------------ Would like to give a shout out to Grahame and Natoed for their assistance
  5. -= [UKGZ] Epoch Taona =- IP: Port: 2500 -= Runing with and needed =- Arma 3 Apex Epochmod 0.3.9
  6. WCD Public Epoch BornHolm West Coast Defence is an international gaming community of over 450 ArmA 3 players. We host and maintain our own servers. We have our own Epoch Bornholm server which is well populated and with custom code. You'll find a ton of enhanced features. WCD schedules regular events and has a huge player base on the server. PvP or PvE join us! We have a 24/7 global admin team here to help. Public TS rooms and support channel available at wcd.enjinvoice.com no password Best of all our server is funded for a very long time and your progress is safe with us. New features being added frequently. Hi guys just giving an update on Epoch server : *We are running Bornholm map. * We ad military vehicles to the server (tanks, attack choppers, all Arma 3 armed vehicles & ammo vehicles to reload armed vehicles). *Players can shoot RPG rockets. * There are 6 missions running on server at any time. * Black market traders *Telephones at central and east spawn & ATM at west spawn to do banking. * Spawn & brown traders have custom stock list. * IGI Load * Earplugs * Status bar We still want to ad 3 MODS : @Advanced Towing for the PVE guys , @Arma Enhanced Movement & 'Dynamic Cover System' mod by zooloo75. to enhance the combat feel when doing mission or PVP. WCD Epoch Server is busy evenings and on weekends so feel free to join us. Name: WCD Public Epoch BornHolm Connection Info: WCD Epoch Server is the fullest on weekends so feel free to join us.
  7. Hello, We have started a server with the EpochMod. We are actively developing the server with new features regularly. We are customising it to make it a unique experience. We'll be starting on Altis for now. IP: Features are: - Friendly Admins - Optional Starter kit - Custom zombies - Custom Spawn selection - Blackmarket Trader - Taxi's - AI Missions - Loadable cargo on vehicles - Capture points - Our own story line - Supply Drops - Heli crashes - AI Vehicle Patrols Come and join us and try to survive the enviroment and it's inhabitants! Cheers, Redd Link to forum -> Forum RULES: Very simple. It's a Player vs Enviroment server... Player vs Player is allowed as long as it has RolePlay in mind. Just mindlessly killing players (esspecially new spawns) is not tolerated. We like to keep it enjoyable. If you want to play solely mindless PvP you can find yourself a nice Call of Duty or Battlefield server elsewhere. Starting anew When you first join the server you will be introduced to the story of Epoch, why you are here and what you'll find on the island of Altis. When walking around in the clone area, you'll find infostands with a "hand" picture on it. These stands are used to find a suitable point of where you will "spawn" on the map. In order to use this function, look directly at the infostand. When a circular icon becomes visible, press *middle mousebutton* to activate the map menu. Double click on the name of the town you want to spawn at. Freshly spawned on the map First order of business is to find items which will help you to survive... Items like food and water, but also weapons and building materials are scattered everywhere. Usually loot lays around in closets, couches, beds and other furniture. It's a dangerous place out there with roaming bandits, rebels, other players and ofcourse... zombies. Zombies?! Zombies aren't very dangerous when they are alone, but when they start getting higher numbers out there, you might run out of bullets before you know it. Zombies will be difficult to kill when shooting their body, try aiming for the head... It'll greatly help you to conserve your ammunition. When it starts to get dark... that's when you'll have to keep attention. That's when the zombies become dangerous. So if you stay out in the cities at night, be sure to be fully prepared. They'll hunger for your flesh! There is however an upside for staying out at night. There will be more loot to scavenge inside buildings which are more of value. Ok, i got some loot... Now what? What you can do is get yourself some Krypto(currency)... You can do that by going to the traders. There are 3 traders out there that will always have stuff to buy and sell. They are marked with black dots. There are also black market traders which are scattered randomly all over the map. They usually hold the more valuable items. The black dotted traders also have a taxi service in case you want to go elsewhere and dont have a car. Make sure to pay the taxi afterwards though... He gets grumpy if you don't pay him. Money in the pocket! Krypto in the wallet is great, however there is always the danger of dying and losing what you had. To put the Krypto in a safe place, you can go to the various atm's on the map. The black dotted traders have ATM's for sure, but you can also use phonebooths in cities to wire your money out to the bank. Just look at a phonebooth up close and press 'I'. It'll open up an menu where you can deposit, transfer and withdraw your money. Building a base To build a base, you'll need to have a frequncy jammer. You can either buy them at a trader or find them as loot in building area's. Once you built a jammer, you can now place walls, floors, stairs etc. in a 75 meter radius of the jammer. Capturepoints These areas are marked on the map as large green circles. The moment someone starts capturing such a point, the circle will turn purple. After 10 minutes of succesfully occupying a capture point, a reward will be spawned in. This reward can be either a truck, money or a crate full of weapons. Blow-out/Emission/EVR The blow-out or Emission is an effect from a unknown energy source. There are tales of KryoCorp experimenting with technology that surpasses the imagination. It's origin is still being researched, but its effect is certain. When a blow-out is approaching you'll have to find shelter in a building or base. This way you won't pass out from the effect. There are rumours that night-vision goggles also protect your brain against the passing out during a blowout. Server restarts There will be various textual warnings telling you that the server is about to restart. Make sure you log out well before it does, else you might loose your gear due to incomplete database saving. Also the last few minutes will be characterised as what they call a "blow-out" or "EVR". The effect is harmless, but when you see this occur, you'll know its time to logout.
