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We were looking for a live map tool to administer our server remotely. There didn't seem to be anything specifically written for epoch, so I hacked one that was written for Bliss. Its not the best, but it shows live players and vehicles from a web browser.


You will need access to a web server with PHP installed, and access to your MySQL instance to use this (I assume that some hosting environments don't provide this).




Let me know what you think.


*UPDATE September 15, 2013

-Fixed Survivor kills, and bandit kills


**UPDATE September 17, 2013

-Added backpack inventory to player hover-

-Fixed formatting on player hover


***UPDATE May 2, 2014

-Fixed the tool tip on hidden vehicles or players from poping up

-Made the tool tips easier to understand with better formatting

-Changed the install procedure, check the new config.php!!


****UPDATE May 18, 2015

-Added Napf







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Questions about install please below:


1. Copy bin/* to your webhost (Can be the server that DayZ is running on but you
will need either apache or some other http server that can handle php) - You mean all of the file contents I downloaded from github or just the bin file?
2. Rename example_config.php to config.php - Understood
3. Change config.php to have your username/password/hostname etc. - Understood
4. Copy one map txt file from maps to where dayzmapper.swf is and rename to map.txt - Where do I find this map txt file?
5. Point your browser to wherever you copied stuff to. - Understood


Thanks, this will help until new php admin tools released.

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Ok help please, what am I doing wrong, I use private hive tools no problem, I put the above tool into the same location & when I go to any of the pages they just come up blank/white?



Its possible that the scrip is erroring out.

You should have unzipped the contents of bin into a directory on your webserver (e.x. /map). It should have these files in it.

https://github.com/linuxx/DayZMapper/tree/master/bin (with the renamed config.php, and the map.txt)

Hit your webserver with that directory, if its still blank, hit the data.php (e.x. http://www.example.com/map/data.php), do you see XML?

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No Joy.


So I use Wamp to host (working fine with private hive tools), I place the contents of the bin file into my www. folder from your download


I rename the chernarus.txt file to map.txt found in maps & place that into the www. folder with contents of bin file (nothing else is in that www. folder except contents of bin file & map.txt file)


Question, what are the other files for included in the download if I'm only using the contents of the bin file? Should I use them at all anywhere in my www. folder?


I get a blank page when opening config.php?




Thanks, apologies for not grasping this lol.

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Question, what are the other files for included in the download if I'm only using the contents of the bin file? Should I use them at all anywhere in my www. folder?


I get a blank page when opening config.php?


The other files in the download are the source files of the shockwave program that is performing the presentation of the map (the "google" map), you dont need them. The PHP files (the files I modified) are performing the backend data services to the shockwave program to display players, etc on the map.

You say you see nothing in the config.php... When you open it in Notepad (C:\wamp\apache\www\config.php) , or when you open it through a web browser (http://www.myawesomeepochserver.com/config.php)?

When you open it through notepad, you should see this...


(with your config settings, not the generic)

When you open config.php through a web browser, it should be blank. It doesn't output anything.

When you open data.php through a web browser, you should see something. Either XML, or an error.

Its possible that your php.ini is configured to suppress errors. In your wamp package, locate the php.ini (configuration for php)

locate "error_reporting". Most configs come with something like this "error_reporting = E_ALL & ~E_NOTICE"

Make it look like this;

error_reporting = E_ALL

Bounce apache and try data.php again. If there is an error, it will show it.


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Ok, I configured my settings thru notepad++ all good.


I open data.php through my browser & see a ton of stuff like this:


        <name><![CDATA[Peggy Mitchell]]></name>
        <last_updated><![CDATA[2013-08-24 16:04:17]]></last_updated>
        <last_updated><![CDATA[2013-09-06 21:02:26]]></last_updated>



I have this error in the log:


[Fri Sep 13 20:18:25.984601 2013] [:error] [pid 5980:tid 808] [client] script 'C:/wamp/www/index.php' not found or unable to stat
[Fri Sep 13 20:30:03.294649 2013] [mpm_winnt:warn] [pid 5980:tid 856] (OS 64)The specified network name is no longer available.  : AH00341: winnt_accept: Asynchronous AcceptEx failed.




Is this right? If so how do I open the map?



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So weird as I can also use the newly released trader tools without issue & the private hive tools using wampserver but this map wont have it, must be obvious to the people who know, clearly i'm not one of those lol.


After a remote control session, there was 2 issues;

  1. Using Internet Explorer (doesn't work)
  2. Wrong MySQL port on the config


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