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    Guys I'm not doing so great. I'm retiring from gaming to devote time to healing and getting as healthy as I can. Best of luck to everyone.
    EDIT: Well...I made it through. Let's get back to work!

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  1. The patrol mission is very stripped down. I'd like to see how to have fine-grain control over variables like destination, speed, AI behavior, etc. My main intention isn't to have a working convoy mission since those already exist. I really want to understand how it's done so I can implement my own ideas.
  2. Is it possible to script moving convoy missions with this version? If it is does anyone mind sharing one that works so I have an example to follow please?
  3. I used to be pretty active some years back but took an extended break to recover from treatments. Recently I've settled on playing with a great PvE group (TheWalkingZ) but I'm getting that itch to resume development. Do any of the coders out there just hang out in discord and talk shop any longer? It would be nice to immerse myself back into the community if it's still active. I joined the Epoch discord but I was looking for something a little less formal that "question:answer", more "lets discuss".
  4. Some years back I ran a couple of popular servers (Legion owns Napf) trying to create a decently immersive storyline for players. Had to deal with fucking cancer and so I shut everything down to address that. At the time I was decently versed in coding for the mod (I posted the WAI sample mission as well as a bunch of my custom stuff) and I was really sad to have to quit. Fast forward a bit and now I'm spending a lot of time forced to chill in front of a computer because of the cancer. I was thinking of diving back into Arma code and server admin and starting up the Legion server again. I've been scanning the forums but I have a couple of simple questions for any admins who are reading and have time to answer: - Is cheating/duping/crashing still an issue? It got really bad there for a while, I even added a whitelist to my main server IIRC because it got tiresome to deal with. - Are there enough quality players still around? I don't mind PvP hunter/killers as long as there is a scattering of basebuilders and hero players too. I'm thinking of reopening my server on New Years to give me time to get back up to speed on the mod and changes since I was last active. Thanks for reading.
  5. Hey postal,


    Do you still have the custom WAI missions saved anywhere? I'd like to use them on my server. Thanks!

    1. gopostal


      Sorry brother, just saw this. My email is agutgopostal at gmail dot com. Drop me an email and I'll work out sharing everything to you. I have all my files, custom scripts I wrote, etc. You can have it all.