  8. Hey, the names Az, I used to run epoch servers a while back but stopped playing arma all together. I've gotten back into play recently, after a bit, I deiced I'd like to get back into server owning again. Anyone who would like to help setup/test/chose scripts/mods/and Admin the server please contact me on steam @KGCxKING. You can be a solo player looking to become an admin or a Clan/group that wants a server to be called home. If a group contacts me and helps with the build of the server then your group name will be apart of the server title like so "Blarg Blarg Blarg Home to "GroupName"". The server will be PVP, but with PVE traders/areas. Thank you for reading, I hope your time wasn't wasted. ~AzeralTheKing
  9. Hallo, Thnks for checking out this post :D So its a while i joined any Epoch server, Im just to bussy with some stuff, but i can remember playing on a pve server with lots of ai on ground and air, with a constant ai patrol where ever you are, and so i decided to build away from all the big cities, and started to build my base in a barn all the way up the the north-west side of the map, picture: http://gyazo.com/343...e4a4268b8064e2d but i still get lost of ai patrol's on my front door, but i builded the barn so there are no hole's that they can get trough, but i discovered they can walk trough my doors -_- and its close to a road, do you guys no any good spot's in chernarus to build my base at, and maybe a little bit more in the middel of the map, cuz i constantly die and then it takes ages to get back to my base, and do it all over again and again. i dont mind building in the middle of the woods, but i also need space to land my chopper's :D Do you guys also have some base idea's or tips, i saw this picture http://gyazo.com/539...3f35e766c66272e and i dont mind building like this, cuz this also looks really cool, but it would be better if its close to an open spot. like this: http://gyazo.com/7d9...ed436c12f9b798d-Although i dont even know where this is :P maybe you guys know? pleas let me know, or if you know where i can build my base :) Greets -Holland
  10. Again these are just ideas and thought, you might like them you might hate them For me I am a PVA (Player V’s Anything) player, but the PVE element is missing, it’s just an onslaught of PVP and it gets boring. This stops people from enjoying the game as it should be as the PVE player’s just high-tail it out of there when they hear shots or just join PVE only servers, the two need to be mixed so you feel like you are surviving rather than in a team death match. There shouldn’t be rules for PVE and PVP there should be choices and consequences. The game needs to pull in the complexities of PVE play alongside PVP. I am a fan and was a long serving player of DayZ Origins and this is one of the only mods where PVE and PVP worked together. There was no traders and rare loot was hard to find (boxes of screws anyone!). If you sat there killing people you wouldn’t last long because you needed to farm loot to survive, you would have to put yourself into the PVE element as you couldn’t just go buy your stuff from a trader you had to find it. It meant you had to carry both an SD pistol for Zed’s, a normal high powered SD gun for PVP and maybe a non-SD rifle for that "I need to kill this person at all costs" situation which took up space. Wanted more space to farm you had to go find better backpacks, didn’t want lost space through an SD rifle then stick with a pistol that left you out gunned if you needed to deal with a player on the quiet. At the moment its Wasteland with base-building and discoverable loot, what I want is more forced interaction with players to get rare loot or stuff I can’t be bothered doing. On Origins, three of us built a stronghold, do you think we all farmed that material? No, we traded a lot of it with other players. It brought us a new dynamic. How do we get what we are trading, how do we protect our team members, how do we stop and ambush, where should we meet, what’s the price to pay, what if we allied with them, can we trust them etc etc, We would send 2 snipers ahead to set up before we made the trade, other teams had the same idea and it just worked as you were actually surviving as you would in real life. sometime we got our stuff, sometime we were double-crossed and others we got out thought and out gunned. PVP players still got to do their thing and PVE players still got to do theirs. The amount of time I ran into people farming the docks/city's and we never shot each other instead asked each other what we were farming for and traded if we had what each other was looking for. But you would also get the KoS players popping up but it was an even 50/50 mix not 100% KoS. You were forced to farm, there was no getting away from it, loot had a lot more value attached to it due to the amount of work you had to put into getting it. I am a PVA player with this mod we can make the PVA happen. My ideas - Get rid of the traders, yup, get rid of them. They are not a realistic representation of what a trader would be