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  1. Chernarus Redux POI's

    Some updated screenshots of the east end of Gorka (opposite from the above screenshots)
  2. Chernarus Redux POI's

    Some screenshots of what I've done today:
  3. Chernarus Redux POI's

    Then what? You copy and paste that code and what do you do with it? Is this more to your liking? Also, Moderators: I can only upload 167kb of images apparently. I guess in my 4k+ posts I've used up my allowed space?
  4. Chernarus Redux POI's

    There is no "File" menu in the Eden editor. There's "Scenario" but nothing that says Save as Terrain Builder. Only the regular "Save As".
  5. Chernarus Redux POI's

    I don't even know how to do that.
  6. Chernarus Redux POI's

    Since I'm getting back into Epoch, I thought I'd make some POI's for Chernarus Redux. I've begun to design one now and will work on it as I have time. When I feel it's at a place that I like it, I'll release it. The first POI is a militarized Gorka. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.
  7. EpochZ: Bandit Country

    I just decided to play some more Epoch after reading about the upcoming version 1.0 and found this server. I like it so far. Just one thing... "Outhouse" as a "water source"... ewww...
  8. HiBetterDeadThanZed!

    I'm trying to fix or enhance loot positions on A3 Epoch Chernarus map.
    And from your posts, you've probably been doing the same.
    What have you found regarding OCP? Is there a Loot Spawner you're using?
    I came across this one: https://github.com/GBR-Suppe/Lootspawner-Master
    And was wondering if you've used it, and if you have any configs for it, for Chernarus  that you wouldn't mind sharing.


  9. Im testing this out and I've found a bug. I set it so players do not get a vest and that all stock items are removed. When I spawn in, I don't have the side pack. If I log off and come back on the server, the side pack appears. I don't want the new players to have the side pack.
  10. Disregard my question. It was answered already but I didn't see it when I searched because my error is shown in a graphic and not actually part of any reply so it was hard to find. :)
  11. I still use your patrol script and was wondering how would you add a patrol code that would delete the current patrol once the mission is completed for dzms.. The patrol just roams after mission completed and despawns mission building.


    1. BetterDeadThanZed


      I haven't run an A2 Epoch server for years. I couldn't even begin to guess. I've forgotten most of what I had learned in A2 Epoch.

    2. OSMOX


      ok .. I was using your patrol script but renamed it made it spawn in static weapons in missions. but couldn't figure out how to have the patrol and statics delete upon mission complete

  12. Are there loot positions for the OCP buildings in the current CfgBuildingLootPos.hpp file?
  13. Chopper spawns

    There's already a mechanism in place for that. It's called a bush. :)
  14. "REAL" Epoch experience

    With a3launcher, I see one server with the word "vanilla" in it's name running Epoch. Why not join that server and see if it's what you are looking for. Maybe you can find out who the community owner is and help get the server off the ground. It's not on Gametracker so I don't know how busy the server is during the peak gaming hours.
  15. Dayz Mod trouble

    I was able to join a Dayz server by only running the Dayz Mod in Steam. If I use Dayz Launcher, I get the problems described above.