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  1. What's the max speed in a parachute?
  2. This should do it !="call VEMFr_fnc_scriptPath ); ( _this select 0 ) removeAllEventHandlers 'MPKilled' }"
  3. You could also get the players location each time and compare to their previous. If their height changed by more than a certain amount you could use setAnimSpeedCoef to slow them down for hills and reset once level again.
  4. Changing from "Kick and Log" to only "Log" isn't a long term solution for something that pertains to security. I recommend you switch that line from 1 back to 7. You need to edit the filters to exclude what is being caught in the filter. For Script Restriction #55 you need to add this to the end of line #57; !="_html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate [\"RscHTML\", 3107182];" For script restriction #48 you've got unfiltered addEventHandler code getting caught by line #50 but I can't give you an edit without the logs. If you rather PM me you can, or if you have Discord you can find me on the Epoch Discord as "Vampire".
  5. If it isn't there by default you should be able to add it just about anywhere. On my server it is directly below "vonCodecQuality"; https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/sc/server-example.cfg#L43
  6. At the moment you can't. In 0.6 you will be able to in CfgServicePoint.hpp
  7. You should be able to just add -autoInit to your server launch parameters. This will make the server read the mission once it starts up.
  8. In your example you would be getting this in return: ["Epoch_Message1",["New mission availible. Check Map."]] So your selections: _var = (_this select 0); // Would Equal "Epoch_Message1" _msg = (_this select 1) select 0; // Would equal "New mission availible. Check Map." If you wanted to pass an array of strings you would have to either take the entire array and forEach it or select each element of the array for different variables. So: Epoch_Message1 = ["New mission available.","Check map."]; publicVariable "Epoch_Message1"; And then: _var = (_this select 0); // Would Equal "Epoch_Message1" _msg = (_this select 1) select 0; // Would equal "New mission availible." _msg2 = (_this select 1) select 1; // Would equal "Check map."
  9. In a publicVariable there are a few this values. The incoming looks like this: ["PublicVariableName",[value1,value2,etc]] So you were doing select 1 which selects the value array adding the brackets to the message. Should be (_this select 1) select 0; I see you have it solved though.
  10. Does changing this in epochah.hpp not fix it? antihack_maxTravelDistance = 30;
  11. I wrote this up today. Some of it may be a little open ended as i don't have everything set in stone yet. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1kSkNJYm21VFfNLtW3xHKKBTgg6fzFR16ZWf2BC-V-lY/edit?usp=sharing
  12. Change (getPos _victim) To (getPos _player) (_victim must be null)
  13. Here's your test code.
  14. You can use that script and change spawn_settings.sqf. _HALV_forcespawnMode = 1; would force Halo only. _halv_spawn_startmode = 1; forces view to start on map screen. _halv_allowgearselect = false; disables gear selection. You can then customize the locations allowed to spawn on the map. I doubt you will find a script that only does Halo respawn itself.
  15. It's located in the server.cfg forceRotorLibSimulation = 0; // Forces flight model. Default 0 (user config setting), 1 - forced AFM, 2 - forced SFM If yours is 0 then the user can decide what they want to use in their settings. If 1 or 2 they are forced to use the server setting. AFM = Advanced Flight Model SFM = Simple Flight Model