doing. - Trade with players who make themselves traders via a lobby slot. Those PVE Trader (PVET) players who want to farm and explore can pick a role that's just that - If someone kills a PVET player they get a random 10% of what they had but the killers name goes on a bounty board - Other players could pay into the bounty to hunt them - If another PVET player spots this person it gives a delayed message to those that have paid into the bounty - To spot a player with a bounty you need to be in a PVET slot and keep your cross hairs on them for 5 seconds - Limit the number of slots for PVET players like the police and medics in AltisLife - PVET players can chose to enable a marker on the map for those players who transfer a deposit to them via the cash machines so they can shop with them - PVET players get a logo on their chest or a light (some sort of marker) so you can identify they are trader players but you have to get to the front of them to see it. This should make any KoS players at least check it’s a PVET first and introduces a new dynamic - PVET players can be held up by normal players and robbed, trader players can active a panic button that will alert other PVET players they are being robbed - PVET players can find a very, very rare blue-dye pouch they can pass off in the stolen loot and when 500m away, it will explode ruining any gear the robber took and 50% of what they had - A rating system that shows how many PVET's a player has killed and as a result the price goes up for them - Form a self-contained and very dynamic mission system by allowing players to use terminals to set up missions themselves and offer their own loot for you to help them with whatever they wish. + LiquidShadow has offered 10,000 Krypto to help him farm [insert gear/items here] + MrBliss has offered 5,000 Krypto to sit round a fire and tell jokes with him - Make a trader city where only PVET players can enter/shop for wholesale discount supplies for themselves for trader to other players. - Change the loot system so you are not forced to run in straight lines to buildings so you can skulk round the back of buildings so you can sneak around and still find loot. - Make rare, powerful or valuable items very hard to find for non-PVET players so you have to seak out real players and speak with them - Make loot spawn only in building where you could find that loot, so no M107’s and Satchel Charges in houses - Instead of teleporting tubes, have all players spawn in a small man made airport off the shore with NPC guards and NPC bio-containment control (basically have them scripted to just act as if they are guarding it and you are entering a quarantine zone) more realistic and nice to look at (you could have the PVET city mentioned above here as well) - An AI armored and turret-armed bus service that travels the main road with a number of stops so fresh spawn players can get around. - If a player is camped (i.e. not moved more than a set distance) and are within 900m of a bus stop the AI gunner on the bus will open fire on them as it arrives + If players exiting the bus are fired upon the AI gunner on the bus will retaliate if still in the area and if under fire its self will deploy AI or + Upon arrival AI fresh spawns run from the bus in all directions then de-spawn after 30 seconds. - You have a set amount of time to get on the bus from being a fresh spawn after that you can’t use it - Killing fresh spawns put you on the bounty board I feel these additions may help bring a PVE element into the game, its missing this as is every single other game of this nature. Azz
  11. For the last 9 months I've been hosting a survival server. At this moment it has over 30 custom mods, 100's of scripts, harsh weather, reduced food spawns, custom crafting/building, Ai, trained dogs, cold/dark nights...the is lengthy. I have a few regular players who all state that the server is the best survival server they've played. Looking around at other servers it's clear that most prefer the pvp or pve elements with custom load-outs, tanks, jets and such, but I've been careful not to impose rules as surely the point of DayZ is such freedom. I have built a website which provides a batch file to join effortlessly. There are a few permanent military vehicles and I've also created several YouTUBE videos detailing some of the features. Needless to say I have strived very hard to make my server appealing, but I consistently see players join then leave within a few minutes? As such I get no feedback as to why? I absolutely adore this game and I challenge anyone to find an admin more committed. I'll keep the server open for as long as I can afford to, but I'd love for some-one to let me know what they think, to perhaps spend a day or two exploring what I've spent many months crafting/coding/inventing? Surely the point of DayZ is survival. If there's any survival spirit left in the player-base then you could do much worse... Is survival dead? Is DayZ/Epoch no more than an extension of Arma II/III?
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