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  1. Thanks for the review. I've had a few people comment on the loot because they like the way it's set up. What's really amusing is that the loot is 100% stock Epoch. People have gotten so used to increased loot that they don't know what the default loot settings are. The starting loadout is actually more than you usually get with Epoch, as I added a pistol. By default, you don't get a map. It was my intention to have the server as close to default Epoch as possible while still giving players a little extra to do (missions). I did make some changes to the zombies. I increased the number of zombies that spawn and increased the damage they do to counteract the fact that most are walking zombies. The default trader placement for Lingor is just atrocious so I had to make my own. I do hope more people find the server and decide to set up a home there.
  2. I couldn't tell you why you had disconnect issues but for some reason the server was stopped. I just logged into the control panel and found it wasn't running. I didn't stop it and I'm the only one with access to it so it was either inadvertently stopped by the server host or something went wrong on their end that caused it to stop. Unfortunately, it appears the server has been stopped for the last 12 hours or so and either no one noticed or if people did notice, they didn't report it. In the future, you can join our Discord server to report issues if you'd like. Just to go http://discord.me/kzcommunity from any browser. No need to download anything.
  3. Problem with a custom sign

    Mine is client side so I don't think I need that. I'm using the code in the OP called from my init.sqf.
  4. [HowTo] EVR BlowOut map independent

    I don't have your Discord name. Mine is BetterDeadThanZed#5610
  5. [HowTo] EVR BlowOut map independent

    Does anyone have a copy of the files from the OP? If you click on the link there, you get some website that wants you to download an .exe file to download the rar file... very suspicious.
  6. You will now find pay phones at the gas stations. You can deposit or withdraw money there. The hero trader also has a pay phone and the bandit trader has a banker. I've moved the north weapons/ammo trader out of the barracks building so it'll be easier to get to them. Be sure to join us on Discord by using your browser to go to http://discord.me/kzcommunity. You don't even have to download a program to use Discord!
  7. Problem with a custom sign

    I appreciate your time. Hopefully someone will see this post and maybe have another suggestion, as yours didn't work for me. Perhaps someone else has had the same thing happen and found a way to fix it.
  8. Problem with a custom sign

    If you suggest someone try something you made, it's customary to provide a link to said item.
  9. Problem with a custom sign

    Yes, you gave me a solution and it didn't work. You also didn't provide a link for this "sanford mod".
  10. Problem with a custom sign

    There's no sense in putting only a few kb of code into the server files. It's so small it'll hardly affect the mission download size. I prefer to have it in the mission folder with the image. It's neater and more convenient to me that way. The image is fine. It's the same one I used in Arma 3 on a sign just like I'm trying to do in Arma 2.
  11. Problem with a custom sign

    Nope, didn't work. Funny thing is now my custom image is showing on the left side of the sign instead of the right...
  12. Problem with a custom sign

    I haven't had time to try. Too busy with work.
  13. Problem with a custom sign

    I am using the following script, called from init.sqf, to make a custom sign for my traders: diag_log format['Custom %1 - Starting billboards.sqf',time]; _pos = [4635.4492, 1855.5695, 3.8146973e-006]; _object = createVehicle ["WarfareBunkerSign", _pos, [], 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"]; _object setDir 96.052811; _object setPosATL _pos; _object setObjectTexture [0, "zedtrading.jpg"]; _object allowDamage false; However, the result is not what I want. Here's what I see: There is a flickering at the dividing line between the flag and the custom image. Any suggestions?
  14. [Release] Wicked AI 2.2.3 [1.0.6+]

    I can't be positive because I'd have to look at the log but I have a feeling the kill gets logged as the M2 being killed and not the AI for the same reason a player doesn't get a kill for using the vehicle weapon. Stupid Arma 2.