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  1. Auto refuel still working in experimental

    I'll do some testing. EDIT: The code is not working as it's being executed on the server when it must be local to all client. Will update the issue.
  2. Global variables

    Reading your code this is really over-complicated for what it does. Part of the age old "if you wrote it twice you wrote it too much". You should never need to use random and then a switch unless you are randomizing code to run. A call like that is also poor as I believe each call would create a new thread. The only downside to my code is it is likely biased to one side, only your testing will tell. Your minimums and maxes may need adjusting. Here's my take on it. Much cleaner in less lines and it should be better performance. You also don't need to include it inside (isServer) since I have an exitWith at the top if it isn't a server.
  3. Global variables

    Although I don't have time to look at your code I'll try to help you get a grasp on the global variable and publicVar. A Script can run client side or server side or both. An easy example is anything ran from the init.sqf gets ran by the server on startup and then by each client when they load into the server. Commands exist to control this; isDedicated, isServer, hasInterface, etc. Variables prefaced with an underscore are local to the scope the script is running in. If I use execvm to run a script nothing outside of the script will be able to see that variable. Global variables have no underscore and are global to the side they are on, client or server. A client can have a global with a different value from every other client and the server. Any script running on that machine can change the global var at any time but cannot change the global variable on any of the other machines. A public variable is when a global variable is broadcasted to other machines. A public variable must be rebroadcast each time you want to update a value on another machine. There are 3 ways to broadcast a public variable; publicVariable, publicVariableServer, and publicVariableClient. These can be used on any machine and do what their name suggests. PublicVariable broadcasts to all machines, publicVariableServer broadcasts to server, and publicVariableClient broadcasts to a specific client. When using publicVariableClient you must specify the client by netid. The easiest way is for the server to also provide the player object and then grab the owner of the object. You can use publicVariableClient on the same machine as the target. Same with server. So an example, if you want each player to carry a random value but to update a value on the server on-command you can use publicVariableServer to only update the server variable while each client retains a unique value. Another is if you want to track zombie kills in a var on each player you can then use publicVariableClient to update each specific player with their new stats when they kill a zombie from the serverside. Things get more interesting when you start looking at publicVariableEventHandlers. Hope this helps.
  4. IMPORTANT: Players invisible and no gear

    I've heard a lot of negative things from GTX and their Dedi's. Halv made a big rant somewhere about getting a Dedi that wasn't clean and performed really poor for the price through GTX. They also don't own their dedi's just resell them. I hope OVH treats them better.
  5. IMPORTANT: Players invisible and no gear

    A list of installed scripts might be a good starting point if your server.rpt and client rpt have no script errors
  6. IMPORTANT: Players invisible and no gear

    To check the server fps (not just "how it feels") you need to put #login password in chat (password being your admin password from server.cfg)(if you're paranoid you can put it in vehicle chat or something) and you should then have (Admin) next to your name in the lobby. Then do #monitor 15 to monitor fps for 15 seconds and report the fps. The larger the value the better (fps wise). It should go without saying to do this when you are having issues and report it to us. You can have a server that "feels fine", runs perfectly smooth as a player but then you'll still notice lag performing actions and such. You want to check your server.rpt (which you likely have) but you also have a clientside rpt. Every script that runs on the server is either serversided or clientsided or both. If a script is clientsided and is throwing errors you could have server issues even if your server.rpt is clean. Client RPT is located at "C:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\AppData\local\Arma 2 OA\" as an RPT file. If both of your RPT clientside and serverside are clean and your server has more than 15fps i would maybe look at the scripts you are running and maybe reevaluate how often they run or what their settings are. Certain scripts can quickly load up the server scheduler leading to things that are tied to the scheduler to come to a standstill. This is what causes things like VCOMAI to cause so much lag as certain parts of the AI choosing locations and such fill the scheduler up.
  7. Epoch For DayZ Standalone?

    Personally I doubt they would be interested in attempting to port over assets to a new engine that likely will have poor documentation. Also if the license for DayZ mod is any sign, I doubt I would want to wrap my code up in the license that will probably be included with modding for Standalone. By having their own mod for Arma 3 they are able to do as they wish under whichever license they wish. There's no threat of Bohemia possibly coming down and telling them what they can and can't do. Everything that has been done in DayZ Standalone could be done with enough time and effort by dedicated developers of an Arma 3 mod. Hell for example I even had readable books programmed two years or so ago for A3: 2017 mod, unfortunately that code is probably gone now.
  8. [LOOKING FOR] : Halo respawn system

    What's the max speed in a parachute?
  9. a3_vemf_reloaded by IT07

    This should do it !="call VEMFr_fnc_scriptPath ); ( _this select 0 ) removeAllEventHandlers 'MPKilled' }"
  10. [SOLVED] : autorun feature ?

    You could also get the players location each time and compare to their previous. If their height changed by more than a certain amount you could use setAnimSpeedCoef to slow them down for hills and reset once level again.
  11. Script restriction #55

    Changing from "Kick and Log" to only "Log" isn't a long term solution for something that pertains to security. I recommend you switch that line from 1 back to 7. You need to edit the filters to exclude what is being caught in the filter. For Script Restriction #55 you need to add this to the end of line #57; !="_html = (findDisplay 0) ctrlCreate [\"RscHTML\", 3107182];" For script restriction #48 you've got unfiltered addEventHandler code getting caught by line #50 but I can't give you an edit without the logs. If you rather PM me you can, or if you have Discord you can find me on the Epoch Discord as "Vampire".
  12. [SOLVED] Epoch / Altis : flight model ?

    If it isn't there by default you should be able to add it just about anywhere. On my server it is directly below "vonCodecQuality"; https://github.com/EpochModTeam/Epoch/blob/release/Server_Install_Pack/sc/server-example.cfg#L43
  13. epoch 0.5 service point

    At the moment you can't. In 0.6 you will be able to in CfgServicePoint.hpp
  14. You should be able to just add -autoInit to your server launch parameters. This will make the server read the mission once it starts up.
  15. call Epoch_message;

    In your example you would be getting this in return: ["Epoch_Message1",["New mission availible. Check Map."]] So your selections: _var = (_this select 0); // Would Equal "Epoch_Message1" _msg = (_this select 1) select 0; // Would equal "New mission availible. Check Map." If you wanted to pass an array of strings you would have to either take the entire array and forEach it or select each element of the array for different variables. So: Epoch_Message1 = ["New mission available.","Check map."]; publicVariable "Epoch_Message1"; And then: _var = (_this select 0); // Would Equal "Epoch_Message1" _msg = (_this select 1) select 0; // Would equal "New mission availible." _msg2 = (_this select 1) select 1; // Would equal "Check map."