  6. I might take you up on that, if only to compare what I have to what you have to see the changes in action. It's one thing to read a changelog and very much another to see the actual script. I pretty much had everything on my PvP Napf server so class comparison will give me a good idea what's been done. I promise you though that there will be no "duplicate server" nonsense. I'm very aware that sharing involves respect and etiquette and I make sure those are observed on my end. Honestly guys I'm with you on the run a server via a consortium of staff thing. It's near a full time job for a single person to run a server. Hobby-level gamers just don't want to spend 8-10 hours a week doing everything, then trying to fit playtime in somewhere. It's too much to ask of one guy. You really need two and preferably three. Thanks for the cancer good word. It kicked my ass. Lost so much weight/muscle mass my doctor almost forced me to retire. I've been holding steady for a bit however and I'm getting a little bored sitting around. Might be nice to get back into the game. I played and coded for Unreal Tournament for years (still do some) but DayZ may be my favorite game of all time.
  7. I appreciate the honest responses and opinions. I did the whole 'overblown' thing on my servers and it was just stupid. The unending work on the database was what drove me to stop, I just don't have the energy for all that any more. When I shut down I was already thinking of rebooting the PvP server with a much more 'real' experience. Absolutely no military weapons, vehicles, etc. Everything would be done as close as possible to what you would expect in a true world zombie scenario. No traders, no safe zones, no rules. If you found a simple base you would know that person was a baller. I have no idea if this would be popular but I'd sure play it. Dayz was meant to be brutally hard, spawning with a DMR makes it "Call of DayZ" and just ruins things (I think). I still haven't decided if I'll make a run at things or not. Might see if an existing group wants an at-large dev to join. The idea of having to spend evenings setting up a website/forum does not appeal to me in the least. I have to be pretty judicial with my energy expenditure, not much in the reserve tank. Thanks again guys. I look forward to seeing you on the servers Peace!
  8. Just curious what the state of the game is currently? I used to run servers and did quite a bit of custom script work. I was forced to take time off to recover from stg4 cancer but I'm over the hump now. I was thinking about getting a server again and playing some, maybe even restoring my old database and mod package for Napf. I hopped into a couple of random servers last night and it was very fun. Is there still an active public player base, enough to spend the time updating my scripts and setting up a server? I see people are moving towards Arma 3 but I'm happy with this version honestly and I'd like to stay here. Anyway it's nice to see people still posting and working on things. It's good to be back around :)
  9. As I said you are welcome to everything, just get with me and arrange a method of transfer.
  10. Spectral I got your message and replied. I still have backups of everything and anyone that wants them is welcome to it. Like I told him there was a lot of custom stuff I had been working on that's in the files and you can do what you want with it. I wouldn't be a huge help with support on it though, the chemo really did a number on me. I'll answer what I can though. I looked at my backup zip and it's about 300MB even 7zipped but that includes everything (databases, source code, compiled pbo's, etc). How do oyu guys want to grab this? Would it be easier to run a short term FTP server or do you guys use Sync? I spent a lot of time testing and the short answer on this is 'it won't work'. The way Arma spawns in AI is not very good, especially over water. I had to seriously alter my "Bridge Nowhere" mission because I couldn't get gear *or* AI to spawn properly onto the bridge span itself. The same thing happened inside of buildings once you left the ground floor and anywhere over water no matter the structure.
  11. Read my post here: It helps explain why you just simply cannot ignore RPT errors because you think they are unrelated to what your current issue is.
  12. I answered this via PM but I'll add a reply here also. The way I dealt with this was to add the spawned vehicles into the destroy part of the script when the mission ends *unless* the players got to the vehicle before it was over. It really wasn't that big an issue since I hammered vehicles regularly to keep the count down. If it was unkeyed it stood a good chance of getting removed within a couple of days so the players learned to sell them pretty fast if they wanted to use them.
  13. That may well be but all my stuff worked 100% exactly the way I coded it to do. Is yours? You missed the methodology in my post. It may not be your init file that has the error. It could be any of your other sqf files that has the problem, I just used the init as an example. The point being is that you have a problem somewhere because this mod works as intended on a variety of servers, mine included. Go back to your installation and recheck everything. You really ought to pay attention to the part where I said You may not 'get' what I'm trying to explain but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. Never tolerate errors in your RPT. Find them, fix them because they can have unintended consequences (and very often do).
  14. Look at all the errors in that RPT file. No wonder things don't work. Guys, you absolutely HAVE to address errors appearing in your RPT file even if they seem unrelated to what your current problem is. Arma coding works this way: Let's pretend this is your init file (in plain text) and what it calls in order from top to bottom: 1) set up server specs 2) load mod called "Kelly's Vehicles" 3) load mod called "New Traders for My current map" 4) load new default loadout for players 5) load WickedAI and missions You fire up your server and there's no WickedAI and the new default loadout is not working. You look in your RPT file and all you find is an error about the "New Traders" messing up. Since it's not about your WAI you figure you can skip it but that's a bad idea and here's why. Arma scripting stops wherever it is if it encounters an error and returns from the SQF it is reading from. If it returns the error from this line: [] execVM "custom\NewTraders.sqf": because all I did was put a : where it should be a ; then it stops reading the ENTIRE sqf file from that point. Because of that the default loadout and WAI will NEVER get accessed until I fix the problem ABOVE it in the init file. See why it's so vitally important to fix every error in your rpt file that you can? They have a cascade effect into seemingly unrelated other things but it's a direct result of allowing earlier problems to exist. I hope I explained that well enough?
  15. Sent the entire package to you MoorZ just now. If you have any small questions you can email me back but I'm not really up for any in-depth debugging of your server,etc.
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